Stória, stória...

Stória, stória... is the second album by the Cape Verdean musician Mayra Andrade, released in 2009.

Stória, stória...
Studio album by
ReleasedMay 26, 2009
RecordedFrance (Paris), Brazil (Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo) and Cuba
GenreFunaná, Colêxa, Batuque, Coladeira, Mazurka, Morna
LabelRCA Victor / Sony Music
ProducerAlê Siqueira
Mayra Andrade chronology
Stória, stória...
Studio 105
Professional ratings
Review scores
The Guardian4/5 stars[1]


Track listing

  1. "Stória, stória…" (Mayra Andrade)
  2. "Tchápu na bandera" (Djoy Amado)
  3. "Seu" (Mayra Andrade)
  4. "Juána" (Kaka Barboza)
  5. "Konsiénsia" (Mayra Andrade)
  6. "Odjus fitchádu" (lyrics: Mayra Andrade, music: Idan Raichel)
  7. "Nha Damáxa" (Kim Alves)
  8. "Mon carrousel" (lyrics: Mayra Andrade / Fabien Pisani, music: Mayra Andrade / Celina da Piedade)
  9. "Badiu si…" (Kim Alves)
  10. "Morena, menina linda" (Grecco Buratto)
  11. "Palavra" (Mario Lucio Souza)
  12. "Turbulénsa" (Nitu Lima)
  13. "Lembránsa" (Betu)


The album won the Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik (English: German Record Critics Award) in the World Music category.[2]


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