Monique Smit

Margaret Gertrude Mary (Monique) Smit (born 9 April 1989) is a Dutch singer and television presenter.

Monique Smit
Monique Smit.jpg
Smit in 2010
Margaret Gertrude Mary Smit

April 9, 1989 (age 32)
OccupationTelevision presenter, singer

She grew up in Volendam as the younger sister to Jan Smit. After finishing school, she attended Don Bosco College. She became a hairdresser. She first became a public face when she participated in her brother's reality series Gewoon Jan Smit.[1] She has presented the show Zapp Kids Top 20 for TROS and Wild van Muziek broadcast on Sterren 24.[2]

She also took place in a reality show Just the Two of Us in 2007 where she gained the second place and performed in a duet with Xander de Buisonjé. Monique debuted with her solo "Wild" which was in Top five in 2007 after her participating in a few reality shows on Dutch TV. One year later she released her first solo album "Stel Je Voor" which contains such singles of her like " "Vrouwenalfabet," and "Stel Je Voor."[3]

Monique Smit has released four music albums. She has released several music singles including "Wild", "Blijf je vanavond" and "Kerstmis vier je samen".[4]


  • Stel je voor [limited edition] (2008)
  • Verder [14 tracks] (2010)
  • Grenzeloos (in partnership with Tim Douwsma) (2013)
  • 2 kleine kleutertjes (2015)
  • Sinterklaas is in het land (2016)
  • Kerstliedjes (2017)[5]


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