Company Bay

Company Bay is a semi-residential suburb of Dunedin, New Zealand, located on the Otago Peninsula between Macandrew Bay and Broad Bay. Access to surrounding suburbs and the centre of the city is via Portobello Road, which skirts the edge of Otago Harbour. A smaller, winding road ascends from the bay, linking with the peninsula's ridge road (Highcliff Road) close to Larnach Castle at Pukehiki.

Company Bay
The settlements of Company Bay (upper middle of picture) and Macandrew Bay (bottom of picture), taken from the ridge on the Otago Peninsula.

New Zealand's 2013 census showed Company Bay had a population of 336.[1] Average individual income was $35,500 and average total household income was $83,300.[2] The 2006 census listed Company Bay as the tenth “least deprived” suburb in Dunedin.[3]


The suburb of Company Bay extends north-east from Macandrew Bay, an indentation along the Otago Harbour. The suburb encompasses the Bay and surrounding areas - from mission cove, extending into the hills and around to grassy point. Company Bay is a 20-minute drive from Dunedin city centre.


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