Greenhouse (Yellowjackets album)

Greenhouse is the eighth studio album of the American jazz group Yellowjackets, released in 1991. In this album, the group was a trio. Bob Mintzer, who became an official member on the next album, was credited as a guest artist. The album reached a peak position of number one on Billboard's Top Contemporary Jazz Albums chart.[2]

Studio album by
ReleasedFebruary 19, 1991
Genrejazz fusion, smooth jazz
Yellowjackets chronology
The Spin
Live Wires
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4.5/5 stars[1]


Track listing

1."Freedomland"Russell Ferrante6:09
2."Greenhouse"Ferrante, Jimmy Haslip9:00
3."Seven Stars"Ferrante, Haslip, William Kennedy7:33
4."Indian Summer"Ferrante5:33
5."Spirits"Bob Mintzer6:00
6."Brown Zone"Steve Khan4:50
7."Liam/Rain Dance"Haslip, Steve Croes, Ferrante6:34
8."Invisible People"Ferrante, Haslip, Kennedy5:45
9."Freda"Kenny Baker5:24
10."Peace"Bill Gable3:20



Additional musicians

  • Steve Croes – Synclavier
  • Alex Acuña – percussion
  • Judd Miller – EWI programming (9)
  • Stuart Canin – violin solo (9)
  • Bill Gable – vocals (8)

Orchestra (tracks 2, 4 & 9)

  • Vince Mendoza – arrangements and conductor
  • Sandy de Crescent – contractor
  • Michael O'Donovan – bassoon
  • Gary Gray and James Kanter – clarinet
  • James Walker – flute
  • John Cooke, Dane Little, Judith Perett and David Speltz – cello
  • Timothy Barr and Arni Egglison – double bass
  • Brian Dembow, Pamela Goldsmith, Dan Neufeld and Mihail Zinovyev – viola
  • Arnold Belnick, Stuart Canin, Bruce Dukov, Clayton Haslop, Bill Hybel, Karen Jones, Kathleen Lenski, Irma Neuman, Anatoly Rosinsky, Sheldon Sanov, Polly Sweeney and Dorothy Wade – violin


  • Yellowjackets – producers
  • Jan Erik Kongshaug – engineer, mixing
  • Ken Allardyce – assistant engineer
  • Joseph Doughney – post-production engineer
  • Michael Landy – post-production engineer
  • Stephen Marcussen – mastering
  • Michelle Lewis – production coordinator
  • Andy Baltimore – creative director
  • David Gibb – creative director
  • Scott Johnson – graphic design
  • Sonny Mediana – graphic design
  • Andy Ruggirello – graphic design
  • Dan Serrano – graphic design
  • Wilfredo Lam – cover artwork


  • Recorded at Schnee Studios (North Hollywood, California).
  • Post-Production Engineering at The Review Room (New York City, New York).
  • Mastered at Precision Lacquer (Los Angeles, California).


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