I-35W Minnesota River bridge

The I-35W Minnesota River Bridge is an under construction bridge over the Minnesota River. The replacement bridge project started in mid 2018, and it will be finished in late 2021. The new bridge will have eight lanes, four lanes in each direction. The inner lanes are MnPass HOV lanes, and a trail will be built on the northbound span. The entire project costs $147.6 million dollars.[1][2] The bridge is 1,361 feet (415 m) long, and 170 feet (52 m) wide.[3]

I-35W Minnesota River Bridge
CarriesEight Lanes of I-35W;
CrossesMinnesota River
LocaleBloomington, Minnesota and Burnsville, Minnesota
Maintained byMinnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT)
ID numberNBI 27W38 (Northbound), 27W39 (Southbound)
Total length1,361.5 feet (415 m)
Width170.0 feet (52 m)
Longest span385.0 feet (117 m)

Previous Bridge

Former I-35W Minnesota River bridge
Carriesfour southbound and three northbound lanes of I-35W
CrossesMinnesota River
LocaleDakota and Hennepin counties
Maintained byMinnesota Department of Transportation
ID number5983[4]
DesignPlate girder bridge
Total length1,446 feet (441 m)
Width103 feet (31 m) (seven traffic lanes)
Clearance below54 feet (16 m)

The former I-35W Minnesota River Bridge was a seven-lane steel girder bridge that carried Interstate 35W across the Minnesota River between Bloomington and Burnsville, Minnesota. It was built in 1960 by the Minnesota Highway Department. When it was built, it replaced a former bridge that carried US 65. It has had issues with flooding, with a 1965 flood putting the causeway just south of the bridge completely underwater. MnPass lanes were added in 2009.[5]

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