Rik van de Westelaken

Rik van de Westelaken (born 22 April 1971) is a Dutch television presenter. He is known for presenting television programs which include the NOS Journaal, Peking Express and Wie is de Mol?. Other programs include Rik over de Grens and 5 Golden Rings.

Rik van de Westelaken
Rik van de westerlaken-1522324271.jpg
Born22 April 1971 (age 50)
Vlaardingen, Netherlands
OccupationTelevision presenter
Known for



He appeared as news presenter in the 2008 film Summer Heat and as himself in the 2009 film Spion van Oranje.

As of 2018 he presents the current affairs television programme EenVandaag.[1][2]

In 2019, he succeeded Art Rooijakkers as presenter of the popular television show Wie is de Mol?.[2][3] Van de Westelaken participated as contestant in the show in 2015 and he ended up winning the show. In 2020, he presented both the 20th season of Wie is de Mol? and a special anniversary season called Wie is de Mol? Renaissance which celebrates the 20th anniversary of the show.[4] In 2021, he presented the 21st season of the show, which is his fourth season as host.[5][6]


As presenter

As contestant


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