Otago Sparks

The Otago Sparks is the women's representative cricket team for the New Zealand region of Otago and the surrounding area. They play their home games at University Oval, Dunedin. They compete in the Hallyburton Johnstone Shield one-day competition and the Super Smash Twenty20 competition.

Otago Sparks
CaptainBella James (One-Day)
Katey Martin (T20)
CoachCraig Cumming
Team information
FoundedFirst recorded match: 1932
Home groundUniversity Oval, Dunedin
Secondary home ground(s)Molyneux Park, Alexandra
Queens Park, Invercargill
Whitestone Contracting Stadium, Oamaru
First-class debutWellington
in 1940
at Basin Reserve, Wellington
HBJS wins2
SS wins1
Official websiteOtago Cricket



Otago made their first appearance in the Hallyburton Johnstone Shield in 1939–40, where they lost to Wellington.[1] The following period was dominated by Auckland and Wellington, however, and Otago did not record a second-place finish until 1957–58.[2] They finished second again in 1960–61 before finally winning their first title in 1962–63, winning two matches and drawing one.[3][4]

Otago did not play in major competition between 1983–84 and 1997–98. Some Otago players instead played for Southern Districts, which competed between 1983–84 and 1987–88.[5] They returned for the 1998–99 season, but finished bottom of the one-day competition points table.[6]

Otago won their second one-day competition in 2013–14, finishing second in the group stage before beating Auckland in the final, helped by 99 from captain Suzie Bates and winning by 3 wickets off the penultimate delivery.[7][8] Otago have also competed in the Twenty20 Super Smash since its inception in 2007–08, finishing second in 2014–15 before winning the title in 2016–17.[9][10] They finished second in the group stage in 2016–17, but beat group winners Canterbury in the final, with Suzie Bates scoring 74 and Kate Heffernan taking 4/21.[11] Otago bowler Leigh Kasperek was the leading wicket-taker in the tournament, with 8 wickets.[12]


Otago played their first home Hallyburton Johnstone Shield match at University Oval, Dunedin, and the ground has remained the side's primary home ground throughout their history. They also used Logan Park and Carisbrook, also in Dunedin, until the early 2000s.[13][14]

From 2005, the side began using Molyneux Park, Alexandra and in 2007 Queens Park, Invercargill. In the 2017–18 season, they also began using Whitestone Contracting Stadium, Oamaru. All of these grounds were used in the 2020–21 season, along with University Oval.[14][15]


Current squad

Based on squad for the 2020/21 season. Players in bold have international caps.[16]

No. Name Nationality Birth date Batting style Bowling style Notes
7 Caitlin Blakely  New Zealand 7 January 1996 (age 25) Right-handed Right-arm medium
19 Millie Cowan  New Zealand 7 July 1993 (age 28) Right-handed Right-arm medium
23 Suzie Bates  New Zealand 16 September 1987 (age 33) Right-handed Right-arm medium
36 Gemma Adams  New Zealand 15 February 2002 (age 19) Right-handed Right-arm medium
17 Hayley Jensen  New Zealand 7 October 1992 (age 28) Right-handed Right-arm medium
Saffron Wilson  New Zealand 5 December 2001 (age 19) Right-handed Right-arm medium
4 Katey Martin  New Zealand 7 February 1985 (age 36) Right-handed T20 Captain
11 Olivia Gain  New Zealand 2 January 2002 (age 19) Right-handed
21 Bella James  New Zealand 27 January 1999 (age 22) Right-handed One-Day Captain
29 Polly Inglis  New Zealand 31 May 1996 (age 25) Right-handed
Sophie Gray  New Zealand 9 December 1999 (age 21) Right-handed
10 Molly Loe  New Zealand 25 June 2003 (age 18) Right-handed Right-arm medium
12 Marina Lamplough  Hong Kong 28 September 1999 (age 21) Right-handed Right-arm medium
14 Sophie Oldershaw  New Zealand 20 May 1998 (age 23) Right-handed Right-arm leg break
24 Eden Carson  New Zealand 14 September 1986 (age 34) Right-handed Right-arm off break
30 Emma Black  New Zealand 8 August 2001 (age 19) Right-handed Right-arm medium
Bhagya Herath  New Zealand 2 November 2000 (age 20) Right-handed Slow left-arm orthodox

Notable players

Players who have played for Otago and played internationally are listed below, in order of first international appearance (given in brackets):[17]

Coaching staff


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  1. ^ Milburn represented both the Netherlands and New Zealand in international cricket.


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