Minnesota State Highway 65

Minnesota State Highway 65 (MN 65) is a highway in the east–central and northeast parts of the U.S. state of Minnesota, which starts at its split from I-35W, skipping past the downtown Minneapolis core, only to resume at the intersection with Washington Avenue (Hennepin County Road 152) at the north end of downtown Minneapolis to continue north to its northern terminus at its intersection with U.S. Highway 71 (US 71) in Littlefork near International Falls.

Trunk Highway 65 marker
Trunk Highway 65
MN 65 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by MnDOT
Length272.511 mi[1] (438.564 km)
Section 1
South end I-35W south of downtown Minneapolis
North endTenth Street South in downtown Minneapolis
Section 2
South end CR 152 north of downtown Minneapolis
MN 47 at Minneapolis
I-694 at Fridley
US 10 at Blaine
MN 95 at Cambridge
MN 23 at Mora
MN 210 at McGregor
US 2 at Swan River
US 169 near Pengilly, Nashwauk
North end US 71 near Littlefork
CountiesHennepin, Anoka, Isanti, Kanabec, Aitkin, Itasca, Koochiching
Highway system
  • Minnesota Trunk Highways
US 65 MN 66

Highway 65 is a four lane expressway between Interstate 694 (I-694) in Fridley to just north of State Highway 95 at Cambridge.

The route continues as a two-lane roadway from Cambridge to its northern terminus at Littlefork in northern Minnesota.

At 272.511 miles (438.564 km) in length, State Highway 65 is the third longest state route in Minnesota, after MN 23 and MN 1.


Route description

State Highway 65 serves as a south–north route between Minneapolis, Fridley, Blaine, Cambridge, Mora, McGregor, Nashwauk, and Littlefork in east–central and northeast Minnesota.

The roadway is one of three Minnesota state-marked highways to carry the same number as an existing U.S. marked highway within the state, the others being Highways 61 and 169.

Highway 65 as it crosses Saint Anthony Falls in Minneapolis

State Highway 65 begins at a split from I-35W south of downtown Minneapolis. The ramps end at an intersection with Tenth Street South, and so does the State Highway 65 designation, due to MnDOT returning control of the section through downtown to the city in 2005. The State Highway 65 designation resumes at the intersection of Washington Avenue (County 152) and 3rd Avenue South at the north end of downtown Minneapolis. Highway 65 is signed locally as 3rd Avenue South in downtown Minneapolis. 3rd Avenue South leads to the Third Avenue (Mississippi River) Bridge and becomes Central Avenue upon crossing the river. After its intersection with Hennepin Avenue, the route becomes Central Avenue NE. Highway 65 is signed locally as Central Avenue NE for this section. Many Minnesota landmarks are located on Central Avenue NE including the Aveda Institute, the Heights Theater, and the National Sports Center. The route remains Central Avenue until separating in Ham Lake, except for a split in Fridley and Spring Lake Park between I-694 and US 10.[3]

The route is a divided highway from Minneapolis to Cambridge, with a 60 miles per hour (97 km/h) speed limit, increasing to 65 miles per hour (105 km/h) speed limit beginning in Ham Lake, just outside Blaine.

For part of its route (23 miles), MN 65 runs concurrently with MN 27 in Kanabec and Aitkin counties between Woodland and Rice River Township.

Savanna Portage State Park in Aitkin County is located 11 miles (18 km) northeast of the junction of Highway 65 and County Road 14 in Shamrock Township near McGregor. The park entrance is located on County Road 14 in nearby Balsam Township.[4]


State Highway 65 was authorized in 1934 and 1935. The route was numbered as an extension of old US 65.

By 1940, the route was paved from Minneapolis to just north of McGrath in Aitkin County. By 1949, the route was paved as far north as Libby. By 1953, the route was paved north to its intersection with US 2 at Swan River in Itasca County. Sections of Highway 65 north of US 2 were paved in the 1960s and 1970s. The last section of Highway 65 paved was through the Nett Lake Indian Reservation in 2000.

The expressway section of Highway 65 between I-694 in Fridley to Spring Lake Park was constructed on a new alignment in 1953.

The Highway 65 expressway bypass in Cambridge was completed c. 1993.

A portion of State Highway 65 used to be part of old US 65. US 65 still enters Minnesota from Iowa, but ends now in the city of Albert Lea, where it has a junction with Interstate 35. I-35 and I-35W roughly follow the same route old US 65 used to take from Albert Lea to downtown Minneapolis. Before the freeways were built, the original US 65 had followed Lyndale Avenue between Burnsville and Minneapolis.

In July 2005, the eight-block-long section of State Highway 65 in downtown Minneapolis, between Washington Avenue and the junction of Tenth Street South with the on/off ramps to I-35W, was turned back to city maintenance. This turn-back leaves State Highway 65 with a gap through downtown. The ramps leading to/going from Minneapolis surface streets south to their junction with Interstate 35W are still part of State Highway 65 according to State Highway Logs[1] (on pg 613), as indicated by the MN 65 shields used on the updated mileposts along those ramps.

It was the last Minnesota State Highway (along with Minnesota State Highway 55) to directly run through Downtown Minneapolis, ending a 70-year era in which Minnesota State Trunk Highways would have a segment running directly through Downtown Minneapolis.

Highway 65 is designated as Legislative Route 105 between Washington Avenue and 37th Avenue Northeast, then as Constitutional Route 5 from Minneapolis to Swan River, then as Legislative Route 159 to Little Fork. The route is not marked with those numbers.

Cultural district

In 2020, Minneapolis officials designated a portion Central Avenue as one of seven cultural districts in the city.[5] The district's boundaries were centered around the intersection of Central and Lowry avenues in the Holland and Windom neighborhoods, from 26th to 18th avenues northeast. The purpose of the cultural district was to promote racial equity, preserve cultural identity, and promote economic growth:[6][7]

Major intersections

HennepinMinneapolis0.0000.000 I-35W south – Albert Lea, Des Moines
0.9811.57911th Street / Grant StreetNorthbound exit only
1.0861.74810th Street
Gap in route
1.8612.995 Washington Avenue (CR 152)
Mississippi River2.0043.225Third Avenue Bridge
HennepinMinneapolis2.5444.094 MN 47 north / CSAH 36 east (University Avenue)
2.6224.2204th Street SEFormer US 52
2.7324.397 E. Hennepin Avenue (CSAH 52)
2.8564.596 7th Street SE (CSAH 52)
3.4635.573 CSAH 66 (NE Broadway Street)
4.4607.178 Lowry Avenue NE (CSAH 153)Former US 8
5.3268.571St. Anthony Parkway
I-694 – Madison, St. Cloud, Fargo
CSAH 8 east (73rd Avenue)Southern end of CSAH 8 overlap
Spring Lake ParkFridley line11.02517.743 CSAH 8 west / CSAH 108 east (Osborne)Northern end of CSAH 8 overlap
Spring Lake Park9.945–
CSAH 10Interchange, former US 10
US 10 – St. Paul, Anoka, Elk RiverInterchange
15.28524.599 CSAH 12 (109th Avenue)
CSAH 14 (125th Avenue)Single-point urban interchange, former MN 242 west
Ham Lake18.78530.232 CSAH 116 (Bunker Lake Boulevard)
20.03932.250 CSAH 16 (Andover Boulevard)
22.06535.510 CSAH 60 (Constance Boulevard)
23.57137.934 CSAH 18 / CSAH 58 west (Crosstown Boulevard)
East Bethel24.25439.033 CSAH 22 (Viking Boulevard)Reduced Conflict Interchange
IsantiIsanti35.93457.830 CR 5 / Inter-County H
MN 95 – North Branch, Princeton
Stanchfield Township51.032–
MN 107 north – Braham
KanabecBrunswick Township58.85194.712 MN 70 east – Rock Creek
Mora63.334101.926 MN 23 west – Ogilvie, MilacaSouthern end of MN 23 overlap
64.996104.601 MN 23 east – HinckleyNorthern end of MN 23 overlap
Ford Township81.783131.617 MN 27 west – Isle, OnamiaSouthern end of MN 27 overlap
AitkinWilliams Township88.854142.997 MN 18 – Finlayson, Malmo
Rice River Township105.180169.271 MN 27 east – Moose LakeNorthern end of MN 27 overlap
McGregor116.649187.728 MN 210 east – Cromwell, CarltonEastern end of MN 210 overlap
117.850189.661 MN 210 west – AitkinWestern end of MN 210 overlap
Shamrock Township124.908201.020 CR 3Former MN 232[8][9]
Jacobson146.784236.226 MN 200 west – Hill CitySouthern end of MN 200 overlap
147.178236.860 MN 200 east – Floodwoodnorthern end of MN 200 overlap
ItascaSwan River153.704247.363 US 2 – Duluth, Grand Rapids
Greenway Township172.574277.731 US 169 south – Grand RapidsSouthern end of US 169 overlap
Lone Pine Township175.243282.026 US 169 north – HibbingNorthern end of US 169 overlap
Carpenter Township208.147334.980 MN 1 west – Effie, NorthomeWestern end of MN 1 overlap
212.168341.451 MN 1 east – CookEastern end of MN 1 overlap
KoochichingLittlefork270.020434.555 MN 217 east – Ray
East Koochiching270.739435.712 US 71 – International Falls, Bemidji
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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