Juke Box Boy

"Juke Box Boy" is a 1986 Italo disco single recorded and released by Italy-based act Baltimora. It was the group's only single of 1986. The song itself did not feature on any studio album although it was included on the 1986 Canadian edition of the band's debut album Living in the Background. The song also features on the debut album's 1993 re-issue as a bonus track. The single had a promotional video created.

"Juke Box Boy"
Single by Baltimora
B-side"Pull the Wires"
GenreItalo disco, synthpop
LabelEMI Italiana
Songwriter(s)Maurizio Bassi, Naimy Hackett
Producer(s)Maurizio Bassi
Baltimora singles chronology
"Living in the Background"
"Juke Box Boy"
"Key Key Karimba"
Music video
"Juke Box Boy" on YouTube

Despite the promotional video, the single failed to make any impact worldwide, only peaking at #12 in Italy.

The single was mixed at Paradise Studios in Munich whilst the U.S.A. Radio Version of Juke Box Boy was mixed at Avatar Studios, New York (formerly known as the Power Station).



7" Single
  1. "Juke Box Boy" - 3:58
  2. "Pull the Wires" - 4:46
12" Single
  1. "Juke Box Boy" - 5:50
  2. "Pull the Wires" - 4:46
  3. "Juke Box Boy (U.S.A. Radio Version)" - 3:50

Chart performance

Chart (1986) Peak
Belgium (VRT Top 30 Flanders)[1] 24
Italy (FIMI)[2] 12


  • Artwork By – Maurizio Cercola
  • Photography – Fabio Nosoti
  • Producer, Arranger, Written By – Maurizio Bassi
  • Written By – Naimy Hackett


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