Beste Zangers

Beste Zangers, formerly De beste zangers van Nederland (English: The Best Singers (of the Netherlands)), is a Dutch reality television show by public broadcaster AVROTROS (a merger of AVRO and TROS, both part of the Netherlands Public Broadcasting). The first series was aired between 5 July and 30 August 2009 and was hosted by Edsilia Rombley. She was first replaced by singer and actor Victor Reinier (2010, 2011) before Jan Smit became the permanent host in 2012.

In each series a number of well-known performers alternate as the central artist in the hot seat that gets honoured by the other artists by singing songs that are of significance to that person. It can be a cover of one of his/her own songs, a song that inspires the artist in the hot seat or something from his/her past. Judging is of no importance, but the artist in the hot seat does get to pick a favourite performance. The show format has since been used in other North European countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Belgium, Lithuania, Estonia and Switzerland.[1]

In July 2017 two compilations were broadcast in celebration of Beste Zangers' tenth anniversary.



Season Date of first
Date of last
Host Singers Winners
1 5 July 2009 30 August 2009 Edsilia Rombley Simon Keizer
2 18 July 2010 16 September 2010 Victor Reinier Jamai
3 19 March 2011 7 May 2011 Victor Reinier Anita Meyer
4 2 May 2012 13 June 2012 Jan Smit Berget Lewis
5 5 January 2013 16 February 2013 Jan Smit Raffaëla Paton
6 7 May 2014 2 July 2014 Jan Smit Sabrina Starke
7 28 September 2014 2 November 2014 Jan Smit André Hazes Jr.
8 13 June 2015 25 July 2015 Jan Smit Frans Duijts and Julia Zahra
9 21 May 2016 30 July 2016 Jan Smit Willeke Alberti
10 20 May 2017 22 July 2017 Jan Smit Anita Meyer and Tania Kross
11 1 September 2018 27 October 2018 Jan Smit Lee Towers and Trijntje Oosterhuis
12 24 August 2019 12 October 2019 Jan Smit Samantha Steenwijk and Rolf Sanchez
13[2] 3 September 2020 Nick & Simon

Season 1 (2009)

The first season the series broadcast from 5 July 2009 to 30 August 2009, and hosted by Edsilia Rombley. Seven Dutch artists (Henk Westbroek, Gordon, Albert West, Danny de Munk, Nick Schilder, Simon Keizer and Thomas Berge) sang songs from each other's repertoire. The episodes were recorded in four days on Ibiza, accompanied by a live band playing the songs.

Episode 1 - Henk Westbroek
Song Singer Original from
"Vriendschap" Nick Schilder Het Goede Doel
(where Westbroek was part of a duo)
"Iedereen is van de wereld" Gordon The Scene
"België (Is er leven op Pluto?)" Danny de Munk Het Goede Doel
Nooduitgang" Albert West Het Goede Doel
"Kronenburg park" Simon Keizer Frank Boeijen
"Zelfs je naam is mooi" Thomas Berge Henk Westbroek
Winner: Albert West
Episode 2 - Simon Keizer
Song Singer Original from
"Pak maar mijn hand" Gordon Nick & Simon
(where Simon Keizer was one half of the duo)
"Everything" Nick Schilder Michael Bublé
"Hoe lang" Thomas Berge Nick & Simon
"Sitting, Waiting, Wishing" Henk Westbroek Jack Johnson
"Kijk omhoog" Danny de Munk Nick & Simon
"De dag dat alles beter is" Albert West Nick & Simon
Winner: Danny de Munk
Episode 3 - Danny de Munk
Song Singer Original from
"Mijn stad" Simon Keizer Danny de Munk
"Bloemetje" Albert West Danny de Munk
Hard to Handle (song)" Nick Schilder Otis Redding
"Ik voel me zo verdomd alleen" Thomas Berge Danny de Munk
"Hart en ziel" Henk Westbroek Danny de Munk
"Vrienden voor het leven" Gordon Danny de Munk
Winner: Nick Schilder
Episode 4 - Gordon
Song Singer Original from
"Ik hou van jou" Albert West Maribelle
"Never nooit meer" Simon Keizer Gordon
"Hallelujah" Nick Schilder Leonard Cohen
"Kon ik maar even bij je zijn" Thomas Berge Gordon
"Shine" Danny de Munk De Toppers
(where Gordon Heuckeroth was formerly a member)
"Omdat ik zo van je hou" Henk Westbroek Gordon
Winner: Nick Schilder
Episode 5 - Thomas Berge
Song Singer Original from
"Jij bent mijn leven" Albert West Thomas Berge
Viva la Vida Simon Keizer Coldplay
"Zonder jou" Danny de Munk Thomas Berge
"Ieder moment" Henk Westbroek Thomas Berge
"Angels" Gordon Robbie Williams
"Everybody's Changing" Nick Schilder Keane
Winner: Henk Westbroek
Episode 6 - Albert West
Song Singer Original from
"Is This the Way to Amarillo" Danny de Munk
(with Albert West)
Neil Sedaka
Put Your Head on My Shoulder Gordon Paul Anka
"Cha La La I Need You" Nick Schilder The Shuffles
"Ginny Come Lately" Henk Westbroek Albert West
"Look at Me" Simon Keizer Buddy Holly
"Words" Thomas Berge Bee Gees
Winner: Thomas Berge
Episode 7 - Nick Schilder
Song Singer Original from
"Steeds weer" Henk Westbroek Nick & Simon
"Wonderful World" Simon Keizer James Morrison
"Op een onbewoond eiland" Albert West Kinderen Voor Kinderen
I Knew You Were Waiting" Gordon
(with Edsilia Rombley)
George Michael and Aretha Franklin
"Rosanne" Danny de Munk
(with Simon Keizer)
Nick & Simon
"De soldaat" Thomas Berge Nick & Simon
Winner - Henk Westbroek
Episode 8

In the final episode, the singers are asked to look back at their performances. In addition, they are allowed to choose another eventual replacement and give him/her an extra point. This showed that Simon Keizer was the eventual overall winner of the program by 2 extra points.

Season 2 (2010)

The second season was broadcast from 18 July 2010 to 16 September 2010 and hosted by Victor Reinier. Seven Dutch artists (Frans Bauer, Frans Duijts, Jamai, Jan Dulles, Jeroen van der Boom, René Froger and Syb van der Ploeg) sang songs from each other's repertoire. The episodes were recorded in Ibiza, accompanied by a live band playing the songs.

Episode 1 - Jeroen van der Boom
Song Singer Original from
"Betekenis" Jan Dulles Jeroen van der Boom
Knockin' on Heaven's Door Frans Bauer Bob Dylan
"Eén wereld" Jamai Loman Jeroen van der Boom
"Jij bent zo" (in West Frisian) Syb van der Ploeg Jeroen van der Boom
"Het is over" Frans Duijts
(with Jeroen van der Boom)
Jeroen van der Boom
"Amor de mis amores" / "Laat me" René Froger Paco / Ramses Shaffy
Winner: Frans Duijts
Episode 2 - Jamai Loman
Song Singer Original from
"Step Right Up" Frans Bauer Jamai Loman
"Circle of Life" Jeroen van der Boom Elton John
"The Show Must Go On" Syb van der Ploeg Queen
"Freedom" Jan Dulles Wham! / George Michael
"Suspicious Minds" Frans Duijts Mark James
Elvis Presley
"God Only Knows" René Froger The Beach Boys
Winner: Syb van der Ploeg
Episode 3 - René Froger
Song Singer Original from
"Why Are You So Beautiful" Jeroen van der Boom René Froger
"Alles kan een mens gelukkig maken" Syb van der Ploeg René Froger
"This Is the Moment" Jan Dulles René Froger
"Nobody Else" Jamai Loman René Froger
"Just Say Hello" Frans Duijts René Froger
"Winter in America" Frans Bauer René Froger
Winner: Jan Dulles
Episode 4 - Syb van der Ploeg
Song Singer Original from
Raak Jeroen van der Boom De Kast
(Syb van der Ploeg was part of the band)
"Als ik jou zie" René Froger Syb van der Ploeg
"Hart van mijn gevoel" Jan Dulles De Kast
"In de wolken" Jamai Loman De Kast
"In nije dei"
(with Syb van der Ploeg)
Frans Duijts De Kast
"Woorden zonder woorden" Frans Bauer De Kast
Winner - Jan Dulles
Episode 5 - Jan Dulles
Song Singer Original from
Bevlogen als vogels René Froger 3JS
De zomer voorbij Frans Duijts 3JS
Watermensen Jeroen van der Boom 3JS
Geloven in het leven Syb van der Ploeg 3JS
Make it mine Jamai Loman Jason Mraz
Wiegelied Frans Bauer 3JS
Winner: Jeroen van der Boom
Episode 6 - Frans Duijts
Song Singer Original from
"Jij denkt maar dat je alles mag van mij" Syb van der Ploeg Frans Duijts
"Green Green Grass of Home" Jan Dulles Tom Jones
"Ik mis je" René Froger Frans Duijts
"Dochters" Jamai Loman Marco Borsato
"Lieveling" Frans Bauer Frans Duijts
"Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" Jeroen van der Boom & René Froger Elton John & George Michael
Winner - René Froger
Episode 7 - Frans Bauer
Song Singer Original from
"Als sterren aan de hemel staan" Jamai Loman Frans Bauer
"Heb je even voor mij" Frans Duijts Frans Bauer
"I Feel Good" Jan Dulles James Brown
"Samen in een Bubbelbad" Jeroen van der Boom Frans Bauer
"Hotel California" Syb van der Ploeg The Eagles
"Dag uit duizend dromen" René Froger Frans Bauer
Winner - René Froger
Episode 8 - Final

the final episode was a look back at previous performances to decide on an overall winner for the second season.

Favorite of Sung Song Sung by Original
Frans Duijts "Ik mis je" René Froger Frans Duijts
Jeroen van der Boom "Het is over" Frans Duijts Jeroen van der Boom
Jan Dulles "Eén wereld" Jamai Loman Jeroen van der Boom
Jamai Loman "Watermensen" Jeroen van der Boom 3JS
René Froger "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" Frans Bauer Bob Dylan
Syb van der Ploeg "Hart van mijn gevoel" Jan Dulles De Kast
Frans Bauer "The Show Must Go On" Syb van der Ploeg Queen

Who voted for whom

Artist Voted for
Frans Duijts Jan Dulles
Jeroen van der Boom Jamai Loman
Jan Dulles Jamai Loman
Jamai Loman Jeroen van der Boom
René Froger Jeroen van der Boom
Syb van der Ploeg Jan Dulles
Frans Bauer Jamai Loman

Number of votes

Artist Number of
Jamai Loman
Jan Dulles
Jeroen van der Boom

Overall Winner: Jamai Loman

Season 3 (2011)

The third season ran from 19 March 2011 to 7 May 2011 and was hosted for a second year in a row by Victor Reinier. 2011 participating artists were Xander de Buisonjé, Lange Frans, Wolter Kroes, Anita Meyer, Glennis Grace, Peter Koelewijn, George Baker and the singer Do.

Episode 1 - Peter Koelewijn
Song Singer Original from
"Je wordt ouder pappa" Xander de Buisonjé Peter Koelewijn
"Mij oh mij" George Baker Peter Koelewijn
"Sprong in het duister" Anita Meyer Peter Koelewijn
"Marijke" Do Peter Koelewijn
"Angeline" Lange Frans Peter Koelewijn
"Alice" Glennis Grace Peter Koelewijn
"Kom van dat dak af!" Wolter Kroes Peter Koelewijn
Winner: Xander de Buisonjé
Episode 2 - Xander de Buisonjé
Song Singer Original from
"Ik vlieg ik zweef" Do Xander de Buisonjé
"Hou me vast" Wolter Kroes Volumia!
(where Xander de Buisonjé was a vocalist)
"Blijf bij mij" Lange Frans Volumia!
"Jij" Peter Koelewijn Xander de Buisonjé
"Ik kan het niet alleen" George Baker De Dijk
"Afscheid" Glennis Grace Volumia!
"Het is over" Anita Meyer Volumia!
Winner: Glennis Grace
Episode 3 - Anita Meyer
Song Singer Original from
"Run to Me" Peter Koelewijn Anita Meyer and Lee Towers
"You Can Do It" Do Anita Meyer
"The Alternative Way" Wolter Kroes Anita Meyer
"Crazy" George Baker Patsy Cline
"They Don't Play Our Love Song" Glennis Grace Anita Meyer
"Why Tell Me Why" Lange Frans Anita Meyer
"We've Got Tonight" Xander de Buisonjé met Anita Meyer Anita Meyer and Lee Towers
Winner: Lange Frans
Episode 4 - Do
Song Singer Original from
"Beautiful Thing Lange Frans Do
"One Night With You" George Baker Elvis Presley
"Voorbij" Wolter Kroes Do and Marco Borsato
"I Will" Glennis Grace Do
"Ik wil jou" Xander de Buisonjé Polle Eduard
"Angel by My Side" Anita Meyer Do
"Heaven" Peter Koelewijn Bryan Adams
covered by Do
Winner: Glennis Grace
Episode 5 - Lange Frans
Song Singer Original from
"Me Boy" Wolter Kroes Lange Frans
(with Ali B and Yes-R)
"Sex Bomb" George Baker Tom Jones
"Het land van.." Glennis Grace Lange Frans and Baas B
"Daughters" Do John Mayer
"Zinloos" Xander de Buisonjé
(duet with Lange Frans)
Lange Frans & Baas B
"Mee naar Diemen-Zuid" Peter Koelewijn Lange Frans & Baas B
"Zing voor me" Anita Meyer
(duet met Lange Frans)
Lange Frans and Thé Lau
Winner: Peter Koelewijn
Episode 6 - George Baker
Song Singer Original from
"Baby Blue" Do George Baker Selection
(band of George Baker)
"Paloma Blanca" Wolter Kroes George Baker Selection
"Song of Love" Anita Meyer George Baker Selection
"Drink Drink Drink Lange Frans George Baker Selection
"Santa Lucia by Night" Xander de Buisonjé George Baker Selection
"Morning Sky" Peter Koelewijn George Baker Selection
"Little Green Bag" Glennis Grace George Baker Selection
Winner: Anita Meyer
Episode 7 - Wolter Kroes
Song Singer Original from
"Groener Gras" Xander de Buisonjé Wolter Kroes
"Heerlijke dag" Anita Meyer Wolter Kroes
"Ik heb de hele nacht liggen dromen" Lange Frans Wolter Kroes
"Desperado" George Baker The Eagles
"Zij gelooft in mij" Do André Hazes
"Illumina" Glennis Grace Yvette Sangalo
"Viva Hollandia" Peter Koelewijn Wolter Kroes
Winner: Do
Episode 8 - Glennis Grace
Song Singer Original from
"Window of Hope" Anita Meyer Oleta Adams
"One Moment in Time" Peter Koelewijn Whitney Houston
"Need Your Love So Bad" George Baker Little Willie John
"Als je slaapt" Xander de Buisonjé Glennis Grace
"Dansen met het leven" Wolter Kroes Glennis Grace
"Empire State of Mind" Lange Frans
(duet with Glennis Grace)
Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys
"Engel zonder vleugels" Do Glennis Grace
Winner: Xander de Buisonjé
Episode 9 - Final

Participants look back at the performances and nominate their overall favorites and give points

Favorite of Song Singer Original from
Glennis Grace "Als je slaapt" Xander de Buisonjé Glennis Grace
Wolter Kroes "Zing voor me Anita Meyer & Lange Frans Lange Frans & Thé Lau
Xander de Buisonjé "Afscheid" Glennis Grace Volumia!
George Baker "Daughters" Do John Mayer
Do "Why Tell Me Why" Lange Frans & Anita Meyer) Anita Meyer
Peter Koelewijn "Beautiful Thing" Lange Frans Do
Lange Frans "Zij gelooft in mij" Do André Hazes

Who voted for whom

Artist Voted for
Glennis Grace Xander de Buisonjé
Wolter Kroes Anita Meyer
Xander de Buisonjé Glennis Grace
Do Anita Meyer
Peter Koelewijn Glennis Grace
Anita Mayer Xander de Buisonjé
Lange Frans Anita Meyer

Number of votes

Artist Number of
Anita Meyer
Xander de Buisonjé
Glennis Grace

Overall Winner: Anita Meyer

Season 4 (2012)

The fourth season was broadcast from 2 May 2012 to 13 June 2012. Jan Smit took over as the host. The participating Dutch artists for the fourth season were Gerard Joling, Ruth Jacott, Berget Lewis, Nikki Kerkhof, Peter Beense, Freek Bartels and Yes-R.

Episode 1 - Gerard Joling
Song Singer Original from
"Ik hou d'r zo van" Ruth Jacott Gerard Joling
"Love Is in Your Eyes" Peter Beense Gerard Joling
"Ticket to the Tropics" Berget Lewis Gerard Joling
"Maak me gek" Yes-R Gerard Joling
"Zing met me mee" Nikki Kerkhof Gerard Joling
"Shangri-la" Freek Bartels Gerard Joling
Winner: Berget Lewis
Episode 2 - Ruth Jacott
Song Singer Original from
Kippevel Berget Lewis Ruth Jacott
Hou Me Vast Freek Bartels Ruth Jacott
Rad van Fortuin Peter Beense Ruth Jacott
Leun op Mij Nikki Kerkhof Ruth Jacott
Hartslag Yes-R Ruth Jacott
Vrede Gerard Joling Ruth Jacott
Winner: Yes-R
Episode 3 - Yes-R
Song Singer Original from
Ghetto Nikki Kerkhof Yes-R
Vecht Mee Gerard Joling Yes-R
Black or White Freek Bartels & Yes-R Michael Jackson
Als de Nacht Valt Berget Lewis & Yes-R Yes-R
Killing Me Softly Ruth Jacott Roberta Flack
Uit Elkaar Peter Beense Yes-R
Winner: Nikki Kerkhof
Episode 4 - Freek Bartels
Song Singer Original from
The Impossible Dream (The Quest) Gerard Joling Man of La Mancha
Somewhere over the Rainbow Nikki Kerkhof The Wizard of Oz
Miss Celie's Blues Ruth jacott The Color Purple
Lighters Yes-R & Freek Bartels Eminem & Bruno Mars
You'll Never Walk Alone Peter Beense Carousel
And I Am Telling You Berget Lewis Dreamgirls
Winner: Berget Lewis
Episode 5 - Berget Lewis
Song Singer Original from
Sooner or later Yes-R Berget Lewis
The One and Only Gerard Joling Gladys Knight & the Pips
Endless Love Freek Bartels (duet met Berget Lewis) Diana Ross & Lionel Richie
Natural Woman Ruth Jacott Aretha Franklin
Love on the Rocks Peter Beense Neil Diamond
Somebody else's lover Nikki Kerkhof Total Touch
Winner: Peter Beense
Episode 6 - Peter Beense
Song Singer Original from
Laat ze maar lullen Nikki Kerkhof Peter Beense
Geef mij jouw lach Berget Lewis Peter Beense
Ik leef m'n eigen leven Freek Bartels André Hazes
Ik mis je zo Ruth Jacott Will Tura
Ik zou het willen schreeuwen van de toren Yes-R Peter Beense
Waarom Gerard Joling André Hazes
Winner: Berget Lewis
Episode 7 - Nikki Kerkhof
Song Singer Original from
Bring Me Down Ruth Jacott Nikki Kerkhof
Paradise By The Dashboardlight Peter Beense & Nikki Kerhof Meat Loaf & Ellen Foley
What Did I Do Yes-R Nikki Kerkhof
Unchained Melody Gerard Joling The Righteous Brothers
Zwart Wit Berget Lewis Frank Boeijen Groep
How To Break A Heart Freek Bartels Nikki Kerkhof
Winner: Berget Lewis
Episode 8 - Final

The participants look back at earlier performances and nominate for best singer overall giving points

Favorite of Song Singer Original from
Freek Bartels "Ik hou d'r zo van" Ruth Jacott Gerard Joling
Berget Lewis "Ghetto" Nikki Akon
Peter Beense "Lighters" Yes-R and Freek Bartels Bruno Mars & Bad Meets Evil
Gerard Joling "Love Is in Your Eyes" Peter Beense Gerard Joling
Yes-R "Waarom" Gerard Joling André Hazes
Ruth Jacott "Hou me vast" Freek Bartels Ruth Jacott
Nikki Kerkhof "Ticket to the Tropics" Berget Lewis Gerard Joling

Who voted for who?

Artist Voted for
Freek Bartels Berget Lewis
Berget Lewis Freek Bartels
Peter Beense Berget Lewis
Gerard Joling Berget Lewis
Yes-R Berget Lewis
Ruth Jacott Berget Lewis
Nikki Kerkhof Berget Lewis

Number of votes:

Artist Number of
Berget Lewis
Freek Bartels

Overall Winner: Berget Lewis

Season 5 (2013)

The fifth season featured Simone Kleinsma, Charly Luske, Rob de Nijs, Angela Groothuizen, Tim Douwsma, Bastiaan Ragas and Raffaëla Paton. Raffaëla Paton won.

Season 6 (Spring 2014)

Niels Geusebroek, Lisa Lois, Sabrina Starke, Jack Poels, Ben Saunders, Mattanja Joy Bradley, Leona Philippo and Dave von Raven, with Sabrina Starke winning the series.

Season 7 (Winter 2014)

René Froger, André Hazes Jr., Monique Klemann, Xander de Buisonjé, Carolina Dijkhuizen and Edsilia Rombley took part with André Hazes Jr. winning the series.

Season 8 (2015)

Jan Keizer, Anouk Maas, Frans Duijts, Lange Frans, Martin Buitenhuis, Julia Zahra and Do took part in the series. Frans Duijts and Julia Zahra were joint winners.

Season 9 (2016)

René van Kooten, Willeke Alberti, Brownie Dutch, Sharon Doorson, O'G3NE and Jeroen van der Boom took part with Willeke Alberti winning the season.

Season 10 (2017)

Anita Meyer, Brace, Kenny B, Maan, Tommie Christiaan, Tania Kross and Dennie Christian took part in the series. Anita Meyer and Tania Kross jointly won the series

Season 11 (2018)

Lee Towers, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Alain Clark, Tino Martin, Glen Faria, Maria Fiselier and Davina Michelle took part. Lee Towers and Trijntje Oosterhuis jointly won the series.

Season 12 (2019)

After having started hosting the show since season 4 in 2012, this 12th series became the last to be hosted by the singer Jan Smith. Smith hosted for a total of 9 consecutive seasons in a span of 8 years. The singers taking part were Emma Heesters, Floor Jansen, Henk Poort, Rolf Sanchez, Ruben Annink, Samantha Steenwijk and Tim Akkerman. Rolf Sanchez and Samantha Steenwijk were the joint winners for the season.

Season 13 (2020)

After Jan Smith hosting the show since season 4 in 2012 continuously until season 12 in 2019, this 13th season saw the introduction of a new hosts Nick & Simon. The participating singers are: Diggy Dex, Milow, Sanne Hans known as Miss Montreal, Stef Bos, Suzan & Freek, Tabitha and Wulf. The season is still going on.

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