Miss India Worldwide 1999

Miss India Worldwide 1999 was the 9th edition of the international beauty pageant. The final was held in Rahway, New Jersey United States on November 27, 1999. About 22 countries were represented in the pageant. Aarti Chabaria[1] of India was crowned as winner at the end of the event.

Miss India Worldwide 1999
DateNovember 27, 1999
VenueRahway, New Jersey United States
WinnerAarti Chabaria
CongenialityGaby Janita Arjun Sharma
PhotogenicAarti Chabaria
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Final result Contestant
Miss India Worldwide 1999
1st runner-up
2nd runner-up
Top 5
Top 10 Semi-finalists

Special awards

Award Name Country
Miss Photogenic Aarti Chabaria  India
Miss Congeniality Gaby Janita Arjun Sharma  Netherlands
Best Talent Anupama Anand  Hong Kong
Most Beautiful Face Aarti Chabaria  India
Miss Beautiful Hair Heera Raghubir  Guyana
Most Beautiful Smile Kavita Malhotra  Grenada
Most Beautiful Skin Simran Kochar  United Kingdom



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