Living in the Background (song)

"Living in the Background" is the title track and third single from Baltimora's debut album of the same name, and second released single in total. The song reached number 87 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. There was no video made for this single.

"Living in the Background"
Single by Baltimora
from the album Living in the Background
ReleasedMarch 1986
GenreItalo disco
Length6:05 (album version)
LabelEMI (EEC)
Manhattan Records (US)
Songwriter(s)Maurizio Bassi, Naimy Hackett
Producer(s)Maurizio Bassi
Baltimora singles chronology
"Woody Boogie"
"Living in the Background"
"Juke Box Boy"
Alternative cover
Remix U.S.A. 1986

"Living in the Background" did not garner the same attention that their first single "Tarzan Boy" did.

Track listing

Germany 12" Single

1."Living in the Background" (Extended Version)6:05
2."Running for Your Love" (Extended Version)5:50
3."Living in the Background" (Instrumental Mix)4:24

USA 12" Club Mix Promo Single

1."Living in the Background" (Club Mix)6:57
2."Living in the Background" (Single Version)3:57
3."Living in the Background" (Instrumental)6:04

7" single

1."Living in the Background" (Single Version)3:58
2."Chinese Restaurant" (Album Version)5:14

Remix U.S.A. 1986

1."Living in the Background" (Remix U.S.A. - Extended Version)6:57
2."Living in the Background" (Remix U.S.A. - 7" Version)3:57
3."Living in the Background" (Instrumental)4:25


Chart (1986) Peak
Canada Top Singles (RPM)[1] 96
U.S. Billboard Hot 100[2] 87


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