Dario Chiazzolino

Dario Chiazzolino (born February 8, 1985)[1] is a guitarist, composer, and award-winning recording artist from Italy. He has played with Bob Mintzer, Billy Cobham, and the Yellowjackets.

Dario Chiazzolino
Chiazzolino in 2013
Background information
BornFebruary 8, 1985 (age 36)
Turin, Italy
GenresJazz, world fusion
Years active1997–present
LabelsCriss Cross


Early life

Dario Chiazzolino was born in Turin, Italy. He began playing the guitar at age of 12. He graduated from Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Turin.


As a teen, he started playing jazz with several Italian jazz artists. Musicians such as Charlie Parker, Clifford Brown, Miles Davis and Bill Evans influenced his music. In the summer of 2006 he participated to Umbria Jazz Festival where he was named "Best Guitar Player"; he joined Berklee/Umbria Jazz Clinics 2006 Award Group. With this band he played at the Umbria Jazz Winter Festival. During his career he played with jazz artists such as Billy Cobham, Yellow Jackets, Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez, Bob Mintzer, Russell Ferrante, William Kennedy, Jimmy Haslip, Felix Pastorius, Julio Barreto and Dave Liebman.

In 2010, he took part in a Latin Jazz project; he recorded the album named Proposition, with Dany Noel Martinez on bass, Horacio Hernandez on drums, Ivan Bridon and Ivan Melon Lewis on piano, Carlos Sanduy on trumpet and with guest singer Concha Buika and other main Latin icons as Ramón Porrina, Jerry Gonzáles, Inoidel González, Javier Masso "Caramelo", Fernando Favier, Diego Guerrero, Ivette Falcón Urgate and Daniel Martínez Miranda.

He recorded the album Paint your life in January 2011. The band is formed by: Chiazzolino, Taylor Eigsti, Marco Panascia, Willie Jones, III.

He played with the Principles Sound project. This band is composed by Yellowjackets members Bob Mintzer, Russell Ferrante and Jimmy Haslip. With them he recorded the album Lost in the Jungle. After that Dario took part in the Yellowjackets 2012 Tour.

He recorded the album Rewriting Song with the Italian guitarist Nico Di Battista in June 2013. He also recorded in duo with the Cuban bassist Dany Noel Martinez the same year: their album is named Confidence.

Chiazzolino founded his new quartet in order to record his new leader album. He recorded Red Cloud with the pianist Antonio Faraò, the bassist Dominique Di Piazza and the drummer Manhu Roche in 2014.

He was on tour with the saxophonist Andy Sheppard in 2014.

He has collaborated with musicians like Billy Cobham, Dave Liebman, Bobby Watson, Richard Bona, Bob Mintzer, Yellow Jackets, Sylvain Luc, Hadrien Feraud, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Pino Daniele, Ornella Vanoni and many others.


Albums as leader

Albums as sideman

  • 2008: Six Strings – with Marc Didegrot, Emilie Elia, John Grael, Joe Kindman, Kirk Fairten, Joël Patrick
  • 2008: Swing me – with CB Orchestra
  • 2009: Six Strings – with Mathias Krüger, Vincent Körtig, Joël Patrick, Damien Werner, Joe Kindman, Joël Patrick
  • 2009: Torino Jazz Lab – with Furio Di Castri, Bruno Tommaso, Torino Jazz Orchestra.
  • 2010: Six Strings – with Antony Rives, Andrea Schmidt, Rian Fisher, Johan Mùller
  • 2010: Proposcion – with Dany Noel Martinez, Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez , Ivan Bridon, Concha Buika
  • 2009: Torino Jazz Lab – con Furio Di Castri, Javier Girotto, Torino Jazz Orchestra.
  • 2010: Kabel – with Giovanni Falzone, Kabel Ensamble
  • 2011: Virgen – with Ivan Bridon, Sofie Reinhardt
  • 2011: Tinta Unida – with Dany Noel Martinez, Benjamin Santiago Molina, Juan Carlos González, Dani Morales, Diego Guerriero
  • 2011: Nuovi Segnali Acustici – with Nico DI Battista, Roberto Taufic, Gino Evangelista, Giovanni Unterberger
  • 2014: Untidiness – with Chiara Raggi, Aaron Goldberg, Ugonna Ogekwo, Lawrence Leathers.
  • 2016: Polyrhythmic – with Greg Spero, Hadrien Feraud, Mike Mitchell.


  • 2006: Umbria Jazz Award, Umbria Jazz Festival, IT
  • 2007: Torino Jazz Lab
  • 2011: Best Guitarist, Italian Jazz, IT
  • 2011: Archivio Chitarristi Jazz Italiani, IT
  • 2012: Artista dell'Anno, Dmagazine, IT
  • 2013: Top Jazz Guitar Competition, UK
  • 2015: Best Guitarist, Guitarlist, IT
  • 2015: Top 15, Suono, IT


Chiazzolino has endorsed Randall Amplifiers, DR Handmade Strings, Gibson, DV Mark.


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