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Hallenstein Brothers, more commonly referred to as Hallensteins, is a New Zealand based men's fashion, street and lifestyle retailer. The company has its roots in a department store founded in 1873 by Bendix Hallenstein.[1][2][3][4]

Hallenstein Brothers
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Founded1873; 148 years ago
Area served
ProductsClothes, apparel, accessories, personal care, footwear



Hallenstein Brothers offers men's fashion, clothing, footwear and accessories ranging from street and lifestyle wear to contemporary formal dress.[5] The company also designs and produces the in-house brands Hallensteins and HBrothers. Hallenstein Brothers is part of Hallenstein Glasson Holdings Limited which was formed in 1985 as part of a merger between Hallensteins and Glassons – a fast fashion retailer founded in the early 1900s.[6][7]

Hallenstein Brothers has launched several campaigns[8][9] featuring collaborations between musicians The Script filmed in Cuba[10][11][12] and motorcross rider Carey Hart filmed at the Bonneville Salt Flats.[13] In 2019 the company launched a campaign with model Laura Evans at the forefront, inviting women to wear their skinny fit suits.[14]


Hallenstein Brothers is a stockist, designer and developer of Ekocycle, a line of environmentally conscious suits crafted by using a blend of recycled materials, sophisticated shapes and refined cuts. The Hallenstein Brothers brand HBrothers, The Coca-Cola Corporation and musician[15][16][17] developed the Ekocycle project as an investment in and exploration of the future of international sustainable and environmentally friendly retailing.[18]

In 2015 the HBrothers brand in conjunction with Harrods launched an exclusive new range in further support of the Ekocycle line.[citation needed]

Wage subsidy controversy at parent company

As part of a wider policy of economic stimulus for New Zealand businesses following the COVID-19 outbreak, Hallenstein Brothers' parent company Hallenstein Glasson Holdings Limited received significant financial support from the New Zealand government in the form of wage subsidies for its employees across Hallenstein Brothers and Glassons stores. Hallenstein Glasson Holdings received NZ $5.18 million in taxpayer-funded subsidies, of which $2.48 million went to cover its Hallenstein Brothers stores.[19] In spite of subsequently posting a profit of NZ $28 million, Hallenstein Glasson management refused to repay the funds to taxpayers even though the company had enjoyed a profitable year and chosen to pay dividends to its shareholders.[19][20] Activity like this by Hallenstein Glasson and other companies was condemned by both sides of New Zealand politics with leaders of the major parties describing it as unfair.[21]


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