Time Squared (album)

Time Squared is the 14th studio album by American jazz group Yellowjackets, released in 2003. The album reached a peak position of number fifteen on Billboard's Top Jazz Albums chart.[3]

Time Squared
Studio album by
ReleasedMay 27, 2003
LabelHeads Up
Yellowjackets chronology
Mint Jam
Time Squared
Peace Round
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic4/5 stars[1]


Track listing

1."Go Go"Bob Mintzer5:33
2."Monk's Habit"Russell Ferrante5:12
3."Smithtown"Ferrante, Jimmy Haslip5:17
4."Healing Waters"Marcus Baylor, Ferrante6:10
5."Time Squared"Mintzer6:45
6."Gabriela Rose"Ferrante, Haslip4:53
7."Sea Folk"Ferrante6:31
9."Claire @ 18"Ferrante5:29
10."Village Gait"Mintzer5:31
11."My 1st Best Friend"Ferrante4:49



  • Yellowjackets – producers
  • Dave Love – executive producer
  • Rich Breen – recording, mixing
  • Ed Woolley – assistant engineer
  • Jay Frigoletto – editing, compiling
  • Dave Collins – mastering
  • Margi Denton – graphic design
  • Carol Taylor – cover artwork
  • Dale Gold – photography
  • Ted Kurland & Associates – management
  • Recorded at Firehouse Recording Studios (New York City, New York).
  • Mixed at Dogmatic Studios (Burbank, California).
  • Mastered at Master Suite (Hollywood, California).


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