Cycling at the 1992 Summer Olympics – Men's individual road race

The men's individual road race]] was an event at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. There were 154 participants from 61 nations, with 84 cyclists completing the race.[1] The maximum number of cyclists per nation was three. The event was won by Fabio Casartelli of Italy, the nation's first victory in the men's individual road race since 1968 and fourth overall (two more than any other nation). Erik Dekker's silver was the first medal for the Netherlands in the event since 1972. Dainis Ozols gave Latvia its first medal in the event in the country's first independent appearance since 1936.

Men's road race
at the Games of the XXV Olympiad
A plaque on Col de Portet d'Aspet where Fabio Casartelli died
VenueSant Sadurní d'Anoia, Barcelona
Date2 August
Competitors154 from 61 nations
Winning time4:35:21
1st place, gold medalist(s) Fabio Casartelli
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Erik Dekker
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Dainis Ozols
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This was the 14th appearance of the event, previously held in 1896 and then at every Summer Olympics since 1936. It replaced the individual time trial event that had been held from 1912 to 1932 (and which would be reintroduced alongside the road race in 1996). A young triathlete from the United States named Lance Armstrong was among the favorites, along with Erik Dekker of the Netherlands.[2]

Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Bahrain, Benin, the Central African Republic, Estonia, Guam, Lithuania, Rwanda, Slovenia, and the Virgin Islands each made their debut in the men's individual road race; some former Soviet republics competed as the Unified Team and some Yugoslav cyclists competed as Independent Olympic Participants. Great Britain made its 14th appearance in the event, the only nation to have competed in each appearance to date.

Competition format and course

The mass-start race was on a 194.4 kilometre course over the Sant Sadurni Cycling Circuit.[2][3]


All times are Central European Summer Time (UTC+2)

Date Time Round
Sunday, 2 August 1992 8:30 Final


During the penultimate lap, Casartelli, Dekker, and Ozols managed to break away from the lead pack; they maintained separation and finished in the medals with Casartelli winning the final sprint.

Rank Cyclist Nation Time
1st place, gold medalist(s) Fabio Casartelli  Italy 4:35:21
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Erik Dekker  Netherlands 4:35:22
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Dainis Ozols  Latvia 4:35:24
4 Erik Zabel  Germany 4:35:56
5 Lauri Aus  Estonia s.t.
6 Andrzej Sypytkowski  Poland s.t.
7 Sylvain Bolay  France s.t.
8 Arvis Piziks  Latvia s.t.
9 Raido Kodanipork  Estonia s.t.
10 Grant Rice  Australia s.t.
11 Lars Michaelsen  Denmark s.t.
12 Michel Lafis  Sweden s.t.
13 Urs Güller  Switzerland s.t.
14 Lance Armstrong  United States s.t.
15 Ángel Edo  Spain s.t.
16 Darren Smith  Australia s.t.
17 Richard Groenendaal  Netherlands s.t.
18 Christian Andersen  Denmark s.t.
19 Roland Meier  Switzerland s.t.
20 Davide Rebellin  Italy s.t.
21 Tomokazu Fujino  Japan s.t.
22 Jacek Mickiewicz  Poland s.t.
23 Saulius Šarkauskas  Lithuania s.t.
24 Kiko García  Spain s.t.
25 František Trkal  Czechoslovakia s.t.
26 Gianni Vignaduzzi  Canada s.t.
27 Miloslav Kejval  Czechoslovakia s.t.
28 Wanderley Magalhães Azevedo  Brazil s.t.
29 Peter Luttenberger  Austria s.t.
30 Steffen Wesemann  Germany s.t.
31 Xavier Pérez  Andorra s.t.
32 Kevin Kimmage  Ireland s.t.
33 Svyatoslav Ryabushenko  Unified Team s.t.
34 Claus Michael Møller  Denmark s.t.
35 Conor Henry  Ireland s.t.
36 Simeon Hempsall  Great Britain s.t.
37 Timm Peddie  United States s.t.
38 Bjørn Stenersen  Norway s.t.
39 Tang Xuezhong  China s.t.
40 Carlos Maya  Venezuela s.t.
41 Nathael Sagard  Canada s.t.
42 Aleksandar Milenković  Independent Olympic Participants s.t.
43 Juan Carlos Rosero  Ecuador s.t.
44 Zhu Zhengjun  China s.t.
45 Lars Kristian Johnsen  Norway s.t.
46 Hussein Monsalve  Venezuela s.t.
47 Petro Koshelenko  Unified Team s.t.
48 Pascal Hervé  France s.t.
49 José Robles  Colombia s.t.
50 Federico Moreira  Uruguay s.t.
51 Graeme Miller  New Zealand s.t.
52 Héctor Palacio  Colombia s.t.
53 Arnolds Ūdris  Latvia s.t.
54 Andreas Langl  Austria s.t.
55 Zbigniew Piątek  Poland s.t.
56 Georg Totschnig  Austria s.t.
57 Karsten Stenersen  Norway s.t.
58 Csaba Steig  Hungary s.t.
59 Brian Fowler  New Zealand s.t.
60 David Cook  Great Britain s.t.
61 Matthew Stephens  Great Britain s.t.
62 Jacques Landry  Canada s.t.
63 Valter Bonča  Slovenia s.t.
64 Wang Shusen  China s.t.
65 Paul Slane  Ireland s.t.
66 Aleksey Bochkov  Unified Team s.t.
67 Michael Andersson  Sweden s.t.
68 Christian Meyer  Germany s.t.
69 Pavel Padrnos  Czechoslovakia s.t.
70 Armin Meier  Switzerland s.t.
71 Mirco Gualdi  Italy s.t.
72 Rob Compas  Netherlands 4:36:33
73 Tom Bamford  New Zealand 4:36:41
74 Sergio Tesitore  Uruguay 4:36:52
75 Bob Mionske  United States 4:42:31
76 Libardo Niño  Colombia 4:44:05
77 Glenn Magnusson  Sweden 4:44:32
78 Radiša Čubrić  Independent Olympic Participants 4:45:14
79 Jamsran Ulzii-Orshikh  Mongolia s.t.
80 Károly Eisenkrammer  Hungary 4:52:07
81 Scott Richardson  South Africa 4:58:25
82 Emili Pérez  Andorra s.t.
83 Dashjamtsyn Mönkhbat  Mongolia 5:02:11
84 Kozo Fujita  Japan s.t.
Juan González  Andorra DNF
Neil Lloyd  Antigua and Barbuda DNF
Robert Marsh  Antigua and Barbuda DNF
Robert Peters  Antigua and Barbuda DNF
Lucien Dirksz  Aruba DNF
Gerard van Vliet  Aruba DNF
Patrick Jonker  Australia DNF
Jamal Ahmed Al-Doseri  Bahrain DNF
Jameel Kadhem  Bahrain DNF
Saber Mohamed Hasan  Bahrain DNF
Erwin Thijs  Belgium DNF
Michel Vanhaecke  Belgium DNF
Wim Omloop  Belgium DNF
Michael Lewis  Belize DNF
Douglas Lamb  Belize DNF
Ernest Meighan  Belize DNF
Cossi Houegban  Benin DNF
Fernand Gandaho  Benin DNF
Hernandes Quadri  Brazil DNF
Tonny Azevedo  Brazil DNF
Stefan Baraud  Cayman Islands DNF
Michele Smith  Cayman Islands DNF
Dennis Brooks  Cayman Islands DNF
Christ Yarafa  Central African Republic DNF
Obed Ngaite  Central African Republic DNF
Vincent Gomgadja  Central African Republic DNF
Miguel Droguett  Chile DNF
Weng Yu-yi  Chinese Taipei DNF
Ndjibu N'Golomingi  Democratic Republic of the Congo DNF
Mobange Amisi  Democratic Republic of the Congo DNF
Selenge Kimoto  Democratic Republic of the Congo DNF
Biruk Abebe  Ethiopia DNF
Asmelash Geyesus  Ethiopia DNF
Tekle Hailemikael  Ethiopia DNF
Emmanuel Magnien  France DNF
Jazy Garcia  Guam DNF
Manuel García  Guam DNF
Martin Santos  Guam DNF
Aubrey Richmond  Guyana DNF
Mikoš Rnjaković  Independent Olympic Participants DNF
Hussain Eslami  Iran DNF
Khosrow Ghamari  Iran DNF
Hussain Mahmoudi Shahvar  Iran DNF
Arthur Tenn  Jamaica DNF
Michael McKay  Jamaica DNF
Mitsuteru Tanaka  Japan DNF
Armen Arslanian  Lebanon DNF
Vatche Zadourian  Lebanon DNF
Murugayan Kumaresan  Malaysia DNF
Dashnyamyn Tömör-Ochir  Mongolia DNF
Norberto Oconer  Philippines DNF
Domingo Villanueva  Philippines DNF
Faustin Mparabanyi  Rwanda DNF
Emmanuel Nkurunziza  Rwanda DNF
Alphonse Nshimiyiama  Rwanda DNF
Guido Frisoni  San Marino DNF
Medhadi Al-Dosari  Saudi Arabia DNF
Saleh Al-Qobaissi  Saudi Arabia DNF
Mohamed Al-Takroni  Saudi Arabia DNF
Eleuterio Mancebo  Spain DNF
Malcolm Lange  South Africa DNF
Wayne Burgess  South Africa DNF
Realdo Jessurun  Suriname DNF
Koku Ahiaku  Togo DNF
Komi Moreira  Togo DNF
Khalifa Bin Omair  United Arab Emirates DNF
Ali Al-Abed  United Arab Emirates DNF
Mansoor Bu Osaiba  United Arab Emirates DNF
Robinson Merchán  Venezuela DNF
Chesen Frey  Virgin Islands DNF


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