Cruiser and Transport Force

The Cruiser and Transport Service was a unit of the United States Navy's Atlantic Fleet during World War I that was responsible for transporting American men and materiel to France.



On 1 July 1918, the Cruiser and Transport Force was composed of the following ships:[1]

Organization Cruiser And Transport Force United States Atlantic Fleet 1 July 1918 Rear Admiral Albert Gleaves Commander

Cruiser Force

Squadron One

Cruiser Force, Squadron One, was under the command of Rear Admiral Albert Gleaves

Squadron Two

Cruiser Force, Squadron Two, was under the command of Rear Admiral Marbury Johnston

French Navy warships

The Dupetit-Thouars

French cruisers of the Naval Division of the Atlantic operating with Cruiser Force under the command of French Rear Admiral Marie Gaston Grout[2]

Transport Force

New York Division

Transport Force, New York Division, was under the command of Rear Admiral Albert Gleaves

Newport News Division

Transport Force, Newport News Division, was under the command of Rear Admiral Hilary P. Jones

Foreign vessels

Foreign vessels operating with the Transport Force Newport News Division


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  3. ^ a b c Though belonging to the Russian American Line, the ship was under British charter. Also in this category was HMT Dwinsk which had been sunk on 18 June 1918.



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