Belize at the 1988 Summer Olympics

Belize competed at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. Ten competitors, all men, took part in seven events in two sports.[1]

Belize at the
1988 Summer Olympics
Flag of Belize (1981-2019).svg
NOCBelize Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association
in Seoul
Competitors10 in 2 sports
Summer Olympics appearances (overview)



Track & road events
Athlete Event Heat Quarterfinal Semifinal Final
Result Rank Result Rank Result Rank Result Rank
Carlton Usher 400 m 51.42 8 Did not advance
Ian Gray 5000 m 15:33.24 17 n/a Did not advance
Eugène Muslar Marathon n/a 2:43.29 79
Polin Belisle n/a 3:14.02 98
Field events
Athlete Event Qualification Final
Distance Position Distance Position
Devon Hyde Triple jump 14.09 39 Did not advance


Five cyclists represented Belize in 1988.

Athlete Event Time Rank
Fitzgerald Joseph Road race DNF
Michael Lewis DNF
Earl Theus DNF
Fitzgerald Joseph
Charles Lewis
Michael Lewis
Earl Theus
Men's team time trial DNF
Track cycling

Ranks given are within the heat.

Cyclist Event Qualifying round First round First repechage Second round Second repechage Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
Result Rank Result Rank Result Rank Result Rank Result Rank Result Rank Result Rank Result Rank
Paul Réneau Sprint 11.732 20 Unknown 3 Unknown 3 Did not advance


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