Minnesota State Highway 13

Minnesota State Highway 13 (MN 13) is a 111.694-mile-long (179.754 km) highway in Minnesota that runs from its intersection with U.S. Highway 65 in Albert Lea to its northern terminus at its intersection with State Highway 149 at the West St. Paul / Saint Paul city boundary line.

Trunk Highway 13 marker
Trunk Highway 13
Sibley Memorial Highway
MN 13 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by MnDOT
Length111.694 mi[1] (179.754 km)
Major junctions
South end I-35 BL / US 65 in Albert Lea
North end MN 149 at West St. Paul / Saint Paul
CountiesFreeborn, Waseca, Le Sueur, Scott, Dakota, Ramsey
Highway system
  • Minnesota Trunk Highways
US 12 US 14


Route description

Southern terminus of MN 13 in Albert Lea

State Highway 13 serves as a north–south route between Albert Lea, Waseca, Prior Lake, Savage, Burnsville, Eagan, Mendota Heights, West St. Paul, and the "West Side" neighborhood of Saint Paul.

The southern terminus of the route is at the intersection of Main Street and Broadway Avenue (U.S. 65 / Business Loop 35) in the city of Albert Lea.

The northern terminus of Highway 13 is at the intersection of Annapolis Street and Smith Avenue (Highway 149) at the West St. Paul / Saint Paul city boundary line.

Highway 13 is built as a divided highway between Savage, Burnsville, and Eagan. This portion of the route is a busy metro area corridor paralleling the Minnesota River.

At the junction with CSAH 101 in Savage, leading to US 169, Highway 13 turns east. This junction is a hybrid: traffic moving from CSAH 101 toward Highway 13 is grade separated, with through traffic connecting to Highway 13 north, and with exit and entrance ramps connecting to Highway 13 south; southbound traffic on Highway 13 uses a continuous green T-intersection, while through traffic connects to CSAH 101.

Highway 13 is also built as a divided highway in Mendota Heights between I-494 (no interchange / junction) to State Highway 55. The section of Highway 13 north of State Highway 55 at Mendota is far less busy.

Highway 13 is also known as Sibley Memorial Highway in Lilydale, Mendota, and Eagan.

The Sibley House Historic Site museum in Mendota, overlooking Fort Snelling, is located immediately north of the junction of Highways 13 and 62. The museum is on Highway 13.

Highway 13 is also known as Langford Avenue in Spring Lake Township and Cedar Lake Township in Scott County.

The route follows Main Street and 4th Avenue SW in New Prague. Highway 13 follows 4th Street in Montgomery.

In the city of Waseca, Highway 13 is also known as State Street.

The 200MW (with possible expansion to 400MW) Bent Tree Wind Farm was scheduled to be built in 2009 along Highway 13 between Manchester and Hartland. The farm being developed by Wind Capital and Alliant Energy would be the biggest wind farm in the state of Minnesota.[2]

MN 13 in Mendota


State Highway 13 was authorized in 1920 from Albert Lea to Jordan. In 1934, the segment between New Prague and Jordan was redesignated Highway 21, and Highway 13 moved to the east and extended north through Prior Lake, Savage, and Burnsville; then northeast to its northern terminus in West Saint Paul.[3]

From 1934 to 1935, Highway 13 also ran from Albert Lea south to the Iowa state line. In 1935, U.S. Highway 69 was extended north into Minnesota, assuming that 12 mile section of the route.[3]

The route was completely paved by 1940.[3]

In the late 1960s, U.S. Highway 16 was decommissioned in the Albert Lea area. Highway 13 was then extended east on Main Street in Albert Lea between its intersection with U.S. 69 to its intersection with U.S. 65. Later, US 69 was truncated to the present terminus, and MN 13 was extended along US 69's route.

In 1994, the nearby Mendota Bridge was rebuilt between Mendota Heights and Fort Snelling. Highway 13 was rerouted in Mendota Heights at this time so it could intersect with State Highway 55 and State Highway 110 (present day State Highway 62). The old alignment of Highway 13 in the southwest corner of Mendota Heights (Sibley Memorial Drive) is still under state maintenance and has the unmarked designation of Highway 913-A.

Major intersections

FreebornAlbert Lea0.0000.000 I-35 BL / US 65 (Broadway south, Main Street north) / CSAH 46 east  – I-35Southern end of CSAH 46 concurrency
1.1611.868 US 69 south / CSAH 46 westNational northern end of US 69; northern end of CSAH 46 concurrency
Manchester Township4.4187.110 I-90  – Austin, Blue EarthI-90 exit 154
WasecaNew Richland Township19.58231.514 MN 30  – Ellendale, Mapleton
Waseca31.33950.435 US 14  – Owatonna, MankatoInterchange
Le SueurWaterville43.70670.338 MN 60  – Faribault, Mankato
Montgomery Township56.47590.888 MN 99  – Le Center, Faribault
Montgomery59.83996.302 MN 21 south / CR 161  – FaribaultSouth end of MN 21 concurrency
New Prague67.885109.250 MN 19 west / MN 21 north  – Jordan, Le SueurNorth end of MN 21 concurrency; west end of MN 19 concurrency
ScottCedar Lake Township71.951115.794 MN 19 east  – NorthfieldEast end of MN 19 concurrency
Spring Lake Township82.133132.180 MN 282 west  – Jordan

To US 169 / CSAH 101
Hybrid continuous green T-intersection and partial interchange
DakotaBurnsville95.663153.955 CSAH 5Interchange
96.501155.303 I-35W  – Minneapolis, Albert LeaI-35W exits 3A-B
Eagan101.098162.701 MN 77 (Cedar Avenue)Interchange
Mendota Heights106.241170.978 MN 55  – Minneapolis, Rochester
106.930172.087 MN 55 west / MN 62Previously MN 110
109.459176.157 I-35EI-35E exit 102
West St. Paul111.694179.754 MN 149 (Smith Avenue)
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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