Salvadoran Football Federation

The Salvadoran Football Federation (Spanish: Federación Salvadoreña de Fútbol or FESFUT) is the official governing football organization in El Salvador and is in charge of the El Salvador national football team, and El Salvador national beach soccer team The federation is also in charge of the three tiers of domestic club competition, including the top-flight Primera División de Fútbol Profesional.

Salvadoran Football Federation
HeadquartersAvenida José Matias Delgado Frente al Centro Español Colonia Escalón, Zona 10 San Salvador 1029
FIFA affiliation1938
CONCACAF affiliation1961[1]
UNCAF affiliation1938
PresidentJorge Alberto Cabrera Rajo

In May 2010, FIFA briefly suspended teams and associated members from international competition on the grounds that the Salvadoran government had not acknowledged the authority of the Normalisation Committee set up to represent FESFUT. On May 28, the suspension was lifted.

In November 2010 the federation started the first women's football league in El Salvador.[2][3]

In September 2013, the federation imposed a life-time ban on 14 members of the country's national team for match-fixing and another three players were banned for between six and 18 months. The players were accused of receiving bribes for international matches.[4]

On July 31, 2014, the general assembly of football elected Jorge Alberto Cabrera Rajo as the new president of the federation.


Board of directors

Position Staff
President Jorge Alberto Cabrera Rajo
First vice president Juan Francisco Peñate Ramírez
Second vice president Víctor Zenón Gómez Escobar
Director Emerson Ulises Ávalos
Director Hugo Atilio Carrillo Castillo
Director Roberto Alcides Ortez Vásquez
Director Óscar Mauricio García Zometa

Source:[citation needed]

Name Position Source
El Salvador Hugo Carrillo President [5][6]
El Salvador Emerson Avalos Vice President [7]
El Salvador Juan Pablo Herrera 2nd Vice President [8]
El Salvador Luis Perez General Secretary [9][10]
El Salvador Juan Valenzuela Treasurer [11]
El Salvador Victorino Rodriguez Technical Director [12]
United States Hugo Pérez Team Coach (Men's) [13]
El Salvador Eric Acuña Team Coach (Women's) [14]
El Salvador Guadalupe Zuñiga Media/Communications Manager [15]
El Salvador Jose de la Cruz Futsal Coordinator [16]
El Salvador Joel Aguilar Referee Coordinator [17]


Position Staff
International Joel Antonio Aguilar Chicas
International Marlon Mejía
International (Women's) Ivonne Emperatriz Ayala
International (Women's) Patricia Pacheco
National Stanli Ademir Mejía
National Ricardo Siguenza
National (Women's) Daysi Esperanza Martínez
National (Women's) Lidia Abigail Ayala

Last updated: 3 November 2010
Source: FESFUT


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