Dunedin (New Zealand electorate)

Dunedin is an electorate to the New Zealand House of Representatives. It was created for the 2020 election.



In the 2019–20 electoral boundary review, all five electorates in the Otago and Southland regions had to be adjusted as they exceeded the 5% population quota. Some electorates were over and some were under the quota, but taken together they were almost exactly on quota. Both Dunedin North and Dunedin South were significantly below quota and had to gain population. Otago Peninsula was moved from Dunedin South to Dunedin North; this area has a population of about 8,000 people. A large area from the northern part of the Dunedin North electorate (including Palmerston, Macraes, and Herbert) went to the Waitaki electorate, a loss of 2,500 people.[1] Adding the southern Dunedin area of Otago Peninsula made it necessary for both Dunedin North and Dunedin South to be recreated under new names, with the former Dunedin North plus Otago Peninsula now called the Dunedin electorate. The former Dunedin South electorate extended into the south Otago area and the Taieri electorate was recreated.[2][3]

Members of Parliament

 Labour    National  

Election Winner
2020 election David Clark

List MPs

Members of Parliament elected from party lists in elections where that person also unsuccessfully contested the Dunedin electorate. Unless otherwise stated, all MPs terms began and ended at general elections.

Election Winner
2020 election Michael Woodhouse

Election results

2020 election

2020 general election: Dunedin[4]

Blue background denotes the winner of the electorate vote.
Pink background denotes a candidate elected from their party list.
Yellow background denotes an electorate win by a list member, or other incumbent.
A Green tick or Red X denotes status of any incumbent, win or lose respectively.

Party Candidate Votes % ±% Party votes % ±%
Labour David Clark 24,140 52.79 25,377 55.16
National Michael Woodhouse 8,169 17.86 6,477 14.07
Green Jack Brazil 6,916 15.12 8,165 17.74
Opportunities Ben Peters 2,480 5.42 1,291 2.80
ACT Callum Steele-MacIntosh 1,308 2.86 2,423 5.26
NZ First Robert Griffith 817 1.78 978 2.12
New Conservative Solomon King 506 1.10 415 0.90
Social Credit Zariah Anjaiya-King 195 0.42 57 0.12
Advance NZ   213 0.46
Māori   151 0.32
Legalise Cannabis   112 0.24
ONE   61 0.13
Sustainable NZ   42 0.09
Outdoors   35 0.07
Vision NZ   9 0.01
TEA   8 0.01
Heartland   0 0.00
Informal votes 742 189
Total Valid votes 45,723 46,003
Turnout 46,003
Labour win new seat Majority 15,521 33.94


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