Sándor Sztranyavszky

Sándor Sztranyavszky (9 December 1882 – 30 April 1942) was a Hungarian politician, who served as Speaker of the House of Representatives of Hungary between 1935 and 1938 and as Minister of Agriculture in 1938.

Sándor Sztranyavszky
Minister of Agriculture of Hungary
In office
14 May 1938 – 15 November 1938
Preceded byFerenc Marschall
Succeeded byMihály Teleki
Personal details
Born9 December 1882
Balassagyarmat, Kingdom of Hungary, Austria-Hungary
Died30 April 1942 (aged 59)
Nógrádmarcal, Kingdom of Hungary
Political partyParty of National Work, Unity Party, Party of National Unity

He started his political career as a representative of the Party of National Work from 1912 until end of the First World War. He was the chief administrator of Nógrád and Hont counties in 1922. He served as political state secretary of the Interior Ministry between 1926 and 1931. He managed the parliamentary elections of 1926 and 1931. During the premiership of Gyula Gömbös he was the chairman of the governing Party of National Unity.

He became Speaker of the House of Representatives (the lower house) in 1935 and holding this office until 1938. The new Prime Minister Béla Imrédy appointed him Minister of Agriculture on 14 May 1938. Later he did not agree with Imrédy's politics and resigned. In addition, he quit the party along with several conservative politicians and MPs.


Political offices
Preceded by
László Almásy
Speaker of the House of Representatives
Succeeded by
Gyula Kornis
Preceded by
Ferenc Marschall
Minister of Agriculture
Succeeded by
Mihály Teleki


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