Aeropuerto T4 (Madrid Metro)

Aeropuerto T4 is a station on Line 8 of Madrid Metro on the lower level of the new terminal T4 of Madrid-Barajas Airport. The station was opened on 3 May 2007 and presents the particularity of requiring the payment of a special supplement of one Euro for users of single ticket or Metrobus, the same way it happens in the station Airport T1-T2-T3. It is located in fare Zone A.[1]

Aeropuerto T4
Madrid Metro station
LocationBarajas, Madrid
Owned byCRTM
Operated byCRTM
Disabled accessYes
Other information
Fare zoneA
Opened3 May 2007
Preceding station   Madrid Metro   Following station
Line 8Terminus
Preceding station   Cercanías Madrid   Following station
toward Villalba
Location within Madrid

The Cercanías Madrid station runs in parallel to the Metro and can be seen from one platform to the other.

The station was built along with the civil works of the airport terminal and a train station.


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