Raseborg (Finnish: Raasepori) is a town (administrative area) and municipality of Finland. It was created on January 1, 2009, when the municipalities of Ekenäs, Karis and Pohja were consolidated into a single town.[6] Of these, Ekenäs now serves as the administrative center of Raseborg.


Raseborgs stad
Raaseporin kaupunki
Castle of Raseborg
Flag of Raseborg
Coat of arms of Raseborg
Coat of arms
Location of Raseborg in Finland
Country Finland
Sub-regionRaseborg sub-region
Administrative centreEkenäs
 • Town managerRagnar Lundqvist
 • Total2,354.24 km2 (908.98 sq mi)
 • Land1,147.70 km2 (443.13 sq mi)
 • Water1,206.47 km2 (465.82 sq mi)
Area rank67th largest in Finland
 • Total27,590
 • Rank39th largest in Finland
 • Density24.04/km2 (62.3/sq mi)
Population by native language
 • Swedish66.2% (official)
 • Finnish31%
 • Others2.8%
Population by age
 • 0 to 1414.5%
 • 15 to 6458%
 • 65 or older27.6%
Time zoneUTC+02:00 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+03:00 (EEST)
Municipal tax rate[5]22%

The town has a population of 27,590 (31 March 2021)[2] and covers an area of 2,354.24 square kilometres (908.98 sq mi) of which 1,206.47 km2 (465.82 sq mi) is water.[1] The population density is 24.04 inhabitants per square kilometre (62.3/sq mi).

The name of the new town is based on the Castle of Raseborg located in Ekenäs, or formerly in the municipality of Snappertuna. Historically the name of the county was also Raseborg in the 14th century.

The town is bilingual, the majority of the town being Swedish-speakers, taking up two-thirds of the population (66.2% to be precise) and Finnish-speakers being the minority, which approximately takes up the remaining one-third of the population (31% precisely).

In February 2011, Raseborg Municipality entered into a "Friendship Co-operation Agreement" with Makana Municipality in South Africa. The project, which is to last three years, seeks to facilitate information sharing in the fields of economic development, arts and culture, women's development, youth development, and education.[7]


Results of the 2019 Finnish parliamentary election in Raseborg:[8]


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