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The Hacker Bible is a publication of the German hacker organization Chaos Computer Club (CCC).[1][2] It has been published in two editions to date, 1985 and 1988.[3][4] Both were edited by Wau Holland and published on the Grüne Kraft press.

The Hacker Bible is a compendium of documents and stories from the hacker scene, for example the instruction guide to the acoustic coupler named “Data-loo”(Germ.:Datenklo).[5][6] Furthermore, it offers manuals and other technical explanations.[7] The first edition appeared in 1985 with the subtitle “Cable salad is good for you" ("Kabelsalat ist gesund”)[8] and had sold 25,000 copies by mid-1988.[9] The second edition in 1988 was given the additional name “The New Testament”.[10] The comic images on the cover sleeve are a creation of German comic artists Mali Beinhorn and Werner Büsch from the comic workshop Büsch-Beinhorn.[11] The production and distribution of the Hacker Bible was discontinued by 1990. Since 1999, the CCC has offered a scanned and full-text version online (in German) with further materials such as texts from Peter Glaser, a documentation on Karl Koch and works from Tron from the Chaos-CD.


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  • Holland, Wau, Die Hackerbibel – "Das neue Testament", Werner Pieper, ISBN 3925817247.


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