Brockville, New Zealand

Brockville is a residential suburb of the New Zealand city of Dunedin.[1] It is located at the edge of the city's main urban area, 5.5 kilometres (3.4 mi) to the northwest of the city centre, but separated from it by both a ridge of hills and the Kaikorai Valley.

Location of Brockville within the main Dunedin urban area.

The name Brockville comes from early English settler Frederick Brock-Hollinshead, who, after arriving in Dunedin in 1853, began to build a substantial residence in this location.[2] Brock-Hollinshead abandoned the house before completing it, and returned to England.[3]

The suburb's main street is Brockville Road, which leaves Kaikorai Valley Road close to the boundary between the suburbs of Kaikorai and Bradford, winding up the slopes which forms the northwestern boundary of Kaikorai Valley. Frasers Creek winds around the edge of this slope. The scenic reserve of Fraser's Gully, through which this stream flows, lies immediately to the northeast of Brockville, between it and the suburb of Halfway Bush, ending on Frasers Road off Kaikorai Valley Road.

The main residential area of Brockville is centred on the upper section of Brockville Road, and the numerous crescents which branch off it. The suburb contains a kindergarten and a Brockville Full Primary School,[4] which are located on this part of Brockville Road.[5] The lower part of Brockville Road is occasionally regarded as a separate suburb known as Glenross, including the newly built houses on Sretlaw Place.

Brockville Road terminates at a junction with Dalziel Road, a semi-rural road which marks the edge of Dunedin's main urban area. This road links with Three Mile Hill Road above Halfway Bush in the north, running past the city's Mount Grand Reservoir before joining with another road leading down to the suburb of Burnside. A dry weather road links the southern end of Dalziel Road with Abbotsford.[1]

Brockville possesses a church, corner shop, takeaway shop and a convent rest home.[6] In addition to all these, Brockville has two residential parks, Brockville football and cricket grounds and skate ramp, and a community park and playground situated to the north of a small cluster of shops on Brockville Road.[7]


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