Club Nocturne

Club Nocturne (1998) is the 13th studio album (14th overall) from the jazz group Yellowjackets, and their sixth and final release for the Warner Bros. label. The album was nominated for "Best Contemporary Jazz Album" Grammy Award.

Club Nocturne
Studio album by
ReleasedSeptember 22, 1998
LabelWarner Bros.
Yellowjackets chronology
Priceless Jazz
Club Nocturne
Best of Yellowjackets
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4/5 stars[1]

The album, originally conceived as an all vocal jazz album, contains four tracks with vocals (five tracks for Japan release), featuring vocalists Kurt Elling, Brenda Russell, and Jonathan Butler. It is also the final album recorded during drummer Will Kennedy's original tenure.

The track "Spirit of the West" remains a staple in the Yellowjackets' live set.


Track listing

1."Spirit of the West"Russell Ferrante5:07
3."Up from New Orleans"Bob Mintzer5:34
4."The Evening News"Ferrante, William Kennedy, Mintzer4:16
5."Even the Pain"Richard Page5:24
6."Love and Paris Rain"Ferrante, Kennedy, Brenda Russell5:06
7."The Village Church"Ferrante4:50
8."Twilight for Nancy"Ferrante, Haslip5:25
9."Automat"Ferrante, Haslip6:58
10."All Is Quiet"Mintzer, Kurt Elling5:45
Bonus Track for Japanese Release
11."Living Inside Myself"Gino Vannelli 


Guest Musicians
  • Munyungo Jackson – percussion (5)
  • James Harrah – guitar (6)
Guest Vocalists


  • Yellowjackets – producers
  • Rich Breen – engineer, mixing
  • Doug Boehm – assistant engineer
  • Troy Gonzalez – assistant engineer
  • Steve Harrison – assistant engineer
  • Curt Kroeger – assistant engineer
  • Jason Mauza - assistant engineer
  • David Nottingham – assistant engineer
  • Jeff Robinette - assistant engineer
  • Doug Sax – mastering
  • Sally G. Poppe – production coordinator
  • Margi Denton (Denton Design Associates) – art direction and design
  • Hillary Sunenshine (Denton Design Associates) – art direction and design
  • Marina Chavez – photography
  • Gary Borman – artist management
  • Recorded at One on One Studios (North Hollywood, CA); Royaltone Studios (Burbank, CA); Sunset Sound (Hollywood, CA).
  • Mixed at The Village (West Los Angeles, CA); Sony Music Studios (Santa Monica, CA).
  • Mastered at The Mastering Lab (Hollywood, CA).


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