RedBrick Limited

RedBrick Limited was a New Zealand game company that produced role-playing games and game supplements. The company moved to the United States in 2010 and established business as RedBrick LLC. In 2018, RedBrick Publishing – the successor to RedBrick's earlier incarnations – started operations.


In 2005, FASA Corp granted RedBrick Limited a license for Earthdawn based on a very professional proposal they submitted.[1]:127 RedBrick named their line "Earthdawn Classic" to differentiate it from Living Room Games' edition and to show that they were staying closer to the art styles and setting of the original FASA line than Living Room Games had.[1]:127 RedBrick's line kicked off with the Earthdawn Player's Companion (2005).[1]:127 In 2005 and 2006, Earthdawn had two companies simultaneously publishing "official" material - but RedBrick was soon the only publisher of the game.[1]:127 In 2007, Holistic Design licensed Fading Suns to RedBrick Limited.[1]:324 RedBrick promised new supplements using the original Victory Point System, plus the eventual release of the third edition of the game, and began with a few PDF adventures published in 2007.[1]:324 RedBrick published their classic edition of Earthdawn through 2009, then published a third edition (2009) which they distributed through the Flaming Cobra program at Mongoose Publishing.[1]:127 RedBrick Limited – who had published on their own for years – brought several of their publications to Mongoose, beginning with their third edition release of the classic Earthdawn game (2009).[1]:400 RedBrick LLC officially ceased operations in 2012 after RedBrick's owners set up a new business with one of the founders of FASA Corporation,[2] transferring their licenses to the nascent FASA Games, Inc.[citation needed]


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