Bloedverwanten (Blood Relations) is a 1977 Dutch comedy film directed by Wim Lindner.

Directed byWim Lindner
Written byBelcampo (short story), John Brason (adaptation)
Release date
10 February 1977
Running time
97 minutes


  • Sophie Deschamps ... Maria
  • Maxim Hamel ... Dr. Julius Steiger
  • Ralph Arliss... Peter Steiger
  • GrĂ©goire Aslan ... Rudolphe De Guys
  • Eric Beekes... Jason
  • Ronnie Bierman... Olive
  • Eddie Constantine ... Priest
  • Robert Dalban ... Mr. Zandvoort
  • Frits Emmerik ... Vampire
  • Simone Ettekoven ... Lydia Martin
  • Jacqueline Huet ... Sister
  • Wim Kouwenhoven ... Claude Martin
  • Huib Rooymans ... Hugo
  • Will Van Selst ... Dr. Liedke
  • Elly Van Stekelenburg ... Gertrud Cornelius

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