Prince de Chimay

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Prince de Chimay is a title of Belgian nobility that is associated with the town of Chimay[1] in what is now Belgium.[2] The title is currently held by Philippe de Caraman-Chimay, 22nd Prince de Chimay.[citation needed] The main residence of the princely family is Chimay Castle, which is located in the town of Chimay in the Belgian province of Hainaut.[3]

Prince of Chimay

Current regionBelgium
Place of originChimay in Hainaut
Estate(s)Chimay Castle


Counts of Chimay

Princes of Chimay

House of Croÿ

Charles I of Croÿ, 1st Prince of Chimay (1455–1527)

    1. Anne de Croÿ, princesse de Chimay;
      married to Philippe II de Croÿ, duc d'Arschot (1496–1549)
      1. Charles II of Croÿ, 3rd Prince of Chimay (1522–1551)
      2. Philippe III de Croÿ;
        married to Jeanne of Halewijn.
        1. Charles III of Croÿ, 5th Prince of Chimay;
          married to Marie de Brimeu.
        2. Anne of Croÿ, Princess of Chimay;
          married to Charles de Ligne, 2nd Prince of Arenberg.

House of Arenbergh

Charles de Ligne, 2nd Prince of Arenberg;
married to Anne of Croÿ, Princess of Chimay;

    1. Alexander of Arenberg, 7th Prince of Chimay;
      married to Madeleine of Egmont.
  • Albert of Arenberg, 8th Prince of Chimay (died 1648)
  • Philippe of Arenberg, 9th prince de Chimay (died 1675)
  • Ernest-Dominique of Arenberg, 10th Prince of Chimay (born 1643)
  • Anna-Isabella of Arenberg, Princess of Chimay (1616–1658);
    married to Eugène de Hénin, 6th Count of Bossu and Marquess of la Vere.

House of Henin-Liétard

Prince de Chimay ad personam (1834)

  • Alphonse de Caraman-Chimay, prince de Chimay (1810–1865)

Prince de Chimay (1865)

  • Alphonse, prince de Chimay [nl] (1844–1928)
  • Alphonse, prince de Chimay (1899–1973)

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