The First Years

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The First Years (Dutch: Brugklas) is a Dutch mockumentary series, sometimes described as a "scripted reality" series,[1] about students at a junior high school. The first episode aired on May 26, 2014[2] by NPO Zapp.

Also known asBelgium - Het Middelbaar
United Kingdom - The First Years
StarringBritt Scholte, Niek Roozen, Belle Zimmerman, Sonia Eijken, Leonard Schoots, Bickel Krabbe, Stefania Liberakakis
Ending themeTestimonials
Country of originNetherlands
Original languageDutch
No. of seasons6
Production locationZaanlands Lyceum
Running time10 minutes (Season 1, 3-6) 20 minutes (Season 2)
Production companyTuvalu Media
Original networkNPO Zapp, AVROTROS
Original releaseMay 26, 2014
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The 2019 film Brugklas: De tijd van m'n leven is based on this television series.


  • Britt Scholte as Anouk (S1-5)
  • Niek Roozen as Max (S1-5)
  • Chloe Maessen as Fien (S1-6)
  • Birgit Kunstt as Bo (S4-6)
  • May Hollerman (S3-6)
  • Edwin Bakker as Mats (S4-5)
  • Bickel Krabbe (S3-4)
  • Vincent Visser (S6)
  • Sterre van Woudenberg (S5-6)
  • Sonia Eijken as Safa (S2-6)
  • Belle Zimmerman (S2-6)
  • Leonard Schoots (S2-4)
  • Fleur Verwey as Joy (S5-6)
  • Kiek Katerina as Kim (S5-6)



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