Rajani (film)

Rajani is a 2009 Kannada romantic comedy film directed by Thriller Manju and produced by Ramu for his banner Ramu Enterprises.[1] The movie is a remake of 2008 Telugu film Krishna (2008).[2] The film features Upendra and Aarti Chabria in the lead roles.[3] The film's score and soundtrack is composed by Hamsalekha.

Directed byThriller Manju
Written byK. Ramnarayan (dialogues)
Story byAkula Siva
Based onKrishna (2008)
Produced byRamu
Aarti Chabria
Mukul Dev
CinematographyR. Janardhan Babu
Edited byGovardhan
Music byHamsalekha
Ramu Enterprises
Release date
  • 15 July 2009

The film released across Karnataka on 18 September 2009 coinciding Upendra's birthday.[4]



The film's score and soundtrack is composed by Hamsalekha. The audio released under the Anand Audio label.

All lyrics are written by Hamsalekha.

1."Dhan Dhan"Mano, Nanditha 
2."Vottal Kannole"Gurukiran, Anuradha Bhat 
3."Barthiya Barthiya"Udit Narayan, Latha Hamsalekha 
4."Thiruboki"Kailash Kher, Malgudi Subha 
5."Pizza Priya Pizza"Kunal Ganjawala, Anuradha Sriram 


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