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Santa Barbara Senior High School, "Home of the Dons," is situated on a 40-acre (160,000 m2) campus in Santa Barbara, California and is part of the Santa Barbara Unified School District. One of the oldest high schools in California, it was established in 1875, and moved to its current site in 1924. Until the creation of two other local high schools in 1959 and 1966, it was the sole public high school serving the city of Santa Barbara. In November 2005, its 18th-century Spanish influenced design was named an official California and City historic landmark.[1] Today, Santa Barbara High School has an enrollment of roughly 2,200 pupils and certified staff numbering 108. It is often considered to be one of the best high schools in America.[citation needed]

Santa Barbara High School
Main Building is a designated landmark[1]
700 East Anapamu Street


United States
Coordinates [2]
School districtSanta Barbara School Districts
Enrollment2,191 (2019-20)[3]
Color(s)Olive and Gold
Athletics conferenceChannel League
RivalsDos Pueblos High School, San Marcos High School

The school's newspaper, The Forge, has been in continuous publication since 1914, making it the second oldest high school newspaper in California.[citation needed]

From 2006 to present SBHS has advanced in Newsweek's national survey of the top 10 public high schools.[citation needed] In 2008, it ranked 800, putting it in the top 5% of schools in the United States.[citation needed] Every year, SBHS ranked high above the state average in SAT scores.[citation needed] On a scale out of 2400, over 99 percent of SBHS students tested ≥ 1500, compared to the state average of less than 50 percent.[citation needed] In 2019 more than 97% of eligible students passed the California High School Exit exam (CAHSEE).[citation needed]

Santa Barbara High School is widely known globally for its achievements in athletics.[citation needed] While many schools celebrate league championships, Santa Barbara High School only recognizes CIF and California State Championships. The Dons went to 20 CIF finals in the 2007–2008 year alone.[citation needed] The school has 128 CIF titles to their name as well 300 runners-ups.[citation needed]

SBHS embraces and is known for its diversity, where Latino students consist of approximately 55 percent of the student population. The school has three academies—Visual Arts and Design (VADA), Computer Science (CSA), and Multimedia Arts and Design(MAD). Its award-winning[citation needed] Performing Arts department consists of theatre/musical theatre under the direction of Otto Layman; vocal music under the direction of Mary La Face; and the marching band, the Marching Dons, and other instrumental musical groups under the direction of Dylan Aguilera. The theatre at Santa Barbara has been in use continuously for over 100 years.[citation needed] Its current venue, in the heart of the campus, is an 800-seat complex first built in 1924 and restored in 1970 and again beginning in 1996 to the present (new seating, sound and lighting was installed beginning in 2007). Two major shows are produced each year, with professional designers, musical director and choreographer on staff. Former student participants in the performing arts program include Dana Costello (Jekyll and Hyde on Broadway), Jessica Adcock Love (Grace on Broadway). SBHS has had two finalists in the Youth Spotlight Awards (Geoffrey Hahn, runner-up, 2012 and Grant Bower, 2014). The students at SBHS also produce, direct, and act in their own musical revue, Music of the Night, early each February.


Notable alumni

Alma mater

"Santa Barbara, Hail to Thee!"[4]
Written by Doris Holt, Class of 1944

Santa Barbara Hail to Thee,
Strong Thy ties shall ever be.
Son and daughter praise Thy name,
Honor Thee and spread Thy fame.
Learning and fellowship always Thou art,
Deep graven these on every heart.
Strong Thy ties shall ever be,
Santa Barbara Hail to Thee!


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