Brian Croucher

Brian Croucher (born 23 January 1942) is an English actor and director best known for his role as Ted Hills, which he played from 1995 to 1997, in the soap opera EastEnders. Croucher also had a regular role in the science fiction series Blake's 7.

Brian Croucher
Brian Croucher sitting down, facing camera
Brian Croucher at the Blake's 7 series 2 DVD launch, 2005
Born23 January 1942 (age 79)
Surrey, England
  • Actor
  • director
Years active1964–present
Known forEastEnders



Croucher has appeared in a number of science fiction programmes, including being the second actor to portray Travis in Blake's 7. He played Borg in the Doctor Who story The Robots of Death. He also appeared in the Doctor Who spin-off Shakedown: Return of the Sontarans. Earlier, in 1973, he played a key protagonist in the children's adventure series The Jensen Code.[1]

In 1978, Croucher played a major role opposite Tom Bell in the Thames Television/Euston Films thriller series Out.[citation needed] He also played the role of Rooky in the Southern Television series The Famous Five, in the double episode "Five Get into Trouble".

One of Croucher's earliest film roles was in the Carol Reed film musical of Lionel Bart's Oliver!; he played one of the London Bridge bargemen—a small uncredited speaking part. His other film roles include Burke & Hare (1972), Made (1972), A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (1979), Scrubbers (1983), and Underworld (1985).

Apart from acting, Croucher has directed two short films, Rank (2009, co-written with Nick Wilkinson) and Vodka & Coke (2013), also written and produced by Wilkinson.

Selected filmography

Year Title Role Notes
1968 Oliver! Barge operator Uncredited
1972 Burke & Hare Client in brothel
1972 Made Arthur
1979 A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square Gregory Peck
1982 Scrubbers Leo
1985 Underworld Darling
1994 Shakedown: Return of the Sontarans Kurt
Shopping Billy's dad
2003 I'll Sleep When I'm Dead Al Shaw
2011 Big Fat Gypsy Gangster Mr. Eels
2012 Outside Bet Phil
2014 C.O.O.L.I.O. Time Travel Gangster Lonnie
2017 Rise of the Footsoldier 3 Prison governor
2018 Welcome to Curiosity Stubbs
Year Title Role Notes
1969–75 Softly, Softly: Taskforce Various 3 episodes
1973 The Jensen Code Gordon 13 episodes
1974 General Hospital Ralph Keeton 2 episodes
1977 Doctor Who Borg 2 episodes
The XYY Man Reisen 4 episodes
Treasure Island John Hunter 3 episodes
1978 Out Chris Cottle 5 episodes
The Famous Five Rooky 2 episodes
1979 Blake's 7 Space Commander Travis 8 episodes
1980 The Gentle Touch Harry Blanden 2 episodes
1981 The Chinese Detective Jack Mangan 2 episodes
Blood Money David 2 episodes
1984 Miracles Take Longer Sid Archer 2 episodes
The Last Days of Pompeii Melior 3 episodes
The Young Ones Real bank robber 2 episodes
1985–2008 The Bill Various 11 episodes
1987–88 Bread 1st Policeman / Dino the Robber 2 episodes
1988 Rockliffe's Babies Chief Superintendent Barry Wyatt 6 episodes
1990–91 Grange Hill Mr. Glanville 2 episodes
1995–97 EastEnders Ted Hills 104 episodes


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