Avenir (given name)

Avenir (Russian: Авени́р) is a Russian Christian male first name.[1] Its feminine version is Avenira.[2] The name is derived from the Biblical Hebrew word abnēr, meaning father (god) is light.[1] Its colloquial variant is Venir (Вени́р).[2]

The diminutives of "Avenir" are Avenirka (Авени́рка), Ava (А́ва), Venya (Ве́ня), Vena (Ве́на), Vira (Ви́ра), and Vera (Ве́ра).[2]

The patronymics derived from "Avenir" are "Авени́рович" (Avenirovich; masculine) and its colloquial form "Авени́рыч" (Avenirych), and "Авени́ровна" (Avenirovna; feminine).[2]

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