Juvenilia (film)

Juvenilia is a 1943 Argentine comedy-drama film directed by Augusto César Vatteone.[1] One of the most critically acclaimed Argentine films of 1943, at the 1944 Argentine Film Critics Association Awards the film won the Silver Condor Award for Best Film,[2] Best Director for Vatteone, Best Supporting Actor for Eloy Álvarez and Best Adapted Screenplay for writers Pedro E. Pico, Manuel Agromayor and Alfredo de la Guardia.

Juvenilia 1943 photo.jpg
Directed byAugusto César Vatteone
Written byPedro E. Pico, Manuel Agromayor and Alfredo de la Guardia
CinematographyFrancis Boeniger, Hugo Chiesa, Mario Pagés
Edited byJosé Cañizares, Gori Muñoz
Music byAlejandro Gutiérrez del Barrio
Release date
  • May 31, 1943 (Buenos Aires)
Running time
104 minutes



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