Edith Tiempo

Edith Lopez-Tiempo (April 22, 1919 – August 21, 2011),[1] poet, fiction writer, teacher and literary critic was a Filipino writer in the English language.[2] She was conferred the National Artist Award for Literature in 1999.

Edith Tiempo on a 2019 stamp of the Philippines



Tiempo was born in Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya.[2] Her poems are intricate verbal transfigurations of significant experiences as revealed, in two of her much anthologized pieces, "Halaman" and "Bonsai."[2] As fictionist, Tiempo is as morally profound. Her language has been marked as "descriptive but unburdened by scrupulous detailing." She is an influential tradition in Philippine Literature in English. Together with her late husband, writer and critic Edilberto K. Tiempo, they founded (in 1962) and directed the Silliman National Writers Workshop in Dumaguete City, which has produced some of the Philippines' best writers.



  • A Blade of Fern (1978)[2]
  • His Native Coast (1979)[2]
  • The Alien Corn (1992)[2]
  • One, Tilting Leaves (1995)
  • The Builder (2004)
  • The Jumong (2006)

Short story collections

  • Abide, Joshua, and Other Stories (1964)[2]

Poetry collections

  • The Tracks of Babylon and Other Poems (1966)[2]
  • The Charmer's Box and Other Poet (1993)[2]
  • Marginal Annotations and Other Poems[2]
  • Commend Contend. Beyond Extensions (2010)[2]

Honors and awards


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