Cornel Vena

Cornel Vena (born 20 October 1932) is a Romanian modern pentathlete. He competed at the 1956 Summer Olympics.[1]

Cornel Vena
Personal information
Born20 October 1932 (age 88)
Sibiu, Romania
SportModern pentathlon

In 1954, he won the first Romanian Pentathlon Championship. Vena was the first Romanian national champion in 1955. He also won the National Triathlon Competition (swimming, running, shooting). In 1956, as part of the Romanian team, he competed at the Melbourne Olympics in the Pentathlon (riding, swimming, running, shooting, fencing) and won the fencing. His fencing result has become the longest standing record in the history of the modern Olympic Games.[2]

He won 29 of 35 bouts in fencing, scoring a total of 1,111 points. This is the best known performance in Olympic modern pentathlon fencing, winning 82.9% of his bouts, and the highest ever points score awarded in fencing in the Olympic modern pentathlon.[1]

He became Australian Champion in 1957, and won the team epee and foil championship in 1962, dominating modern pentathlon competition between 1971 and 1979.[3]

In 1997, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Romania retroactively awarded Cornel Vena the title of Master of Sports.[4] In 1997, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Romania retroactively awarded Cornel Vena the title of Master of Sports.[4]

Vena has continued to coach aspiring fencers for some sixty years.[5]


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