Athletics at the 1992 Summer Olympics – Men's 1500 metres

The men's 1500 metres was an event at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. There were a total number of 51 participating athletes from 40 nations, with four qualifying heats.[1] The maximum number of athletes per nation had been set at 3 since the 1930 Olympic Congress. The event was held from 3 August to 8 August 1992. The event was won by Fermín Cacho of Spain, the nation's first title in the men's 1500 metres. Morocco won its first medal in the event with Rachid El Basir's silver. Qatar won its first Olympic medal in any event with Mohamed Suleiman's bronze.

Men's 1500 metres
at the Games of the XXV Olympiad
Olympic Athletics
VenueEstadi Olímpic de Montjuïc
DatesAugust 3–8
Competitors51 from 40 nations
Winning time3:40.12
1st place, gold medalist(s) Fermín Cacho
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Rachid El Basir
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Mohamed Suleiman
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Most of the eyes were on reigning world champion Noureddine Morceli, who hovered in the middle of the pack, while Joseph Chesire led most of the race, marked by Jens-Peter Herold through a slow race of 62.25 and 64.58 for the first two laps, setting up a fast finish. A step behind the leaders, as the pace quickened going into the final lap, home team favorite Fermín Cacho who had been strategically watching the field, pushed the final backstretch to move up on Chesire. Passing on the inside with just over 200 to go, Cacho accelerated and was surprised Chesire was not able to mount a challenge. Charging out into a big lead around the turn, Cacho kept looking back for the next challenger, but there was none, Cacho and the Spanish fans celebrated. Even with his celebrating and looking back, Cacho's last lap was about 50.5. Mohamed Suleiman edged past a fading Chesire and a final sprint around the outside from eighth place netted Rachid El Basir the silver. Suleiman earned the first Olympic medal for Qatar.


This was the 22nd appearance of the event, which is one of 12 athletics events to have been held at every Summer Olympics. Four finalists from 1988 returned: bronze medalist Jens-Peter Herold of East Germany (now Germany), eighth-place finisher Marcus O'Sullivan of Ireland, ninth-place finisher Mário Silva of Portugal, and eleventh-place finisher Joseph Chesire of Kenya. The favorite was Noureddine Morceli of Algeria, who had recently won the first of what would be three consecutive world championships.[2]

Belize, the Central African Republic, Croatia, Guinea, Laos, Lebanon, Swaziland, Vanuatu, unified Yemen (North Yemen had competed previously), and Zaire each made their first appearance in the event; the Unified Team of some former Soviet republics competed in this event in the team's only Summer Games appearance. The United States made its 21st appearance, most of all nations (having missed only the boycotted 1980 Games).

Competition format

The competition was again three rounds (used previously in 1952 and since 1964). The "fastest loser" system introduced in 1964 was used for both the first round and semifinals. The 12-man semifinals and finals introduced in 1984 were used (abandoning the short-lived 13-runner semifinal heats from 1988, though one semifinal ended up having 13 anyway).

There were four heats in the first round, each with 12 or 13 runners. The top five runners in each heat, along with the next four fastest overall, advanced to the semifinals. The 24 semifinalists were divided into two semifinals, each with 12 runners. Momodou Bello N'Jie of The Gambia was placed directly in a semifinal, making a 13th runner in that semifinal. The top five men in each semifinal, plus the next two fastest overall, advanced to the 12-man final.[2][3]


These were the standing world and Olympic records prior to the 1992 Summer Olympics.

World record  Saïd Aouita (MAR) 3:29.46 West Berlin, West Germany 23 August 1985
Olympic record  Sebastian Coe (GBR) 3:32.53 Los Angeles, United States 11 August 1984

No new world or Olympic records were set during the competition. The following national records were established during the competition:

Nation Athlete Round Time
 Laos Khambieng Khamiar Heat 1 4:04.82
 Angola João N'Tyamba Heat 2 3:39.54


All times are Central European Summer Time (UTC+2)

Date Time Round
Monday, 3 August 1992 11:15 Round 1
Thursday, 6 August 1992 19:45 Semifinals
Saturday, 8 August 1992 20:15 Final


Round 1

Heat 1

Rank Athlete Nation Time Notes
1 Fermín Cacho  Spain 3:37.04 Q
2 Phillimon Hanneck  Zimbabwe 3:37.65 Q
3 Jim Spivey  United States 3:38.01 Q
4 Rachid El Basir  Morocco 3:38.01 Q
5 Jonah Birir  Kenya 3:38.29 Q
6 Azat Rakipov  Unified Team 3:38.64 q
7 Edgar Martins  Brazil 3:38.68 q
8 Kim Bong-yu  South Korea 3:40.73
9 Steve Crabb  Great Britain 3:41.00
10 Mohamed Al-Nahdi  United Arab Emirates 3:48.08
11 Zacharia Maidjida  Central African Republic 3:55.72
12 Khambieng Khamiar  Laos 4:04.82 NR
13 Ancel Nalau  Vanuatu 4:13.88

Heat 2

Rank Athlete Nation Time Notes
1 Noureddine Morceli  Algeria 3:37.98 Q
2 Steve Holman  United States 3:38.38 Q
3 Mário Silva  Portugal 3:38.57 Q
4 Zeki Öztürk  Turkey 3:38.68 Q
5 Matthew Yates  Great Britain 3:38.73 Q
6 Hauke Fuhlbrügge  Germany 3:38.92 q
7 João N'Tyamba  Angola 3:39.54 NR
8 Metiku Megersa  Ethiopia 3:41.54
9 Khan Nadir  Pakistan 3:44.96
10 Markus Hacksteiner  Switzerland 3:45.27
11 Awad Salah Nasser  Yemen 3:51.89
12 Tamimou Idrissou  Benin 3:56.45
13 Alphonse Munyeshyaka  Rwanda 3:58.75

Heat 3

Rank Athlete Nation Time Notes
1 Joseph Chesire  Kenya 3:44.06 Q
2 Graham Hood  Canada 3:44.44 Q
3 Branko Zorko  Croatia 3:44.47 Q
4 Gennaro di Napoli  Italy 3:44.55 Q
5 Rüdiger Stenzel  Germany 3:44.70 Q
6 Terrance Herrington  United States 3:44.80
7 José Luis González  Spain 3:46.75
8 Bobby Gaseitsiwe  Botswana 3:48.33
9 Mohamed Sy Savane  Guinea 3:51.96
10 Reuben Appleton  Antigua and Barbuda 4:02.99
11 Bassam Kawas  Lebanon 4:17.40
Ian Gray  Belize DNF
Saïd Aouita  Morocco DNS

Heat 4

Rank Athlete Nation Time Notes
1 David Kibet  Kenya 3:36.32 Q
2 Mohamed Suleiman  Qatar 3:36.72 Q
3 Jens-Peter Herold  Germany 3:36.76 Q
4 Marcus O'Sullivan  Ireland 3:37.07 Q
5 Kevin McKay  Great Britain 3:37.39 Q
6 Manuel Pancorbo  Spain 3:37.62 q
7 Houssein Djama Egueh  Djibouti 3:44.13
8 Sipho Dlamini  Swaziland 3:46.33
9 Hailu Zewde  Ethiopia 3:47.79
10 Kaleka Mutoke  Zaire 3:53.71
11 Bernardo Elonga  Equatorial Guinea 4:25.78
Robin van Helden  Netherlands DNF


Semifinal 1

Rank Athlete Nation Time Notes
1 Noureddine Morceli  Algeria 3:39.22 Q
2 Rachid El Basir  Morocco 3:39.26 Q
3 Joseph Chesire  Kenya 3:39.43 Q
4 Manuel Pancorbo  Spain 3:39.52 Q
5 Jens-Peter Herold  Germany 3:39.55 Q
6 Gennaro di Napoli  Italy 3:39.56
7 Branko Zorko  Croatia 3:39.71
8 Rüdiger Stenzel  Germany 3:40.23
9 Steve Holman  United States 3:40.49
10 Kevin McKay  Great Britain 3:40.80
11 Zeki Öztürk  Turkey 3:41.98
12 Edgar Martins  Brazil 3:42.53
13 Momodou Bello N'Jie  The Gambia 4:13.52

Semifinal 2

Rank Athlete Nation Time Notes
1 Mohamed Suleiman  Qatar 3:34.77 Q
2 Fermín Cacho  Spain 3:34.93 Q
3 Jonah Birir  Kenya 3:35.41 Q
4 Jim Spivey  United States 3:35.55 Q
5 David Kibet  Kenya 3:35.82 Q
6 Graham Hood  Canada 3:36.12 q
7 Azat Rakipov  Unified Team 3:36.16 q
8 Marcus O'Sullivan  Ireland 3:37.16
9 Mário Silva  Portugal 3:38.09
10 Phillimon Hanneck  Zimbabwe 3:38.09
11 Hauke Fuhlbrügge  Germany 3:38.45
12 Matthew Yates  Great Britain 3:40.53


The final was held on August 8, 1992.

Rank Athlete Nation Time
1st place, gold medalist(s) Fermín Cacho  Spain 3:40.12
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Rachid El Basir  Morocco 3:40.62
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Mohamed Suleiman  Qatar 3:40.69
4 Joseph Chesire  Kenya 3:41.12
5 Jonah Birir  Kenya 3:41.27
6 Jens-Peter Herold  Germany 3:41.53
7 Noureddine Morceli  Algeria 3:41.70
8 Jim Spivey  United States 3:41.74
9 Graham Hood  Canada 3:42.55
10 David Kibet  Kenya 3:42.62
11 Manuel Pancorbo  Spain 3:43.51
12 Azat Rakipov  Unified Team 3:44.66

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