Otago Girls' High School

Otago Girls' High School (OGHS) is a secondary school in Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand. It was opened 6 February 1871, after a long campaign by Learmonth Whyte Dalrymple. It is reputedly the oldest girls state-run secondary school in the Southern Hemisphere and the sixth oldest of its type in the world.[3][4]

Otago Girls' High School
41 Tennyson Street


New Zealand
TypeState Secondary school
MottoLatin: Recti Cultus Pectora Roborant
(The Right Education Makes The Heart As Strong As Oak)
Established6 February 1871
Ministry of Education Institution no.378
PrincipalLinda Miller
Years9 - 13
School roll773[1] (March 2021)
Houses  Allan
SongThe Chambered Nautilus
Socio-economic decile8P[2]

The school has its own radio show on Otago Access Radio.[5]


Building history

At its foundation the school occupied a neo-classical building on its present site which it shared with Otago Boys' High School. A new building on another site was built for the boys which they marched away to occupy in 1885. In 1910 the present main block was opened, designed by Edmund Anscombe (1874–1948) and the old building on Tennyson Street was demolished. Anscombe's conception of a rouge-brick Elizabethan mansion, dreaming in the sun, was slowly extended. Temporary structures were replaced in the 1970s by Ministry of Education blocks, contextualised by the use of brick to the Anscombe building. In the 1980s the main block was scheduled for demolition. After protest it was restored and extended by a sympathetic addition designed by Ted McCoy, and in 1987 was listed as a Category I Historic Place.[6] The school has since acquired part of the old King Edward Technical School site. It has erected structures there accessible by way of a pedestrian underpass beneath Smith Street.

Notable alumnae

Notable faculty


Otago Girls' High School has one summer uniform and one winter uniform. The summer uniform is a navy skirt, a blouse and white socks and black shoes. The winter uniform is a navy jacket, a blouse, a tie (navy for juniors and navy and white striped for seniors), a vest or jersey, a kilt and tights and black shoes. There are also some clothing pieces that are worn with both uniforms: blazer and a backpack and black laced shoes.


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