List of group-0 ISBN publisher codes

A list of publisher codes for (978) International Standard Book Numbers with a group code of zero.



The group-0 publisher codes are assigned as follows:

Publisher number Item number Group identifier Total possible books
From To Number of possible publisher codes Books per publisher
2 digits 6 digits 0-00-xxxxxx-x 0-19-xxxxxx-x 20 (0.0035%) 1,000,000 20,000,000 (20%)
3 digits 5 digits 0-200-xxxxx-x
494 (0.085%) 100,000 49,400,000 (49%)
4 digits 4 digits 0-2280-xxxx-x
1,538 (0.27%) 10,000 15,380,000 (15%)
5 digits 3 digits 0-85000-xxx-x 0-89999-xxx-x 5,000 (0.86%) 1,000 5,000,000 (5.0%)
6 digits 2 digits 0-900000-xx-x 0-949999-xx-x 50,000 (8.6%) 100 5,000,000 (5.0%)
7 digits 1 digit 0-6398000-x-x
522,000 (90%) 10 5,220,000 (5.2%)
Total Possible Group-0 Codes: 579,052 100,000,000

2-digit publisher codes

Publisher code Publisher Additional imprints Notes
00 William Collins; HarperCollins Fontana; Flamingo; Flamingo Original; Science Fiction & Fantasy; Voyager; Angelus Media
01 ... not yet assigned
02 Collier Books; Collier Macmillan Alpha; Free Press; Glencoe; McGraw-Hill School Division; Schirmer Books Complete Idiot's Guide series
03 Holt, Rinehart and Winston Dryden Press; Harcourt Brace College; Harcourt Brace Jovanovich College; Saunders College now part of Cengage Learning
04 George Allen & Unwin; Unwin Hyman Orion; Unicorn; Unwin Paperbacks now part of HarperCollins
05 Oliver & Boyd was Edinburgh-based; imprint now owned by Pearson Education, code dormant
06 Harper & Row; Collins; HarperCollins, HarperOne, It Books, Zondervan Publishing House Ecco; Harper Perennial; ReganBooks; Smithsonian Books; Rayo; Amistad
07 McGraw Hill
08 Pergamon; Pergamon Press now part of Elsevier
09 Century Hutchinson; Geographia (Ltd); Random Century; Random House Arrow; Ebury; Helicon; Legend; Vintage Random House also 1-84605
10 HMSO official UK government publications
11 HMSO other official bodies' publications
12 Academic Press Seminar Press now part of Elsevier
13 Prentice Hall; John Wiley & Sons Prentice-Hall International now part of Pearson
14 Penguin Books Arkana; Pelican; Puffin; Viking Penguin; Riverhead Books codes 140, 141 are generated by non-standard hyphenation
15 Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Harcourt Brace College; Harvest Books; James H. Silberman; Harcourt Religious Publishers; Harcourt Religion; Mariner Books now part of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
16 United States Government Publishing Office
17 Thomas Nelson was Glasgow-based; imprint now owned by HarperCollins, code dormant
18 not yet assigned
19 Oxford University Press Clarendon Press; Oxford Paperbacks

3-digit publisher codes

(Note: the status of codes not listed in this table is unclear; please help fill the gaps.)

Publisher code Publisher Additional imprints Notes
200 Abelard-Schuman Ltd children's books
201 Addison-Wesley now part of Pearson Group
202 Aldine; Aldine Atherton
203 Taylor & Francis e-Library electronic books
204 Allman
205 Allyn and Bacon now part of Pearson Group
206 Cape Goliard Press
207 Angus and Robertson now part of HarperCollins
208 Archon Books
209 Arco Publications
210 Asia Publishing House an imprint of Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck
211 Avis
212 John Baker
213 Arthur Barker
214 Barrie & Jenkins; Barrie and Rockliff now part of Random House
215 The Stationery Office
216 Blackie
218 Anthony Blond now part of Random House
219 Blond Educational now part of Pearson Education
220 Business Books
222 Burke Books
223 Burns & Oates now part of Bloomsbury Publishing
224 Jonathan Cape now part of Random House
225 Geoffrey Chapman
226 University of Chicago Press
227 James Clarke
228… see #4-digit_publisher_codes
229 Adlard Coles Nautical London, UK
230 Palgrave Macmillan not used before 2007
231 Columbia University Press
232 Darton, Longman and Todd Paulist Press
233 André Deutsch Carlton Books
234 Dennis Dobson taken over by Routledge and Kegan Paul?
236 Elek
237 Evans Brothers
238 Evelyn, Adams and Mackay Hugh Evelyn; Adams & Dart,
240 Focal Press now part of Elsevier
241 Hamish Hamilton now part of Penguin Books
245 Harrap
246 Rupert Hart-Davis Voyager now part of HarperCollins
247 Hart-Davis Educational
248 Cresset Press
249 Leonard Hill; Morgan-Grampian
250 Ann Arbor Science
251 Icon Books
252 University of Illinois Press Champaign, Illinois, US
253 Indiana University Press
255 Institute of Economic Affairs
256 Richard D. Irwin; Dorsey Press; Irwin-Dorsey International
257 Herbert Jenkins
258 Crosby Lockwood; Crosby Lockwood Staples
261 Grafton now part of HarperCollins
262 MIT Press
263 Mills & Boon
264 A. R. Mowbray
268 University of Notre Dame Press
269 Pall Mall Press
271 Pennsylvania State University Press
272 Pitman Medical
273 Pitman
275 Praeger now part of the Greenwood Publishing Group
276 Reader's Digest Press
278 Reinhold part of Van Nostrand Reinhold?
280 Rivingtons
281 S.P.C.K.
283 Sidgwick & Jackson now part of Pan Macmillan
284 Skilton
285 Souvenir Press
286 Staples Press later part of Crosby Lockwood Staples?
289 Studio Vista
291 Technical Press
292 University of Texas Press
295 University of Washington Press
296 C. A. Watts
297 Weidenfeld & Nicolson now part of Orion Publishing Group
298 Weidenfeld & Nicolson Educational now part of Orion Publishing Group
299 University of Wisconsin Press
300 Yale University Press
301 Pemberton Books
302 Zwemmer
303 Weidenfeld and Nicolson now part of Orion Publishing Group
304 Cassell London, UK; now part of Orion Publishing Group
305 Jackdaw (educational multi-media)
306 Da Capo Press; Consultants Bureau, and Kluwer Academic (NY)
307 Random House Alfred A. Knopf; Borzoi Books; Vintage; Crown Publishing Group; Anchor Books; Little Golden Books; Golden Press originally assigned to Western Publishing
308 Funk & Wagnalls
309 National Academy of Sciences
310 Zondervan
312 St Martin's Press Griffin; Picador originally the US division of Macmillan; now owned by Holtzbrinck Publishers
313 Greenwood Press Westport, Connecticut, US
314 West Publishing
316 Hachette Little, Brown; Back Bay Books; Yen Press
317 UMI Books on demand
318 UMI Books on demand
319 Ordnance Survey (UK)
321 Addison-Wesley; Peachpit New Riders
323 C. V. Mosby now part of Elsevier
324 South-Western College Publishing
325 Heinemann US division
330 Pan Books, Pan Macmillan, Time Warner Picador
333 Macmillan Nature Publishing Group
334 SCM Press
335 Open University
337 HMSO used by Northern Ireland division
338 Stationery Office (TSO, ex HMSO) used by Scottish division
339 Stationery Office (TSO, ex HMSO) used by Northern Ireland division
340 Hodder & Stoughton, Hodder Headline Coronet, Hodder & Stoughton Educational, New English Library (NEL), Sceptre
345 Ballantine Books a division of Random House, Inc. New York
347 Saxon House
348 Stationery Office (TSO, ex HMSO)
349 Sphere Books Abacus
351 Sphere Books Cardinal
352 Star Books
354 Macdonald and Jane's London later taken over by Springer?
356 Macdonald; Queen Anne Publishers/Macdonald and Jane's London
361 Purnell and Sons
369… see #4-digit_publisher_codes
370 The Bodley Head Max Reinhardt
373 Harlequin Mills & Boon, Silhouette, Steeple Hill, Love Inspired, HQN
374 Farrar, Straus and Giroux Sarah Crichton Books an imprint of Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck
375 Random House Pantheon Books, Vintage Books, Knopf various imprints/divisions of Random House
377 Friendship Press
378 Ward Ritchie Press
379 Oceana Publications
380 HarperCollins Avon; HarperEntertainment; Perennial
382 General Learning Press; Silver Burdett
384 Johnson Reprint
385 Doubleday Anchor; Bond Street; Dial Press; Image; Delta Trade Paperback; Spiegel & Grau; Crown Business now part of Random House
387 Springer
388 ООО "Питер Пресс" (rus. Piter Press)
389 Barnes & Noble
390 Appleton-Century-Crofts
393 W. W. Norton
394 Alfred A. Knopf Pantheon; Vintage now part of Random House's Knopf Doubleday group.
395 Houghton Mifflin American Heritage; Mariner Books; Sandpiper
396 Dodd, Mead
397 Lippincott now part of Wolters Kluwer
398 Charles C. Thomas
399 G. P. Putnam's Sons Berkley; Capricorn; Perigree Trade
402 Cowles Book Co. (New York)
403 Scholarly Press
404 AMS Press
405 Arno Press, also Benjamin Press
406 Butterworths legal titles; now part of Reed Elsevier
407 Butterworths medical titles; now part of Reed Elsevier
408 Butterworths scientific and technical titles; now part of Reed Elsevier
409 Butterworths South Africa division
411 HarperCollins Audio
412 Chapman & Hall now part of Taylor and Francis
413 Methuen Methuen Drama
415 Routledge, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis used from 1988; also 1-85941
416 Methuen
417 Methuen Eyre Methuen; Magnum; Methuen paperbacks
419 Spon Part of Taylor & Francis Group
420 Stevens & Sons
421 Sweet & Maxwell
422 Tavistock
423 Methuen Methuen Educational; Thames Methuen
424 Sydney University Press
425 Berkley Publishing an imprint of Penguin Group (USA) since 1955
426 Tandem Publishing Target Books
431 Heinemann
432 Peter Davies
433 Heinemann Medical, LexisNexis Canada
434 William Heinemann
435 Heinemann Educational
436 Secker & Warburg now part of Random House
437 World's Work
439 Scholastic Arthur A Levine Books
440 Dell Delacorte Press; Laurel; Merloyd Lawrence; Seymour Lawrence now part of Random House
441 Ace Books now part of Penguin Group
442 D. Van Nostrand; Van Nostrand Reinhold
443 Churchill Livingstone now part of Elsevier
444 North-Holland an imprint of Elsevier
446 Warner Books Business Plus; Twelve; Grand Central Publishing purchased by Hachette Book Group USA
448 Grosset & Dunlap; Paddington Press Tempo Books
449 Ballantine Books Fawcett Columbine
450 New English Library
451 New American Library Signet; Roc Books; Mentor now part of Penguin Group (USA)
452 New American Library Plume now part of Penguin Group (USA)
455 Law Book Company (Australia)
456 Methuen Australian division
458 Methuen Canadian division
459 Carswell
460 Dent Everyman's Library now part of Orion Publishing Group
461 Marshall Cavendish now part of Times Publishing Group
465 Basic Books Civitas
470 Wiley Halsted Press; Jossey-Bass
471 Wiley Frommer?
472 University of Michigan Press
473 (various New Zealand Societies' publications)
475 Victoria University of Wellington
477 New Zealand DSIR
478 Government of New Zealand
485 Athlone Press University of London
486 Dover Publications
490 Aldus Books
491 W. H. Allen now part of Virgin Books
495 Thomson Wadsworth Thomson Brooks/Cole
498 A. S. Barnes
500 Thames & Hudson
510 Ernest Benn
511 Cambridge University Press used for electronic books
515 Jove Books part of Harcourt
516 Childrens Press
517 Crown Publishers Avenel Books; Bonanza Books; Crescent Books; Gramercy Books; Harrison House; Wings Books; etc. often as distributor
518 Books for Libraries Press
520 University of California Press
521 Cambridge University Press
522 Melbourne University Press worldwide distribution by Cambridge University Press
523 Pinnacle Books
525 E. P. Dutton a member of the Penguin Group (USA)
527 Kraus Reprint
528 Rand McNally College Publishing
529 Collins (U.S. division); World Catholic Press Collins U.S. division is now part of HarperCollins
531 Franklin Watts
532 Pleasure Books
533 Vantage Press
534 Wadsworth; Brooks/Cole now part of The Thomson Corporation
536 Simon & Schuster Custom Publishing; Pearson Custom Publishing
538 South-Western Publishing
540 George Philip
542 UMI Press theses
543 Adamant Elibron Classics
544 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
545 Scholastic Arthur A Levine Books
547 Houghton Mifflin Company Mariner Boston, MA
548 Kessinger print on demand
550 W. & R. Chambers
551 Marshalls; Marshall Pickering now part of HarperCollins
552 Corgi London, UK; paperback division of Jonathan Cape and Chatto and Windus; now part of Random House
553 Bantam Books owned by Random House
554 Bastion Books (Canada)
558 Pearson Custom
559 Bibliolife
560 E. J. Arnold; Arnold-Wheaton
562 Sampson Low
563 BBC Publications now BBC Worldwide
564 British and Foreign Bible Society
565 British Museum
566 Gower Publishing
567 T. & T. Clark now part of Continuum International
569 Collets Lincoln Davies
570 Concordia Publishing House
571 Faber and Faber; Faber Music
572 Foulsham
573 Samuel French
574 Science Research Associates
575 Gollancz Guild Publishing
576 Gregg International
580 British Standards Institution
582 Longman an imprint of Pearson Education
583 William Collins, HarperCollins
584 Frederick Muller
586 Panther Books paperback division of Hamish Hamilton, etc.; later part of Granada Group Ltd
589 Reed Publishing A. H. & A. W. Reed; Reed Education (New Zealand)
590 Scholastic Four Winds Press
592 Iliffe
593 Bantam Books UK division
594 The Weinstein Company manufactured + distributed by Genius Products, LLC.
595 Authors Choice Press; Writers Club Press
596 O'Reilly
600 Hamlyn
601 Hamlyn
602 Ginn now part of Pearson Education
607 US Geological Survey
608 UMI Books on Demand
609 Crown Publishing Group Clarkson Potter; Harmony Books; Three Rivers Press division of Random House
610 Kelly's Directories
611 Reed Information Services later Reed Elsevier
612 UMI theses
614 American Concrete Institute
615 (Numerous small presses)
617 IPC Business Press Community Care
618 Houghton Mifflin Mariner Books now part of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
619 Course Technology now part of Cengage Learning
620 (various South African imprints)
621 (South Africa Government Printer)
624 Tafelberg (South Africa)
627 J. L. van Schaik (South Africa)
631 Basil Blackwell Cambridge
632 Blackwell Scientific
634 Hal Leonard Corporation
636 Maskew Miller Longman (South Africa)
639… see #4-digit_publisher_codes & #7-digit_publisher_codes
642 Australian Government Publishing Service
643 Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
644 Australian Government Publishing Service
645… see #7-digit_publisher_codes
646 (various Australian organizations)
648… see #7-digit_publisher_codes
655… see #4-digit_publisher_codes
658 NTC Publishing Group; NTC/Contemporary Publishing Group; National Textbook Company Passport Books now part of McGraw-Hill Professional?
660 Supply and Services Canada National Museums of Canada (Government publisher)
662 Supply and Services Canada (Government publisher)
664 Westminster Press
665 Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions
667 Microfilming Corporation of America
668 Arco Publishing
669 Lexington Books now part of Rowman & Littlefield
670 Viking Press now part of Penguin Group
671 Simon & Schuster Archway Paperback; Minstrel Books; Pocket Books; Prentice Hall General Reference; Touchstone; Washington Square Press; Fireside Books formerly under Gulf+Western
672 SAMS Publishing Howard W. Sams; Bobbs-Merrill now under Pearson Education
673 Scott, Foresman
674 Harvard University Press Belknap Press; Loeb Classical Library; I Tatti Renaissance Library
675 Charles E. Merrill
676 Vintage Canada Borzoi; Knopf Canada part of the Random House group
677 Gordon and Breach now part of Taylor and Francis
678 Augustus M. Kelly reprint editions
679 Random House; Alfred A. Knopf Borzoi; Vintage Books; Vintage International; Pantheon Books; Fodor's Travel Publications
681 Longmeadow Press
682 Exposition Press
683 Williams and Wilkins now part of Wolters Kluwer
684 Scribners Touchstone; Free Press; Fireside Books now part of Simon & Schuster also Harvard Medical School?
685 UMI Books on Demand
687 Abingdon Press Nashville, TN
688 William Morrow and Company Quill; Eagle Brook; Morrow Junior Books; Rob Weisbach; Lothrop, Lee & Shepard now part of HarperCollins
689 Simon & Schuster Aladdin Paperbacks; Atheneum Books; Simon Pulse; Simon Spotlight
690 Thomas Y. Crowell part of HarperCollins?
691 Princeton University Press
692 Pebblebrook Press
694 HarperCollins Harper Festival
695 Association Press Follett Publishing
696 Meredith Books
697 Wm C. Brown Dushkin/Brown & Benchmark
698 Coward, McCann & Geoghegan

4-digit publisher codes

(Note: many codes are not yet listed in this table; please help fill the gaps.)

Publisher code Publisher Notes
7000 J. & A. Churchill
7002 Intertext Books
7003 British Railways Board
7004 Olympia Press
7005 National Foundation for Educational Research
7006 University Press of Kansas
7007 Curzon Press
7010 Chatto & Windus Educational; Hart-Davis Educational
7011 Chatto & Windus now part of Random House
7012 Hogarth Press
7016 Jacaranda Press
7017 University of Newcastle (UK)
7020 Baillière, Tindall now part of Elsevier
7021 Juta and Co. (South Africa)
7022 University of Queensland Press St. Lucia, Queensland, Australia
7025 Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (India)
7028 Bartholomew
7043 Quartet
7044 Birmingham University (UK)
7045 Wildwood House
7049 University of Reading; Whiteknights Press
7051 Mitre Press
7054 Time-Life International
7055 Victoria University Press
7057 Elmfield Press
7058 Atomic Energy Research Establishment (AERE)
7061 Oak Tree Press
7062 Ward Lock Educational
7063 Ward Lock now part of Penguin Books
7064 Octopus Books London, UK
7065 Israel Program for Scientific Translations
7067 Davis-Poynter
7068 Sceptre Press
7069 Vikas Publications (India)
7071 John Gifford
7073 Scottish Academic Press
7076 Stationery Office (Ireland)
7078 National Trust
7079 Newman Books; Hemming Information Services
7081 Australian National University Press
7083 University of Wales Press Also 1-84771
7084 Macaulay Institute; Soil Survey of England and Wales
7085 Inner London Education Authority (ILEA)
7087 nferNelson; GL Assessment
7088 Futura Publications later part of Macdonald?
7089 Ulverscroft specialist large-print publisher
7090 Robert Hale
7091 Robert Hale
7092 Paddington Press
7093 Birmingham City Council
7095 British Tourist Authority
7099 Croom Helm
7100 Routledge and Kegan Paul
7102 Routledge and Kegan Paul now part of Taylor & Francis
7103 Kegan Paul International
7105 Peter Haddock Ltd Bridlington, UK; taken over by DC Thomson
7106 Jane's Publishing
7108 Harvester Press
7110 Ian Allan Hersham, England
7112 Windward Books
7114 Godwin
7117 Jarrold Publishing
7119 Omnibus Press; Wise Publications
7121 Macdonald and Evans
7123 British Library
7126 Century; Century Books now part of Random House; also Hutchinson Ltd; also Pimlico
7129 Dawsons of Pall Mall
7130 Woburn Press London, England, UK/Tokowa, New Jersey, US/Portland, Oregon, US
7131 Edward Arnold later part of Hodder & Stoughton, now Hodder Headline
7134 Batsford London, England; now part of Anova Books
7135 George Bell & Sons
7136 A & C Black also Theatres Trust
7137 Blandford Press London, UK
7138 Bles
7139 Allen Lane London, UK; hardback division of Penguin Books
7140 British Publishing
7141 British Museum Publications
7145 Marion Boyars formerly Calder & Boyars
7146 Frank Cass London, England, UK; Portland, Oregon, US; also Routledge
7147 Mir Publishers; Progress Publishers (USSR)
7148 Phaidon Press
7150 Chester House Publications
7151 Church Information Office Publishing
7152 Saint Andrew Press also 0-86153
7153 David & Charles Newton Abbot, England
7154 Christopher Davies
7156 Duckworth
7157 Holmes-McDougall
7158 EP Publishing
7160 Elliot Right Way now part of Constable & Robinson
7161 Gower Press
7162 Epworth Press
7163 Fabian Society
7164 Faith Press
7165 Irish University Press later Irish Academic Press
7167 W. H. Freeman; Scientific American Library
7168 Greater London Council
7171 Gill and Macmillan (Ireland)
7172 Groupe Polygone Editeurs; Grolier Book Club, Scholastic, Early Moments
7175 Hulton Press
7176 Health and Safety Executive (UK)
7178 International Publishers (New York)
7179 Johnston and Bacon
7181 Michael Joseph
7182 Kaye and Ward
7183 William Kimber London, UK
7184 Departments of the Environment and Transport: Library (UK)
7185 Leicester University Press
7186 H. K. Lewis
7187 University of London
7188 Lutterworth Press
7189 Luzac
7190 Manchester University Press Manchester, UK
7191 Cornmarket Press now Haymarket Media Group
7192 Methodist Church: Division of Education and Youth
7194 Castle House Publications
7195 John Murray
7197 National Christian Education Council
7198 Northwood Publications
7199 National Council of Social Service later National Council for Voluntary Organisations
7200 Amgueddfa Genedlaethol Cymru = National Museum Wales Cardiff, Wales
7201 Mansell
7202 James Nisbet
7204 North-Holland Publishing now part of Elsevier
7205 Outposts Publications
7206 Peter Owen Publishers
7207 Pelham Books
7208 Pickering & Inglis
7210 Cement and Concrete Association later British Cement Association
7211 W. Reeves
7212 Regency Press
7214 Wills & Hepworth publisher of Ladybird Books
7216 Saunders Publishing now part of Elsevier
7217 Schofield Sims
7219 Shaw and Sons
7220 Sheed and Ward
7221 Sphere Books
7223 Arthur H. Stockwell
7225 Thorsons Publishing
7226 Kestrel Books
7227 Continua
7228 Zeno
7230 Times Books licensed to Henry Holt and Company
7231 University Tutorial Press
7232 Frederick Warne & Co
7234 Wolfe Publishing
7235 World International Publishing
7236 John Wright and Sons
7240 [State of] New South Wales (Australia)
7241 [State of] Victoria (Australia)
7242 Cairns
7243 [State of] South Australia
7245 Northern Territory (Australia)
7248 Prentice-Hall of Australia
7251 Macmillan Company of Australia
7254 Ure Smith
7256 Hawthorn Press; Aureal Publications
7258 Flinders University of South Australia
7259 University of Newcastle, Australia
7263 Summer Institute of Linguistics (New Guinea)
7267 Edward Arnold (Australia)
7273 Pentech Press
7275 Aquila
7277 Thomas Telford Ltd (usually for the Institution of Civil Engineers)
7278 Severn House
7279 British Medical Association (BMA)
7281 Aims for Freedom and Enterprise
7282 Estates Gazette
7285 White Lion Publishers
7286 University of London: School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)
7287 Arts Council of Great Britain
7289 Becket
7291 Open Books
7292 National Economic Development Office (NEDO)
7293 Grant & Cutler
7294 Voltaire Foundation
7295 Holt, Rinehart and Winston (Australia); Harcourt Brace Jovanovich (Australia); Saunders/Baillière Tindall (Australia)
7299 Pitman Publishing (Australia)
7300 Deakin University
7301 Reed International (Australia) Chatswood, Australia
7305 DSP Resource Productions (Disadvantaged Schools' Programme) (Australia: NSW)
7308 South Australian Sports Institute
7313 Art Gallery of New South Wales
7315 Australian National University
7317 Department of Defence (Australia)
7318 Simon & Schuster (Australia)
7322 Collins Australia
7325 University of Melbourne
7326 Monash University
7327 Mimosa Publications; Shortland Publications (New Zealand)
7329 Macmillan of Australia
7333 ABC Books (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
7339 Addison Wesley; Longman;Pearson; Prentice Hall (Australia)
7340 University of Melbourne
7347 Art Gallery of New South Wales
7352 [1] Penguin Press New York
7354 American Institute of Physics
7355 Aspen Publishers now part of Wolters Kluwer
7356 Microsoft Press
7357 New Riders Press now part of Pearson Education
7358 North-South
7360 Human Kinetics
7368 Bridgestone Books
7369 Harvest House Publishers
7375 Biblical Studies Press
7377 Greenhaven Press now part of Gale
7382 Perseus Books; Da Capo Press also Basic Books
7385 Arcadia Publishing Charleston, South Carolina, US
7386 Research & Education Association
7388 Xlibris Corporation self- and on-demand publisher
7389 Sony Wonder a division of Sony BMG Music Entertainment
7391 Lexington Books now part of Rowman & Littlefield
7399 Rod and Staff Publishers
7407 Andrews McMeel Publishing
7414 Infinity Publishing
7425 Rowman & Littlefield
7432 Simon & Schuster, Scribner Fireside; Touchstone; Free Press
7433 Clocktower Books [1] (formerly Clocktower Fiction) Since 1996; refs include ITW-recognized [2] ; SF-Encyclopedia [3]
7434 Pocket Books various imprints, a division of Simon and Schuster
7435 Simon and Schuster
7445 Walker Books
7448 Ark Paperbacks
7449 Adamantine Press
7450 Wheatsheaf; Harvester Wheatsheaf
7451 Cherrytree Press; Chivers Press (Chivers is large-print)
7453 Pluto Press
7456 Polity Press Oxford, England, UK; Malden, Massachusetts, US
7458 Ellis Horwood
7459 Lion Publishing
7460 Usborne Publishing
7462 MTP Press
7463 Northcote House
7464 Business and Technology Education Council
7465 Oriental University Press
7466 Harcourt Brace Jovanovich (Educational)
7467 Storm Publishing Amblecote, UK
7470 Christopher Helm Publishers
7471 Harrap-Columbus publisher of the Rough guides
7472 Headline
7474 Sphere Books Cardinal imprint
7475 Bloomsbury Publishing
7476 Van Nostrand Reinhold (International)
7478 Shire Publications
7480 HMSO: Scottish Office
7483 A. T. Foulks Lynch
7484 Taylor and Francis
7486 Edinburgh University Press
7487 Stanley Thornes Cheltenham, UK
7488 Improvement and Development Agency (UK)
7490 Allison & Busby
7491 Pearson Education
7492 Open University Press now part of McGraw-Hill
7493 Mandarin Publishing
7494 Kogan Page
7495 The Automobile Association (AA)
7496 Gloucester Press
7497 Mammoth (children's books)
7498 Egmont World
7499 Piatkus
7500 Simon & Schuster (children's)
7501 Simon & Schuster (educational)
7502 Wayland
7503 Adam Hilger now part of Taylor & Francis
7504 National Assembly for Wales
7505 Magna Large Print Books Long Preston, UK
7506 Butterworth-Heinemann, Architectural Press now part of Reed Elsevier
7507 Falmer Press London, UK/Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
7509 Sutton Publishing also Alan Sutton; now part of The History Press
7512 Gregg Revivals
7513 Dorling Kindersley
7514 Blackie Academic & Professional
7515 Warner Books
7517 BPP Learning Media
7518 British Geological Survey
7520 Longman Law
7521 Health Education Authority
7522 Boxtree; Channel 4 Books now part of Macmillan
7524 Tempus Publishing now part of The History Press
7525 Parragon
7528 Orion Books
7530 London School of Economics and Political Science
7531 ISIS
7534 Kingfisher
7535 Virgin Books
7536 Primary Source Media
7537 Octopus Publishing Group
7538 Phoenix Books
7540 Chivers now part of BBC Audiobooks
7541 Minerva Press
7545 Tolley
7546 Ashgate Publishing Aldershot, Hants, England, UK/Burlington, Vermont, US
7548 Lorenz
7551 House of Stratus
7553 Headline Book Publishing Review
7557 Stationery Office (Éire)
7559 The Stationery Office (Scotland)
7566 DK Publishing Special Markets
7567 Diane Publishing
7573 HCI Teens
7575 Kendall/Hunt Publishing
7577 Apostolic Book Publishers
7579 Kalmus
7586 Concordia Publishing House
7591 AltaMira Press now part of Rowman & Littlefield
7595 Created in February 2000 as the ebook publishing division of Time Warner, it ceased business in December 2001.
7596 1st Books Library a print on demand publisher
7600 Course Technology now part of Cengage Learning
7603 Motorbooks International
7607 Barnes & Noble Books
7611 Workman Publishing also 0-911104
7613 Twenty-First Century Books; Millbrook Press now part of Lerner Publishing Group
7614 Marshall Cavendish
7615 Forum/Prima Lifestyles
7616 Therapy Skill Builders later part of Harcourt Assessment
7618 University Press of America
7619 SAGE Publications
7623 JAI Press now part of Elsevier
7624 Running Press Philadelphia
7625 Running Press Philadelphia
7627 TwoDot; Globe Pequot San Francisco
7631 Browntrout Publishers
7636 Candlewick
7637 Jones and Bartlett Publishers
7641 Barron's Educational Series
7643 Schiffer Publishing
7644 Group Publishing
7645 IDG Books Worldwide originator of the "X for dummies" series, now published by Wiley
7648 Liguori/Triumph
7649 Pomegranate Communications; Liguori Publications (fine art posters, calendars, museum books)
7653 Tom Doherty Associates books Forge; Tor Books
7656 M. E. Sharpe
7657 Jason Aronson
7658 Transaction Publishers
7660 Enslow Publishers 978-0-7660-XXXX-X
7661 Kessinger Publishing a print on demand reprint publisher; also 1-4253 and 1-56456
7668 Delmar Publishers
7670 New Video Group (DVDs)
7673 Convention Press
7674 Mayfield Publishing
7678 Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment (DVDs)
7679 Broadway Books, Morgan Road Books now part of Random House
7680 Society of Automotive Engineers
7692 Warner Bros. Communications (music)
7693 Singular
7694 Sterling Entertainment
7695 IEEE Computer Society Press
7700 McGraw-Hill Ryerson (Canada)
7701 Paperjacks (Canada)
7703 Dalhousie University; Vine Press
7704 McClelland and Stewart
7705 Macmillan (Canada)
7709 Carleton University
7710 McClelland and Stewart
7713 University of Toronto
7714 University of Western Ontario; Mestengo Press
7715 Gage Publishing
7717 McGill University
7720 Clarke, Irwin
7723 Macmillan-NAL (Canada)
7725 Irwin Publishing
7727 University of Toronto
7729 Ontario Geological Survey
7730 Copp Clark Publishing
7733 American Home Treasures a division of BFS Entertainment & Multimedia Limited
7734 Edwin Mellen Press
7735 McGill-Queen's University Press
7736 General Publishing (Canada)
7737 Stoddart now part of Fitzhenry & Whiteside
7740 Coles Notes Toronto, ON, Canada
7743 Ontario Publications Services Section government publisher
7744 Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
7746 Presses de l'Université Laval
7747 Harcourt Brace Jovanovich (Canada) also Thompson Learning?
7748 University of British Columbia Press
7750 Librairie Beauchemin
7752 Actuelle
7753 Pierre Tisseyre; Cercle du livre de France (Canada)
7754 Québec: Éditeur officiel government publisher
7755 Fides
7757 Garneau
7758 Hurtubise HMH
7759 Éditions de l'homme
7760 Éditions du Jour
7761 Leméac
7762 Lidec
7766 University of Ottawa Press
7770 Presses de l'Université du Québec
7777 La Presse (Montréal)
7778 Queen's Printer for Ontario
7783 MIRA Books
7786 Madacy Entertainment
7798 Thomson Carswell
7800 Home Vision Entertainment/Janus Films
7803 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
7806 Warner Home Video; PBS Home Video (DVDs)
7808 Omnigraphics
7814 David C. Cook
7817 Raven Press
7818 Hippocrene Books
7821 Sybex now part of Wiley
7823 Educational Media Film & Video (DVDs)
7829 Resources for Christian Living
7831 HBO
7832 Universal Studios Home Entertainment (DVDs)
7835 Time-Life Books
7838 G. K. Hall
7840 Artisan Home Entertainment
7844 American Society of Civil Engineers Includes ASCE Press
7847 Standard Publishing Company
7851 Marvel Comics New York
7852 Thomas Nelson Publishers
7858 Castle Books Edison, New Jersey
7862 Thorndike Press
7863 Irwin Professional
7864 McFarland & Company Jefferson, North Carolina, US
7867 Carroll & Graf Publishers; Da Capo Press
7868 Hyperion
7869 Wizards of the Coast formerly TSR, Inc. (aka TSR Hobbies, aka Tactical Studies Rules)
also assigned other ISBN 0- and 1- publisher codes
7872 Kendall/Hunt Publishing
7873 Mokelumme Press
7876 Gale Research
7879 Jossey-Bass Publishers now part of Wiley
7880 Academic Renewal Press
7881 National Defence University Press
7884 Heritage Books
7885 Scholars Press
7886 MPI Media Group
7888 Buena Vista Home Entertainment
7890 Haworth Medical Press New York
7892 Abbeville Press
7893 Universe
7894 Dorling Kindersley
7895 Thomson Learning
7897 Que Publishing now part of Pearson Education
7900 Reed Publishing (New Zealand) now named Raupo Publishing; part of the Penguin Group
7901 Shortland Publications
7906 Prompt Publications
7907 Warner Home Video (DVDs)
7910 Chelsea House Publishers now part of Infobase Publishing
7913 Thomson Reuters Valhalla, NY, US
7914 State University of New York Press
7918 ASME Press (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
7921 Paramount Home Video (DVDs)
7922 National Geographic Society
7923 Kluwer Academic Publishers now part of Springer
7928 MGM/UA Home Video (DVDs)
7931 Dearborn Trade
7935 G. Schirmer including Associated Music Publishers; Hal Leonard Corporation
7936 PBS Home Video (DVDs)
7942 Thirteen (DVDs)
7944 Reader's Digest
7957 Kwela Books (South Africa)
7962 Heinemann (South Africa)
7969 Human Sciences Research Council (South Africa)
7970 The Government Printer (South Africa)
7972 University of Stellenbosch
7974 various Zimbabwe imprints
7978 Government of Swaziland
7979 B. Britten (Swaziland)
7981 Human & Rousseau (South Africa)
7983 Africa Institute of South Africa
7989 Pretoria State Library
7992 University of Cape Town
7994 Via Afrika
8001 Columbia TriStar Home Video (NTSC video)
8002 Falmer Press
8005 Bogden & Quigley
8006 Fortress Press
8007 Fleming H. Revell; Chosen Books divisions of Baker Publishing Group
8008 Taplinger Publishing
8010 Baker Book House a division of Baker Publishing Group
8013 Longman (US division) now part of Pearson Education
8014 Cornell University Press
8015 Hawthorn Books
8016 C. V. Mosby now part of Elsevier
8018 Johns Hopkins University Press
8019 Chilton Book Co.
8020 University of Toronto Press
8021 Grove Press
8022 Philosophical Library
8023 Dufour Editions
8024 Moody Publishers Additional imprint: Northfield Publishing
8026 George Mason University Press
8027 Walker and Company
8028 W. B. Eerdmans
8031 ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials)
8032 University of Nebraska Press
8034 Avalon Books an imprint of Thomas Bouregy & Co., Inc.
8036 F. A. Davis Company
8037 Dial Press
8038 Focal Press (US division) now part of Elsevier
8039 Sage Publications
8040 Swallow Press now part of Ohio University Press
8041 Random House Large Print
8042 John Knox Press
8044 F. Ungar
8046 Kennikat Press
8047 Stanford University Press
8048 Charles E. Tuttle Company
8050 Henry Holt and Company also Metropolitan Books now part of Georg von Holtzbrinck Publishing Group
8052 Schocken Books
8053 Benjamin Cummings now part of Pearson Education
8054 Broadman Press; Broadman & Holman now known as Holman Bible Publishers
8055 Hart Publishing
8057 Twayne Publishers later a division of G. K. Hall
8058 Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, also Routledge now part of Taylor and Francis
8059 Dorrance Publishing
8061 University of Oklahoma Press
8062 Carlton Press
8063 Genealogical Publishing
8065 Citadel Press now part of Kensington Books
8066 Augsburg Publishing House now part of Augsburg Fortress
8067 Urban & Schwarzenberg
8069 Sterling Publishing
8070 Beacon Press
8071 Louisiana State University Press
8072 Random House
8074 Union of American Hebrew Congregations
8075 [2] Albert Whitman & Company Niles, IL, USA
8076 George Braziller
8077 Teacher's College Press
8078 University of North Carolina Press
8080 CCH Inc. (Commerce Clearing House Inc.) now part of Wolters Kluwer
8084 College & University Press
8087 Burgess Publishing
8089 Grune & Stratton
8090 Hill and Wang
8091 Paulist Press
8092 Contemporary Books
8093 Southern Illinois University Press
8094 Time-Life Books
8095 Borgo Press
8096 Association Press
8098 Tuttle Publishing
8101 Northwestern University Press
8102 Chandler Publishing
8103 Gale Research
8104 Hayden Books
8106 National Education Association
8108 Scarecrow Press now part of Rowman & Littlefield
8109 Harry N. Abrams
8110 Northwestern University Press Evanston, IL, US
8112 New Directions Publishing
8114 Raintree Steck-Vaughn
8115 Kraus Reprint
8116 Garrard
8117 Stackpole Books
8118 Chronicle Books
8120 Barron's Educational Series
8121 Lea and Febiger
8122 University of Pennsylvania Press
8125 Tom Doherty Associates; Tor Books
8126 Open Court Publishing
8128 Stein and Day Publishers
8129 Quadrangle Books later Times Books, now Random House
8130 University of Florida Press now University Press of Florida
8131 University Press of Kentucky
8132 Catholic University of America Press
8133 Westview Press
8134 Interstate Printers & Publishers
8135 Rutgers University Press
8137 Geological Society of America
8138 Iowa State University Press
8139 University Press of Virginia
8141 National Council of Teachers of English
8142 Ohio State University Press
8143 Wayne State University Press Detroit, Michigan, US
8144 AMACOM (American Management Association)
8146 Liturgical Press
8147 New York University Press
8149 Vanguard Press
8150 Wittenborn
8151 Year Book Medical Publishers now part of Elsevier
8152 Apollo Editions
8153 Garland Publishing now part of Taylor and Francis
8154 Cooper Square Press
8155 Noyes Data Corporation
8156 Syracuse University Press
8157 Brookings Institution Press
8160 Facts on File now part of Infobase Publishing
8161 G. K. Hall
8162 Holden-Day
8164 Seabury Press
8165 University of Arizona Press
8166 University of Minnesota Press
8167 [3] Watermill Press
8169 American Institute of Chemical Engineers
8170 Judson Press
8173 University of Alabama Press Tuscaloosa AL, US
8174 Amphoto
8176 Birkhäuser Verlag
8179 Hoover Institution Press
8180 Horizon Press
8184 L. Stuart
8185 Brooks/Cole Publishing now part of Cengage Learning
8186 IEEE Computer Society Press
8189 Alba House
8190 Fides/Claretian
8191 University Press of America
8192 Morehouse Publishing
8194 SPIE Optical Engineering Press
8195 Wesleyan University Press
8196 Biblo and Tannen
8197 Bloch Publishing
8198 Pauline Books & Media
8199 Franciscan Herald Press
8201 Scholars' Facsimiles & Reprints
8203 University of Georgia Press
8204 P. Lang
8205 LexisNexis
8206 Chemical Publishing
8207 Duquesne University Press
8211 McCutchan Publishing
8212 New York Graphic Society, Bulfinch Press New York
8213 World Bank
8214 Ohio University Press
8216 Carol Communications
8218 American Mathematical Society
8220 Cliffs Notes now part of Wiley
8221 Dickenson Publishing
8222 Dramatists Play Service
8223 Duke University Press
8224 Fearon Publishers
8225 Lerner Publications
8226 Littlefield, Adams
8229 University of Pittsburgh Press
8230 Watson-Guptill Publications, Billboard Books (also 0-8231 and 0-89820), Back Stage Books
8231 Billboard Books (also 0-8230 and 0-89820)
8232 Fordham University Press
8234 Holiday House
8236 International Universities Press
8240 Garland Publishing London, UK; now part of Taylor and Francis
8242 H. W. Wilson Company
8243 Annual Reviews Inc.
8245 Crossroad Publishing Herder & Herder
8246 Jonathan David Publishers
8247 Marcel Dekker
8248 University Press of Hawaii
8249 Ideals Publications Candy Cane Press
8253 Beaufort Books
8254 Kregel Publications
8256 Oak Publications
8258 Carl Fischer Music
8260 Ronald Press
8261 Springer Publishing
8262 University of Missouri Press
8263 University of New Mexico Press
8264 Continuum
8265 Vanderbilt University Press
8266 Kehot Publication Society
8267 United Bible Societies
8269 American Technical Society
8270 Organization of American States: General Secretariat
8272 Chalice Press
8273 Delmar Publishers
8276 Jewish Publication Society of America
8278 Richard Pflaum Verlag
8281 American Heritage Publ.
8283 Branden Press
8285 Mir Publishers
8289 S. Greene Press
8290 Irvington Publishers
8294 Loyola University Press
8295 Press of Case Western Reserve University
8298 Pilgrim Press
8299 West Publishing now part of Thomson Reuters
8302 Goodyear Publishing
8303 Fleet Press
8304 Nelson-Hall
8306 Tab Books
8307 Regal Books
8308 Inter-Varsity Press
8309 Herald Publishing
8310 Howell-North Books
8311 Industrial Press
8314 Science and Behavior Books
8315 R. Speller
8317 Mayflower Books
8323 Binfords & Mort
8329 WBusiness Books
8330 RAND Corporation
8335 [4] Dell Publishing New York, NY, USA
8337 Burt Franklin
8341 Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City
8342 Aspen Publishers now part of Wolters Kluwer
8343 Funk & Wagnalls
8348 John Weatherhill
8351 Foreign Languages Press (China)
8352 Bowker Publishing
8356 Theosophical Publishing House
8357 University Microfilms International (UMI)
8359 Reston Publishing, Intel Corporation
8361 Herald Press
8362 Andrews and McMeel Sheed and Ward
8364 South Asia Books
8368 Gareth Stevens
8369 Books for Libraries Press (reprint publisher)
8371 Greenwood Press (used for reprints)
8376 Robert Bentley
8377 Fred B. Rothman Littleton, Colorado, US
8379 Marquis Who's Who
8383 Haskell House Publishers
8384 Heinle & Heinle
8385 Appleton & Lange
8386 Fairleigh Dickinson University Press
8387 Bucknell University Press
8388 Educators Publishing Service
8389 American Library Association
8390 Allanheld & Schram
8391 University Park Press
8396 C. A. Jones Publishing
8398 Gregg Press
8401 H. R. Allenson
8402 Nash Publishing
8403 Kendall/Hunt Publishing
8405 Presses de l'Université de Montréal
8407 Thomas Nelson Publishers
8408 Carrollton Press
8410 Markham Publishing
8412 American Chemical Society
8414 Folcroft Library Editions
8415 Saturday Review Press
8419 Africana Publishing
8420 Scholarly Resources
8422 MSS Information Corp.
8423 Tyndale House Publishers
8425 Brigham Young University Press
8428 Cambridge Book Company
8431 [5] Price Stern Sloan Los Angeles, CA, USA
8434 McGrath Publishing
8436 CBI Publishing (Cahners??) (US)
8442 National Textbook Company
8444 Library of Congress
8446 Peter Smith
8447 American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
8448 Crane, Russak
8450 Broude Brothers
8451 Alan R. Liss
8453 Cornwall Books
8456 Sadtler Research Laboratories
8457 Yale University: Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library
8459 Williams Publishing House
8462 Russell & Russell
8464 Beekman Publications
8465 Benjamin Cummings Publishing now part of Pearson Education
8467 Paddington Press
8476 Rowman & Littlefield
8477 Editorial de la Universidad de Puerto Rico
8478 A. Rizzoli now RCS MediaGroup
8482 Norwood Editions
8490 Gordon Press
8492 R. West
8493 CRC Press
8497 Pallma Music
8499 Word Books WestBow Press; imprint of Thomas Nelson

5-digit publisher codes

(Note: many codes are not yet listed in this table; please help fill the gaps.)

Publisher code Publisher Notes
85010 Haynes Publishing Group
85025 Tor Mark Press Redruth, UK
85033 Phillimore & Co Chichester, UK
85036 Merlin Press Pontypool, Wales
85039 Geographers' A-Z Map Company
85045 Osprey Publishing Oxford, UK; also 1-84176, also 1-84603
85052 Leo Cooper Imprint of Heinemann Group
85054 Alan Godfrey Maps Also 0-907554; also 1-84151; also 1-84784
85059 Patrick Stephens Cambridge, England; also 1-85260
85100 Derbyshire Countryside Ltd Derby, UK
85105 Dolmen Press / Colin Smythe Ltd Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, UK also 0-86140, 0-900675, 0-901072, 0-905715
85112 Guinness Publishing Enfield, UK
85115 Boydell Press/Adam Books Ipswich, UK
85130 Air Britain (Historians) Ltd. Tonbridge, Kent, UK
85153 Bradford Barton Truro, Cornwall, UK
85157 Clive Bingley London, UK
85170 BFI Publishing
85174 Brown, Son & Ferguson Glasgow, Scotland
85177 Conway Maritime Press London, UK
85195 Co-operative College Manchester, UK
85206 Dalesman Books Clapham, North Yorkshire, UK
85223 Ebury Press London, UK
85244 Gracewing
85263 Shire Publications Princes Risborough/Oxford, UK
8528? WordTruth Press
85296 Institution of Electrical Engineers Stevenage, UK
85303 Vallentine Mitchell Edgware, Middlesex, UK; Portland, OR, US
85323 Liverpool University Press Liverpool, UK
85329 London Transport London, UK
85331 Lund Humphries Aldershot, England
85334 Applied Science Publishers
85361 Oakwood Press Oxford/Salisbury
85364 William B. Eerdmans Publishing Grand Rapids, Michigan, US
85368 Arms and Armour Press
85369 Pharmaceutical Press
85372 Pitkin Pictorials
85404 The Royal Society of Chemistry Cambridge, UK
85417 Scolar Press Menston, Yorkshire
85423 Selden Society London, England
85427 John Sherratt and Son Altrincham, UK
85431 Society of Antiquaries of London London, England
85490 Wildy, Simmonds and Hill Publishing London, England
85496 Wolff London, England
85527 Harvester Press
85532 Search Press
85575 Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies Canberra, Australia
85600 University of York York, UK
85617 White Lion Publishers Limited London, UK
85670 Vendome Press New York, New York, US; also 0-86565
85683 Shepheard-Walwyn London, UK
85685 Marshall Cavendish Books London, UK
85696 Haynes Publishing Group
85704 Halsgrove Wellington, Somerset, UK
85723 Hermes House London, UK
85724 Emerald Group Publishing Bingley, England
85762 [6] New Burlington Books London, UK
85763 Nosy Crow London, UK
85794 Silver Link Publishing Peterborough, England
85905 Hesperian Press Carlisle, West Australia, Australia
85924 Dove Communications Blackburn, Victoria, Australia
85934 Bernard Babani (Publishing) Ltd London, UK
85941 Martin Books, Simon & Schuster International Group Cambridge, UK
85950 Stanley Thornes Cheltenham, UK
85965 Plexus, US
85983 Frank Graham 6 Queen's Terrace, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 2PL
85985 Price Stern Sloan Northampton, England
85991 D. S. Brewer Cambridge
86000 Usborne Publishing Ltd.
86001 Babylon Books
86005 Celtic Educational Services Swansea, UK
86020 Usborne Publishing London, UK
86023 Barracuda Books Buckingham, UK
8604? Monster House Press Cleveland/Columbus, OH & Bloomington, IN
86055 Archaeological Service, Suffolk County Council Ipswich, England
86068 Virago Press London, UK
86080 Wiltshire County Council Trowbridge, Wiltshire, UK
86084 Estate Publications Tenterden, UK
86091 Verso Books London, UK
86093 OPC (Oxford Publishing Co.) later part of Haynes Publishing Group; now part of Ian Allan
86095 OPC (Oxford Publishing Co.) later part of Haynes Publishing Group; now part of Ian Allan
86101 Salamander Books London, UK
86104 Pluto Press London, England
86124 Bison Books part of University of Nebraska Press
86136 Galley Press Imprint of WHSmith
86140 Colin Smythe Limited Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, UK also 0-85105, 0-900675, 0-901072, 0-905715
86143 English Tourist Board
86145 The Automobile Association Basingstoke, UK
86152 Acair Ltd Isle of Lewis, Scotland
86153 Saint Andrew Press Edinburgh, Scotland; also 0-7152
86157 Countryside Publications Brinscall, Lancashire, UK; Newbury, Berkshire, UK
86166 Knockabout Comics London, UK
86178 Cathay Books London, England; later part of Octopus Books Ltd
86196 John Libbey New Barnet, England
86227 Grandreams London, UK
86228 Heraldic Art Press Arlington, VA, US
86241 Canongate Edinburgh
86243 Y Lolfa Cyf Talybont, Ceredigion, Wales, UK
86248 Lyle Publications Galashiels, UK
86272 Kingfisher Books London, UK
86273 Hennerwood Publications London, UK
86281 Appletree Press Belfast, UK
86299 Alan Sutton later Sutton Publishing
86316 Writers and Readers Publishing New York, NY, US
86318 Dorling Kindersley London, UK
86350 Webb & Bower Exeter, UK
86367 Telegraph Books London, UK
86369 Virgin Books London, UK
86516 Bolchary - Carducci Publishers Wauconda, IL, US
86547 North Port Press
86554 Mercer University Press Macon, Georgia, US
86565 Vendome Press New York, New York, US; also 0-85670
86571 New Society Publishers Gabriola Island, BC, Canada
86597 Liberty Fund Indianapolis, Indiana, US
86612 American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute Lansing, Michigan, US
86716 Saint Anthony Messenger Press
86719 Retro Systems
87013 Michigan State University Press East Lansing, Michigan, US
87021 Naval Institute Press Annapolis, Maryland, US
87029 Abbey Press
87054 Arkham House Sauk City, Wisconsin, US
87061 Ave Maria Press Christian Classics
87068 Ktav Publishing
87070 The Museum of Modern Art New York, US
87099 Metropolitan Museum of Art New York, US
87113 Grove/Atlantic, Inc. New York, US
87116 National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak) Washington DC, US
87127 Princeton Book Company
87177 Sierra On-Line Inc. Bellevue, WA. US
87192 Davis Publications Worcester, MA, US
87249 University of South Carolina Press
87262 American Society of Civil Engineers Includes ASCE Press
87289 CQ Press Washington DC, US
87290 Corning Museum of Glass Corning, NY, US
87322 Human Kinetics Champaign, Illinois, US/ Leeds, England, UK
87337 Nolo Press Berkeley, California, US
87338 [7] The Kent State University Press Kent, OH, US
87348 Pathfinder Press New York, US (also 0-913460)
87349 KP Books
87352 The Modern Language Association of America
87364 Paladin Press
87398 Sword of the Lord Murfreesboro, TN, US
87413 University of Delaware Press UK: Associated University Presses
87414 Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research Iowa City, Iowa, US
87451 University Press of New England Hanover, NH, US
87480 The University of Utah Press Salt Lake City, UT, US
87510 The Christian Science Publishing Society Boston, MA, US
87526 Gould Publications, Inc.
87542 Llewellyn Worldwide
87579 Deseret Book Salt Lake City, Utah, US; also 1-57008 and 1-59038
87580 Northern Illinois University Press Chicago, Illinois, US
87584 Harvard Business School Press
87587 Los Angeles County Museum of Art Los Angeles, California, US
87685 Black Sparrow Press
87779 G. & C. Merriam Co. Merriam-Webster
87793 Ave Maria Press
87805 [8] University Press of Mississippi Jackson, MS, USA
87813 Christian Light Publications
87830 Theatre Arts Books
87833 Taylor Publishing Company Dallas, Texas, US
87840 Georgetown University Press
87842 Mountain Press Publishing Co. Missoula, Montana, US
87857 Rodale Press Emmaus, Pennsylvania, US
87893 Sinauer Associates biology, psychology, neuroscience textbooks
87910 Limelight Editions New York, NY, US
87930 Backbeat Books imprint of CMP Information
87938 Motorbooks International Minnesota, MN, US
87946 ACTA Publications; Jade-Milan Records Jade Music; Milan Records
87951 9 Overlook Press
87973 Our Sunday Visitor
87975 Prometheus Books New York, New York, US
87985 Eastman Kodak Company
88022 Que Corporation Carmel, Indiana, US
88029 [9] Dorset Press New York
88038 Wizards of the Coast formerly TSR, Inc. (aka TSR Hobbies, aka Tactical Studies Rules)
also assigned other ISBN 0- and 1- publisher codes
88103 [10] Aladdin Books New York, NY, USA
88125 Ktav Publishing House Hoboken, New Jersey, US
88138 Simon & Schuster Hoboken, New Jersey, US
88145 Broadway Play Publishing Inc New York, New York, US
88146 Mercer University Press Macon, Georgia, US
88163 Analytic
88175 Computer Science Press Rockville, MD, US
88176 Publications International Lincolnwood, IL, US
88266 Storey Books/Storey Communications
88271 Regina Press
88286 University of Michigan Press Ann Arbour, Michigan, US
88289 Pelican Publishing Company Gretna, LA, US
88295 Harlan Davidson Inc Wheeling, IL, US
88344 Orbis Books
88373 Stonehill New York
88385 Mathematical Association of America Washington DC, US
88489 St. Mary's Press
88706 State University of New York Press Albany, New York, US
88727 Cheng & Tsui Company Boston, Massachusetts, US
88738 Transaction Publishers
88740 Schiffer Publishing
88754 Playwrights Canada Press mostly plays and criticism
88784 Anansi Toronto
88910 Coach House Press Toronto
88850 Reader's Digest Association
88922 Talon Books Ltd. Vancouver, BC, Canada
88937 Hogrefe & Huber Publishers Seattle, Washington, US
88946 The Edwin Mellen Press
88997 Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops Ottawa, ON, Canada
89024 Kalmbach Publishing Company Waukesha, Wisconsin, US
89029 [11] Morningside House Dayton, OH, USA
89093 University Publications of America Frederick, Maryland, US
89107 Crossway Books
89141 [12] Presidio Press Novato, CA, US
89204 Sporting News Books St. Louis, MO, US
89221 New Leaf Press
89234 National Journal Group Washington DC, US
89236 J. Paul Getty Museum Los Angeles, CA, US - now to 1-60606
89243 Liguori Publications
89272 Down East Books Camden, Maine, US
89281 Inner Traditions Lindisfarne Press West Stockbridge, MA, US
89283 Servant Books (Now part of Franciscan Media), S.O.S. Free Stock
89341 Longwood
89347 Mindful Press Ted Nelson
89385 Sherwood Sugden & Co Peru, Illinois
89390 Resource Publications
89434 [13] Ferguson Publishing Company Chicago, IL, USA
89479 A&W Publishers
89486 Hazelden Foundation
89490 Enslow Publishers, Inc.
89555 TAN Books and Publishers Montfort Publications
89603 Humana Press Totowa
89622 Twenty-Third Publications
89721 Ortho Books San Francisco, California, US
89747 Squadron/Signal Publications Carrollton, Texas, US
89791 Association for Computing Machinery New York
89815 Ten Speed Press Berkeley, CA, US
89818 Center for Civic Education Calabasas, California, US
89820 Biboard Books also 0-8230 and 0-8231
89839 Battery Press Nashville, Tennessee, US
89870 Ignatius Press
89871 Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
89906 Mesorah Publications Brooklyn
89930 Quorum Books Westport, Connecticut, US; now part of Greenwood Publishing Group
89942 Catholic Book Publishing
89997 Wilderness Press Berkeley, California, US

6-digit publisher codes

(Note: many codes are not yet listed in this table; please help fill the gaps.)

Publisher code Publisher Notes
900162 Bernards (Publishers) Ltd London, UK
900197 Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society
900214 British Postmark Society
900265 British Cave Research Association
900322 Chelsea Green Publishing White River Junction, Vermont, US
900382 Franey & Co Ltd London, UK
900384 Freedom Press
900389 Gallery Press Neston, Cheshire, UK
900404 Goose & Son Publishers Folkestone, Kent
900409 Frank Graham Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
900609 Quail Map Company
900627 Roundhouse Books Hatch End, Middlesex
900675 Colin Smythe Limited Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, UK also 0-85105, 0-86140, 0-901072, 0-905715,
900771 University of Exeter
901072 Colin Smythe Limited Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, UK also 0-85105, 0-86140, 0-900675, 0-905715
901096 Industrial Railway Society
901115 Railway Correspondence and Travel Society
901144 Health Protection Agency Didcot, England
901272 Centre for North-West Regional Studies, University of Lancaster Lancaster, UK
901283 Railway Development Society Great Bookham, UK
901333 Wiltshire Record Society Chippenham, England
901347 North West Civic Trust Swinton, UK
901428 Peak Park Joint Planning Board
901673 Manchester City Galleries Manchester, UK
901793 Yorkshire Evening Press York, UK
901800 Centre for North-West Regional Studies, University of Lancaster Lancaster, UK
901824 James Thin and Mercat Press Edinburgh, Scotland
901878 Society of Genealogists London, England
901906 Industrial Railway Society
902129 Dorset Publishing
902228 Lancashire County Council Preston, UK
902358 Radar Promotions London, UK
902363 Cicerone Press Milnthorpe, UK
902660 Federation of Old COrnwall Societies Cornwall
902751 Nottinghamshire County Council West Bridgford, UK
902793 Book Rivers Museum
902835 Historical Model Railway Society Frome
902888 OPC (Oxford Publishing Co.)
902920 Abson Books Abson, UK
903102 Dance Books
903141 Granta Publications London, UK
903319 Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation London, UK
903479 D.W. Willoughby and E.R. Oakley Kent
903505 PBI Publications/Expert Books Waltham Cross, UK
903598 National Gallery of Scotland
903623 Potato Marketing Board London, UK
903652 Health Education Authority UK
903686 Institute of Cornish Studies Redruth
903903 Society of Antiquaries of Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland
904002 Richard Drew Publishing Glasgow, UK
904069 Ash and Grant London, England
904093 Lloyd's of London Press Ltd. London, England
904296 Public Libraries Department, County Borough of Blackburn Blackburn, England
904335 Central Lancashire Development Corporation Cuerden, UK
904579 The Housman Society Bromsgrove, UK
904711 Capital Transport Publishing Harrow, Middlesex
905205 Francis Cairrns Publications Leeds, UK
905235 Leigh Local History Society Leigh, Greater Manchester, UK
905243 Glamorgan Archive Service
905280 Southampton University Industrial Archeology Group Southampton, England
905435 DP Publications London, UK
905455 Yorkshire Dales National Park Committee Grassington, UK
905466 Avon-Anglia Weston-super-Mare/Bristol, UK
905521 Exley Publications Watford, UK
905522 Robert Nicholson Publications London, UK
905555 National Maritime Museum Greenwich, England
905617 The World Ship Society Kendal, England
905715 Van Duren Publishers / Colin Smythe Ltd Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, UK also 0-85105, 0-86140, 0-900675, 0-901072
905777 G W & A Hesketh Ormskirk, England
906025 Peter Watts Publishing Gloucester
906047 Croydon Natural History & Scientific Society Ltd. Croydon, UK
906138 Scepter Publishers
906198 J. Salmon Sevenoaks, UK
906154 BPI Ltd. British Phonographic Industry London, England
906169 Glasgow City Libraries and Archives
906294 Twelveheads Press Truro, England
906337 Leisure Studies Association (LSA) Eastbourne, UK
906375 Diesel & Electric Group
906395 Hart & Allen London
906454 Monkswood Press Loughton, UK
906506 Cameron & Hollis Moffat, UK
906520 Middleton Press Midhurst, West Sussex
906579 Platform 5 Publishing Ltd Sheffield
906591 Signal Press Malahide, Co Dublin
906710 Ravette Limited Horsham, UK
906782 Granta Editions Cambridge, England
906867 Wild Swan Publishing
906881 Helmshore Local History Society Helmshore, UK
906883 Rail Photoprints Temple Cloud, Bristol
906899 Atlantic Transport Publishers
906976 Doncaster Books An imprint of Wheaton Publishers Ltd
906988 Southern Electric Group
907064 Cornish Language Board (Kesva an Taves Kernewek) Sutton Coldfield
907115 David & Charles, Plc. Devon
907328 National Library of Ireland Dublin, Ireland
907347 Transport 2000 London, UK
907503 Campden BRI Chipping Campden, England
907511 Neil Richardson Stoneclough, UK
907554 Alan Godfrey Maps Also 0-85054; also 1-84151; also 1-84784
907566 Dyllansow Truran Redruth
907586 Tressell Publications Brighton, UK
907610 Titan Books London, UK
907660 Douglas Hyde Gallery Dublin, Ireland
907651 House of Lochar Colonay
907689 Toccata Press London
907764 Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies London, England
907768 Countyvise Birkenhead, UK
907771 Maritime Books Liskeard, England
907864 Wayzgoose Tatenhill, UK
908031 Turton & Armstrong Pty. Wahroonga, New South Wales, Australia
909969 Cycleserv Publications Sydney, Australia
911051 Plain View Press Austin, Texas, US
911104 Workman Publishing also 0-7611
911137 Imagine Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US
911291 Los Angeles County Museum of Art Los Angeles, California, US
911682 Advent Publishers Chicago, Illinois, US
911747 Broadway Press Louisville, Kentucky, US
912861 American Society of Plant Taxonomists
913460 Pathfinder Press New York, New York, US (also 0-87348)
913589 Williamson Publishing Charlotte, Vermont, US
913720 Frederic C. Beil Savannah, Georgia, US
914512 YIVO Institute for Jewish Research New York, New York, US
914646 Bélier Press New York, New York, US
914676 Simon & Schuster
915144 Hackett Publishing Company Indianapolis, Indiana, US
915388 ACTA Publications
915552 Association for Consumer Research Duluth, Minnesota, US
916397 Manic D Press
916856 Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.
917048 Washington State Historical Society Chicago, Illinois, US
917124 Industrial Workers of the World Chicago, Illinois, US
917510 Bell Springs Publishing Laytonville, California, US
918344 Costello Publishing Company
918400 Croom Helm London, England
919415 Proclaim Publications
919783 Boston Mills Press Erin, Ontario, Canada
919957 HMS Press (London)
921191 H. Cuff St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
922915 Feral House Venice
923891 Ishi Press
927609 Atomic Fez Publishing Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
929270 Motorola
929279 VIZ Comics
930289 DC Comics New York, US
930313 McBride/Publisher Hartford, Connecticut, US
930358 The Spoon River Press Peoria, Illinois, US
930467 Liturgy Training Publications
931194 Blue Sky
931340 Amadeus Press Portland
932085 Word Among Us Press
932323 Red Letter Press
932412 Mayapple Press Woodstock, New York, US
932416 McSweeney's San Francisco, California, US
932592 Klutz Press Palo Alto, California, US
932766 Institute for Creation Research El Cajon, California, US
932813 Adventures Unlimited Press
933932 Scepter Publishers
934244 VIZ Pictures
934710 Joseph Simon Pangloss Press
934781 McSweeney's San Francisco, California, US
935166 Storm King Press Washington D.C., US
935696 Wizards of the Coast formerly TSR, Inc. (aka TSR Hobbies, aka Tactical Studies Rules)
also assigned other ISBN 0- and 1- publisher codes
935697 Midwest Villages & Voices Publications Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
935971 Amber Book Company
936071 Gryphon Press
936365 McSweeney's San Francisco, California, US
936534 University of Michigan
937339 [14] South Mountain Press Carlisle, PA, USA
937381 Brewers Publications Boulder, CO, US
937548 Plexus Publishing, Inc. Medford, New Jersey, US
937860 Simon & Schuster
938289 Da Capo Press Annapolis, Maryland, Maryland, US
938578 [15] The Helicon Company Lexington, KY, USA
938731 Laramidia Press Vancouver, Washington, US
939516 Forest of Peace Publishing (an imprint of Ave Maria Press)
939950 Mineralogical Society of America Chantilly, Virginia, US
940112 Gingerbread House
940669 Dramaline Publications Rancho Mirage, California, US
940866 University of Scranton Press Scranton, Pennsylvania, US
941423 [16] Four Walls Eight Windows New York, NY, USA
941478 Paraclete Press Brewster, Massachusetts, US
941952 Walthers Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US
942364 Hesperian Health Guides Berkeley, California, US
942597 White Mane Publishing Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, US
943432 Slack Incorporated
944203 Marian Press
946133 Lakeland Publishing Company Preston, England
946148 Poppyland Publishing North Walsham, UK
946184 Kingfisher Railway Publications Southampton, England
946219 Key Publishing Stamford, UK
946289 Mr Pye Books Goole, England
946351 John Ritchie Ltd Kilmarnock, Scotland
946361 Willow Publishing Timperley, UK
946378 TCL Publications Uckfield, England
946537 David St John Thomas also Atlantic Transport Publishing distributed by David & Charles
946719 Firefly Publishing SAF Publishing Ltd.
947336 Aussie Books Archfield, Queensland, Australia
947352 Hill House Pub London, England
947543 International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Associations London, England
947699 Connor & Butler Specialist Publishers Colchester, England
947757 Atlas Press London, England
947796 Milepost Publications Worksop, UK
947882 Belair Publications Twickenham, UK
947971 Silver Link Publishing
948135 Leading Edge Press and Publishing Hawes, UK
948251 Picton Publishing Chippenham, UK
948265 White Tree Books/Redcliffe Press Bristol, England
948276 Shetland Folk Society Lerwick, Scotland
948456 Ravette Publishing
948764 Hayloft Press a private press
948789 Carnegie Press/Carnegie Publishing Preston/Lancaster, UK
948904 P. E. Waters & Associates
948946 Archive Publications Urmston, UK
948965 Gillian Cutress & Rolf Stricker London, UK
948975 Millstream Books Bath
949330 Tabor Publications Tabor College, Miranda, NSW

7-digit publisher codes

(Note: many codes are not yet listed in this table; please help fill the gaps.)

Publisher code Publisher Notes
9500466 Panel on Takeovers and Mergers London, UK
9502376 Southern Electric Group
9502960 Sten Valley Press
9504226 John Gagg Princes Risborough, UK
9507692 Landy Publishing Staining, Lancashire, UK
9507714 P M Heaton Pontypool, Wales
9507802 The London Brick Company Stewartby, UK
9508448 Association for Industrial Archaeology Ironbridge, UK
9508913 Laura Ashley Ltd.
9509801 Brunswick Printing & Publishing Co. Ltd. Liverpool, UK
9510835 V G Saundercock Plymouth, England
9511642 Anne Bradley Higher Walton, Lancashire, UK
9511777 Pageprint (Watford) Ltd. Watford, England
9513366 Moir Crawford Sussex, England
9517601 Food Safety Advisory Centre London, UK
9518339 Age Concern Lancashire Preston, UK
9518382 Arley Hall Press Northwich, UK
9518476 Blackburn Borough Council Blackburn, Lancashire, UK
9519345 Amadorn Keswick, Cumbria, UK
9519713 Harold Bridges Burrow, Lancashire, UK
9521757 Brambletye Publishing Sussex, England
9523226 I.N.F.A.C.T. Medical Bolton, UK
9523577 Gildersleve Publishing Rising Bridge, Lancashire, UK
9523912 Eclat Initiatives London, UK
9524466 K E Keenan Waldron, E Sussex, England
9525492 Matchless Recordings and Publishing also Copula
9525860 Jeneva Publishing
9526187 Wyre Publishing St Michael's on Wyre, UK
9526262 Kenwood Limited Havant, UK
9528228 The Outstanding Map UK
9528574 Andrew Taylor UK, also 1-905250
9528930 Association for Industrial Archaeology UK
9529333 Triangle Publishing Leigh, Greater Manchester, UK
9529503 Blackburn and Darwen Schools' Football Association Blackburn, UK
9530119 Moorfield Press UK
9530528 BackCare (sic) Teddington, England
9531457 Novelangle
9531719 Jack Wilcock UK
9531801 East Kent Maritime Trust Ramsgate, England
9532725 Sledgehammer Engineering Press Ltd Cowling, UK
9533047 J M Ormston Grays, England
9534503 Stephen R. Morrin Stockport, UK
9535974 East Linton Local History Society East Linton, UK
9535975 Spyrys a Gernow Redruth, Cornwall, UK
9536743 Reword Publishers Bramhall, UK
9537098 Oxford Press Portsmouth, England
9537484 Skipton Millennium Task Force Skipton, UK
9539978 Scottish Trust for Archaeological Research Edinburgh, Scotland
9540418 British Lichen Society
9540420 British Art Journal
9541036 Cotswold Quality (Leisure) Ltd Blackwell, Warwickshire, UK
9541254 Old Light Press Oxford, England
9541362 Bank of Ideas Sheffield/London, UK
9541809 Wood Education Programme Trust Staveley, Cumbria, UK
9542453 Theme Trades London, England
9542946 Republican Publications Dublin, Ireland
9544641 Leeds Guide Leeds, UK
9545383 Wayzgoose Tatenhill, UK
9545575 Windgather Press Macclesfield
9547122 Soundplay Books Bristol, England
9549042 Diverse Media Manchester, UK
9549059 E Rose Chorley, UK
9549404 The Good Hotel Guide Ltd London, England
9549451 Peter Taylor Publications Hereford, UK
9549606 Wildfire Communications Bristol, England
9549650 Chartex Products International Ltd Swindon, England
9549866 Trackmaps South Wraxall, UK
9550081 Triarchy Press Axminster, UK
9550221 Mortons of Horncastle Horncastle, UK
9550560 The Society of London Theatre London, England
9550938 The Ruskin Foundation Coniston, Cumbria, UK
9551753 Form UK
9552186 Longtail London, England
9552233 Booksellers Association London, England
9552283 Otago Publishing Glasgow, Scotland
9552354 Ty Mawr Publications Holmes Chapel, England
9552868 Mortons Media Group Ltd Horncastle, England
9552889 Community Links London, England
9553534 Cotswold Archaeology Cirencester, England
9553561 Merchiston Publishing Edinburgh, Scotland
9554110 Kevin Robertson Books also Noodle Books
9554955 Coombe Hill Pub. New Malden, England
9555297 Four Points Ramble Association Manchester, UK
9555481 WRTH Publications Ltd Oxford, England
9555485 Archaeological Development Services Ltd Dublin, Ireland
9555851 Friends of John Muir's Birthplace Dunbar, UK
9556546 Albion Archaeology Bedford, England
9556646 Wimbledon College of Art Wimbledon, England
9557182 CMCS Publications (Aberystwyth University) Aberystwyth, Wales
9557441 Martin & Craigie-Halkett Southampton, England
9557466 Food Solutions Publishing Ltd Goostrey, England
9557740 DVV Media Group Sutton, England
9558224 Michael Rubenstein Pub. London, England
9558668 Association of Archaeological Illustrators & Surveyors Reading, England
9558916 Splendid Books Droxford, UK
9558926 Chelsea Publishing London, England
9559017 P3 Publications Carlisle, UK
9559171 Little Northern Books Golcar, UK
9560333 Incisive Media Publications London, England
9560722 Imperator Publishing London, England
9560978 Corella Ltd. Poole, England
9561943 MuseumsEtc Edinburgh, Scotland
9561965 On-Site Archaeology York, England
9562143 Colin Bamford Hale Barns, Altrincham, England
9562239 Institute of Advanced Motorists London, UK
9562826 Belvoir Vale Publishing Keyworth, Nottingham, England
9563582 Pre-Construct Archaeology (Lincoln) Saxilby, Lincoln, England
9563730 University of St Andrews St Andrews, Scotland
9563901 The Caravan Gallery UK
9564842 Booksellers Association London, England
9565000 Centaur Media London, England
9565184 Atkinson Publications Goosnargh, England
9565541 Showcase Database London, England
9566049 Millstream Publications Warwick, England
9566889 Chris Rudd Aylsham, England
9571735 International News Safety Institute (INSI) London, England
9578766 Moon Adventure Publications Pearcedale, Victoria, Australia
9582692 Spinal Publications Raumati Beach, New Zealand
9598960 Geo H. O'Donnell Mareeba, North Queensland, Australia
9599079 Nautical Association of Australia Caulfield South, Victoria, Australia
9610352 Garcia / American Fantasy Press Woodstock, Illinois US
9614719 Aerobics and Fitness Association of America Sherman Oaks, California, US
9615197 Grief Watch
9616286 Roman, Inc.
9617256 [17] Northcross House Elliston, VA, USA
9624096 Bilingual Language Materials South San Francisco, California, US
9627613 Sarpedon New York, New York, US
9631589 The Bloomsbury Review Denver, Colorado, US
9637840 Write Brain Publishers Overland Park, Kansas, US
9639763 Greenery Press Emeryville, California, US, also 1-890159
9639795 Department of Portable Antiquities and Treasure British Museum, London, England
9642006 Arcus Publishing Portland, Oregon ?
9642610 Basilica Press
9645960 Mystic Rose Books
9647292 Windblown Media Newbury Park, CA
9651972 Uversa Press
9653429 Book Emporium Press Rockville, Maryland, US
9655889 A Sandy Bottom Press Design
9659228 Ascension Press
9663533 Ambassador House Westminster, Colorado, US (80030, P.O.Box 1153)
9667840 Eisenbrauns also Enlil Press (also 1-57506)
9667982 The Caddis Press Columbus, Ohio, US
9670170 Recess Records
9670267 [18] Farmcourt Publishing Cincinnati, OH, USA
9676622 Steel Cage Books division of Steel Cage Records
9689247 Matrix Productions
9690516 Blissymbolics Communication International Toronto, ON, Canada
9694763 Islamic Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamaat of Toronto Thornhill, ON, Canada
9695104 Empty Mirror Press Halifax, NS, Canada
9696421 Mobile Command Headquarters, Canadian Armed Forces St. Hubert, QC, Canada
9703355 McSweeney's Brooklyn, New York, US
9703751 Celtic Dragon Press Rome, New York, US
9705392 PEEP! Press
9710896 Food-Medication Interactions Birchrunville, Pennsylvania
9714010 Hand Books Press Gloucester, Massachusetts, US
9716974 Is It Gonna Hurt? Publishers Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, US
9717650 Aberjona Press Imprint of Aegis Consulting Group
9719047 McSweeney's San Francisco, California, US; Brooklyn, New York, US
9723298 Cherry Hill Publishing Ramona, California, US
9725898 Vince Emery Productions San Francisco, California, US
9727047 Jeffrey Taylor Scottsdale, Arizona, US
9727193 Super Techno Arts North American marketing and distribution branch of APPP Company (Another Push Pin Planning Company)
9728447 Called by Joy
9729117 [19] Glosson Family Foundation Charlotte, NC, USA
9729679 New American Press
9737787 Ninjalicious
9738649 Variant Press Manitoba, Canada
9750965 Ballistic Publishing Adelaide, SA, Australia
9753140 Machine Project Press Los Angeles, California, US
9755995 Alliance Publishing Group Elk Grove Village, Illinois, US
9760357 Relevant Media Group
9766984 Dark Moon Press
9767525 Alaska Geobotany Center (University of Alaska Fairbanks) found on the Circumpolar Arctic Vegetation Map
9771611 Amber Book Company
9776166 The Pragmatic Programmer The Pragmatic Bookshelf; non-standard hyphenation as 4-digit publisher
9778682 Synthetic Worlds
9778727 Mystic Productions
9777238 BDSM Press
9777649 KoPubCo
9779074 The Tayler Corporation Orem, Utah, US
9780735 Jingle Cats Hollywood, California, US
9780937 Latex Lair Publishing Montreal, Quebec, Canada
9780988 Waterloo Regional Pictures Entertainment, Inc. Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
9788192 Swabhimani Publication, Karnataka, India
9781813 Red and Black Publishers St Petersburg, Florida, US
9782026 Crackjaw Publishing Guelph, ON, Canada
9787392 The Pragmatic Programmer The Pragmatic Bookshelf; non-standard hyphenation as 4-digit publisher
9788968 Ferine Books Los Angeles, California, US
9790468 Mark Butty Publisher
9795393 Synthetic Worlds
9796163 Bazillion Points Books
9798166 [20] Kettle Mills Press Nashville, TN, USA
980788 United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
9811597 Atomic Fez Publishing Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
9814256 Rebel e Publishers Johannesburg, South Africa
9816003 Winterlake Press
9817924 Ringing Bell Press Portland, Oregon, US
9818156 Fairand Books
9820151 Two Dollar Radio
9820781 One Too Tree Publishing La Grange, Illinois, US
9821005 Synthetic Worlds
9822152 VoidMaster Publishing (AKA: VacuoDominus Publishing) Amarillo, Texas, US
9825036 CPsquare Portland, Oregon, US
9825442 Microsoft Research Redmond, Washington, US
9825650 Vince Emery Productions San Francisco, California, US
9827198 Bryan Feldman Atlanta, Georgia, US
9829767 DSRS Publishing Orem, Utah, US
9830086 Cherry Hill Publishing Ramona, California, US
9834112 Practical Green Press Allen, Texas, US
9834361 [21] Eagle FO Publishing Company Austin, Texas, US
9834720 National Health Law Program Washington, District of Columbia, US
9836185 Grey Gecko Press, LLC Katy, Texas, US
9836106 [22] Benjamin Press Danville, KY, USA
9838229 The Film Collaborative Los Angeles, California, US
9840313 George A. Hart Publishing New Jersey, US
9841318 Beacon Publishing
9841707 Christus Publishing
9842323 Okudens House Publishing
9842945 Anaskimin Southwest Harbor, Maine, US
9843759 Cherry Hill Publishing Ramona, California, US
9854400 Grey Gecko Press, LLC Katy, Texas, US
9859881 Pencey X Publishing New York, New York, US
9863285 [23] Remember My Service USA
9865266 Azore's Crown Publishing Welland, ON, Canada
9866424 Atomic Fez Publishing Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
9867616 The People's Picture Company Inc. Toronto, ON, Canada
9882870 Cappella Books
9887167 Thoughtcrime Press Oregon City, OR
9894698 MoonLit Press Williams, Az
9896415 Button Poetry Minneapolis, MN, US
9896950 Short Flight/Long Drive Books (A division of Hobart) Ann Arbor, Michigan
9905479 Pied Piper, Inc.
9911628 Berryhill Publishing Nesbit, MS, US
9917066 Lise Heroux Carleton Place, ON, Canada
9917419 Ammonite Films Publishing Vancouver, BC, Canada
9927238 The Onslaught Press Oxford, UK (series completed 2015, followed by 0-9934217, 0-9956225, 1-912111)
9931948 RISC OS Open Limited Worthing, England
9934217 The Onslaught Press Oxford, UK (preceded by 0-9927238; series completed 2016, followed by 0-9956225, 1-912111)
9956225 The Onslaught Press Oxford, UK (preceded by 0-9927238, 0-9934217; series completed 2016, followed by 1-912111)
9957790 Judith Vanderman Ltd Abercynon, UK
9973160 Code Energy LLC Las Vegas, NV, US
9992014 Kanika African Sculptures (KAS)

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