Robot in the Family

Robot in the Family (also known as Golddigger)[1] is a 1994 American comedy film[2] produced and directed by Mark Richardson and Jack Shaoul. It was written by Shaoul and stars Joe Pantoliano, John Rhys-Davies, Danny Gerard, and Amy Wright.

Robot in the Family
Robot in the Family (1994) home video cover.jpg
VHS cover
Directed byMark Richardson
Jack Shaoul
Written byJack Shaoul
Produced byMark Richardson
Jack Shaoul
StarringJoe Pantoliano
John Rhys-Davies
Danny Gerard
Amy Wright
Release date
Running time
85 minutes
CountryUnited States



  • Joe Pantoliano as Jack Shamir
  • John Rhys-Davies as Eli Taki / Rashmud / Sashri
  • Danny Gerard as Alex Shamir
  • Amy Wright as Kristina Shamir
  • Howard Scott Nicoll, Derrick McQueen, Patrick Shanley, and Ari Taub as Golddigger
    • Don Peoples as the voice of Golddigger
  • Peter Maloney as Dr. Clayhand
  • Matthew Locricchio as Clyde Baldino
  • David Shuman as Bono Baldino
  • Jack Shaoul as Isaac Shamir / Blind Man
  • Tom Signorelli as Detective Goober
  • Barton Heyman as Mr. Marshall
  • Jane Connell as Mrs. Miller


Robot in the Family was distributed on home video in 1994.[3]


In their review of Robot in the Family, critics Mick Martin and Marsha Porter wrote: "This cheap, sophomoric comedy about an ambulatory robot is one of the worst films we've ever seen".[4]

In March 2020, members of Red Letter Media described the film as "nonsensical" and "madness".[5][discuss] Red Letter Media member Rich Evans referred to the film as having "shortcircuited [his] brain every five seconds", and fellow members Jay Bauman and Mike Stoklasa respectively called it "a cacophony of noise" and "the antithesis of sense and logic".[5][discuss]


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