Kisse Pyaar Karoon

Kisse Pyaar Karon is a 2009 Indian comedy film directed by Ajay Chandok. The film stars Arshad Warsi, Aashish Chaudhary and Yash Tonk and was filmed in Mumbai and Dubai.[citation needed]

Kisse Pyaar Karon
Directed byAjay Chandhok
Written byShabbir Ahmed
Screenplay byYunus Sajawal
Produced byBala Kumar
StarringArshad Warsi
Aashish Chaudhary
Yash Tonk
Udita Goswami
Aarti Chhabria
CinematographyNajeeb Khan
Music byDaboo Malik
Release date
  • 27 February 2009

.The basic plot is lifted from Hollywood comedy Saving Silverman which in turn was also the main theme of 2008's comedy movie De Taali.[1][2][3]




# Title Singer(s)
1 "Kisse Pyaar Karoon" Shaan, Daboo Malik
2 "Chunar Chunar" Rahul Vaidya, Sunidhi Chauhan
3 "Aahoon Aahoon" Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan
4 "Jahan Tak Ye Meri Nazar" Shaan, Shreya Ghoshal
5 "Sanam Sanam" Shaan, Shreya Ghoshal


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