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Junior Songfestival (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈjyniɔr ˈsɔŋfɛstivɑl], lit.'Junior Song Festival') is a Dutch televised music competition for children, held annually since 2003. It is the children's version of the Nationaal Songfestival. The winner of the contest goes on to represent the Netherlands in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest (Dutch: Junior Eurovisiesongfestival), an international version of the competition.[1]

Junior Songfestival
Also known asJSF
GenreMusic competition
Country of originNetherlands
No. of episodes17 editions
Production companies
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The first edition was organised in 2003 by Dutch broadcaster AVRO (which later became AVROTROS). Kids of age 8 through 15 could submit their own original songs,[2] of which nine songs advanced to the televised final. From 2004 until 2015, the candidates also sang a common song that did not compete, and (with the exception of 2006) the show also consisted of two televised semi-finals.

In 2016, there was no televised show; the entrant for that year's Junior Eurovision Song Contest was selected internally.[3] Also, since that year the auditors no longer need to submit original songs.[4] The show returned in 2017 with semi-finals, but the finalists sang covers instead of original songs.[5] Since 2018, there are no semi-finals and original songs are written for the finalists.[6]

Past editions

Year Presenter(s) Winning artist(s) Winning song Pts. Common song
2003 Angela Groothuizen Roel Felius "Mijn ogen zeggen alles" 118 No common song
2004 Klaartje & Nicky [nl] "Hij is een kei" 32 "Wij gaan ervoor"
2005 Tooske Ragas Tess Gaerthé "Stupid" 36 "Alles wat ik wil"
2006 Sipke Jan Bousema Kimberly Nieuwenhuis [nl] "Goed" 30 "Vrij"
2007 Lisa, Amy & Shelley "Adem in, adem uit" 36 "Laat ons zijn wie we zijn"
2008 Marissa Grasdijk [nl] "1 dag" 34 "Ojee ojee"
2009 Ralf Mackenbach "Click Clack" 36 "Morgen is vandaag"
2010 Ewout Genemans Anna & Senna [nl] "My Family" 32 "Famous"
2011 Rachel Traets "Ik ben een teenager" 36 "Yeah! Yeah!"
2012 Femke Meines "Tik tak tik" 31 "JSF Party"
2013 Mylène & Rosanne "Double Me" 33 "Glitter en glamour"
2014 Jan Smit Julia van Bergen "Around" 36 "Connected"
2015 Shalisa van der Laan [nl] "Million Lights" 36 "Living Our Dream"
2017 Romy Monteiro Fource [nl] "September Song" (cover) N/A "Later als ik groter ben" (cover)
"There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back" (cover)
2018 Max & Anne [nl] "Samen" 34 No common song
2019 Romy Monteiro, Buddy Vedder [nl] Matheu "Dans met jou" 36 "Stars to Shine"
2020[7] Unity "Best Friends" 34 "All We Need Is Music"

Jury members

Year Jury member 1 Jury member 2 Jury member 3 Ref.
2005[a] Kim-Lian van der Meij Sander Lantinga Manuëla Kemp [nl]
2006 Simone Kleinsma Gerard Ekdom Sita
2007 Gordon Heuckeroth Yes-R Nikkie Plessen [nl]
2008 Hind Laroussi Curt Fortin [nl]
2009 Lange Frans Yolanthe Cabau Jeroen van der Boom
2010 Jamai Loman Yes-R Stacey Rookhuizen [nl]
2011 Lieke van Lexmond Ruud de Wild
2012 John Ewbank Ferry Doedens [nl]
2013 Katja Schuurman Tim Douwsma Brownie Dutch [nl]
2014 Xander de Buisonjé Niels Geusebroek Yvonne Coldeweijer [nl]
2015 Gerard Joling Leona Philippo Yes-R
2017 Kim-Lian van der Meij Tim Douwsma Sharon Doorson
2018 Maan de Steenwinkel Buddy Vedder [nl] Tommie Christiaan [nl]
2019 Edsilia Rombley Tabitha [nl] Kaj van der Voort [nl]
2020 Duncan Laurence Ronnie Flex Fenna Ramos [nl][b]
  1. ^ In 2005, René Froger was a guest jury member.
  2. ^ Ramos replaced Emma Heesters, who had been in contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19.[22]

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