Nette (Middle Rhine)

The Nette is a small river in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, a left tributary of the Rhine. It rises in the Eifel, south of Nürburg. The Nette flows east through Mayen before reaching the Rhine between Weißenthurm and Andernach.

The Nette at Mayen
Physical characteristics
 • coordinates
 • elevation562 m (1,844 ft)
 • coordinates
 • elevation
59 m (194 ft)
Length59.1 km (36.7 mi)
Basin size372.398 km2 (143.784 sq mi)
Basin features
ProgressionRhineNorth Sea

The Nette is not navigable and has otherwise no strategical importance. It is used in Mayen, among other things, as a supply of the local paper industry. It gives its name to the beer Nette Edel Pils, originally brewed in Weißenthurm (but now brewed in Koblenz by the Koblenzer Brauerei), and the Clinic Nette-Gut of Forensic Psychiatry at Weißenthurm.

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