ID Dunedin Fashion Week

iD Dunedin Fashion Week is an annual festival of fashion held in the New Zealand city of Dunedin, usually in March or April. The festival has been held regularly since its inception in 1999, and in 2019 is celebrating 20 years with a new show and a new venue. This year’s programme features a comprehensive showcase of both NZ designers and international emerging designers hosted in the historic Regent Theatre in the heart of Dunedin’s Octagon.


The iD Dunedin 20th Anniversary Shows cap off a week of fashion-inspired events throughout Dunedin. From Monday 11 March to Sunday 17 March 2019 everyone has a chance to indulge their love of design at fashion-inspired events, lectures, parades, shopping and dining experiences that will pop up across the city. The complete iD Dunedin Fashion Week programme includes more than 20 associated events.

Emerging design finalists from 16 countries will travel to the 2019 iD Dunedin Fashion Week. Over the week they will attend fashion lectures and events including the Otago Polytechnic Fashion Symposium 2019, have their garments photographed at Larnach Castle and around Dunedin, as well as meet the other young designers from around the world.

Each emerging designer will show five garments which will be assessed by a panel of all-star Kiwi fashion designers. The judges are designers Tanya Carlson, Benny Castles (WORLD), Margi Robertson (NOM*d) and Kate Sylvester, as well as VIVA editor Amanda Linnell.

iD Dunedin is a not-for-profit charitable organisation, dedicated to growing a sustainable fashion industry in Dunedin and New Zealand. This unique and special event combines cutting edge design, innovation and technology.

iD Fashion Week is supported by city, community and commercial partners, run by a management team and governed by iD Dunedin Fashion Inc – a registered charitable organisation. Funds raised by the event are carried on to help fund the next year’s event.

Sixteen acclaimed New Zealand designers will showcase their Autumn/Winter 2019 ready-to-wear collections at the iD Dunedin Fashion Shows on Friday 15 March and Saturday 16 March in a roll call of New Zealand's finest fashions. The show will feature long-established, iconic New Zealand fashion brands as well as designers who have found success more recently.

The line-up is Carlson, Charmaine Reveley, Company of Strangers, DADA, Hailwood, Kate Sylvester, Liam, Maaike, MILD-RED, Nom*D, Ruby, Stolen Girlfriends Club, WORLD, Wynn Hamlyn, Yvonne Bennetti and Zambesi.

Since a small, dedicated group of volunteers started iD Dunedin in 1999, the show has evolved from a celebration of Dunedin’s underground fashion to a week-long festival recognizing the importance of the fashion industry to the city and the country.

The addition of the iD International Emerging Design Awards 15 years ago has created a platform to foster and develop young designers from New Zealand and throughout the world and at the same time get a sneak peek at fashion forward trends before they hit the runways of Milan and Paris.

A feature of the show format is when models jump off the runway and walk through the audience, allowing spectators to see all the garments up close.

Each night the show will feature New Zealand’s established designers in the first half and the iD International Emerging Designer collections in the second half. The Friday show will include the iD International Emerging Designer Awards ceremony.

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