Thali dialect

Thaḷī is a Lahnda dialect spoken in parts of the Pakistani provinces of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It has a widespread area, starting from Tank to Muzzafargarh on eastern end of Indus River and from Bannu runs down to D I khan at western end of Indus River.[citation needed] It is classified as a northern dialect of Saraiki,[1][2] although it has also been described as transitional between Shahpuri and the central Saraiki Multani dialect.[3] Its name is derived from the Thal Desert.[3]

Thali dialect
Native toPakistan
Language codes
ISO 639-3

It is one of several Saraiki dialects that are commonly known as Jaṭkī.[4] It is spoken in Khushab District and parts of the former Shahpur District where it is known as Thaḷī.[5] Its local name in Jhang District is Thaḷochṛī.[6] In Dera Ismail Khan District it goes by the name of Ḍerāwāl[7] or Derawali,[3] and in Mianwali and Bannu districts it is known as Hindko or Mulkī.[3] A dialect of Thali spoken in the northeast is known as Kacchī.[8] Inhabitants of Dera Ismail Khan District, presumably speakers of this dialect, variously identify their language as Saraiki or Hindko.[9] Likewise for those living in Mianwali District, who identify their language as either Punjabi or Saraiki.[10]

Thali is spoken in the following districts of Punjab Province and districts of Kyber Pakhtunkha Province:[citation needed]


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