Shades (Yellowjackets album)

Shades (1986) is the fourth studio album from the jazz group Yellowjackets. The album's first track, "And You Know That" won the "Best R&B Instrumental" Grammy Award.[2] The album debuted on the Billboard Top Jazz Album chart on July 5, 1986 and would spend 32 weeks on the chart, eventually peaking at #4. It was the last to feature drummer Ricky Lawson.

Studio album by
Length55:16 (CD)
Yellowjackets chronology
Samurai Samba
Four Corners
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3/5 stars[1]

The album features the original recording of the Yellowjackets' live staple "Revelation" (featuring vocal group Perri) as well as the Donald Fagen-penned title track. Revelation is one of the group's most popular tunes, often covered by other artists, including Robben Ford on Talk to Your Daughter (1988).


Track listing

  1. "And You Know That" (Ricky Lawson, Russell Ferrante) - 5:35
  2. "New Shoes" (Marc Russo, Ferrante) - 5:18
  3. "One Family" (Jimmy Haslip, Eric Marienthal, Ferrante) - 5:38
  4. "Revelation" (Ferrante, Lorraine Perry) - 5:13
  5. "Oasis" (Ferrante) - 5:27
  6. "Regular Folks" (Ferrante) - 5:03
  7. "Black Tie" (Ferrante) - 5:46
  8. "Sonja's Sanfona" (Haslip, Bill Gable) - 6:27
  9. "Shades" - (Donald Fagen) - 5:15
  10. "Wildcats & Cougars" (Robben Ford, Haslip, Ferrante) - 5:34



Guest Musicians


  • Yellowjackets – producers
  • Erik Zobler – engineer (basic tracks), mixing
  • Gary Wagner – engineer (overdubs), mix consultant
  • Duncan Aldridge – assistant engineer
  • Gerry Brown – assistant engineer
  • Larry Mah – assistant engineer
  • Michael Ross – assistant engineer
  • Brian Gardner – mastering
  • Jeff Lancaster (L-Shape Ltd.) – art direction
  • Dennis Keeley – photography
  • Gerry Puhara – styling
  • Gary Borman (Kragen & Co.) – management



1986 - 29th Annual GRAMMY Awards[2]

Title Category
"And You Know That" Best R&B Instrumental Performance


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