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bpost, also known as the Belgian Post Group, is the Belgian company responsible for the delivery of national and international mail. The Belgian Post Group is one of the largest civilian employers in Belgium. It provides a range of postal, courier, direct marketing, banking, insurance, and electronic services in a highly competitive European market. The headquarters are located in Brussels at the Muntcenter (Bisschopsstraat).

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Founded1992 Edit this on Wikidata
Key people
Dirk Tirez (CEO ad interim),
François Cornelis (chair),
Petra De Sutter (minister)
ProductsMail, Courier, Logistics, Insurance
OwnerBelgian State (50.01%)
Other (49.99%)

Before 2010, it was known as De Post in Dutch and La Poste in French, meaning "the Post" in each case in English.


Belgium Post delivery vehicles with the older (2000–2010) post horn logo

By Royal Decree of 17 March 2000, The Post cast off its status of autonomous public enterprise to adopt the status of a public limited liability company. Its public service missions are all described that it concluded with the Belgian State.

In January 2006, Post Danmark and CVC Capital Partners signed an agreement with the Belgian Government on the acquisition of 50% minus one share in the Belgian Post for €300 million. Post Danmark had been selected by the Belgian Government a partner because it would assist bpost in modernizing the company. The Belgian Government, bpost, Post Danmark and CVC have prepared a joint plan for developing the Belgian Post over the coming years. The target is for bpost to be among the leading and most efficient postal services in Europe.


Certipost is a Belgian electronic communications company. Based in Aalst, the company is a subsidiary of the Belgian Post Group, which also has representation in the Netherlands. They produce solutions to issues with electronic document exchange and archiving including digital certificate and electronic identity cards. Certipost was founded in 2002.

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