Warsaw Open

The Warsaw Open, formerly the J&S Cup, was a tennis tournament on the WTA Tour held in Warsaw, Poland. Held since 1995, the tournament was played on outdoor clay courts. The event returned for two years to the WTA Tour in 2009 after a year's hiatus but its slot on the tour calendar was taken over by the Brussels Open from 2011.

Polsat Warsaw Open
Polsat Warsaw Open.jpg
Defunct tennis tournament
VenueLegia Tennis Centre
SurfaceClay / Outdoors
Prize money$600,000


Past finals


Year Tournament name Champion Runner-up Score
↓   Tier III tournament   ↓
1995 Warsaw Cup by Heros Austria Barbara Paulus France Alexandra Fusai 7–6, 4–6, 6–1
1996 Warsaw Cup Slovakia Henrieta Nagyová Austria Barbara Paulus 3–6, 6–2, 6–1
1997 Warsaw Cup by Heros Austria Barbara Paulus (2) Slovakia Henrieta Nagyová 6–4, 6–4
1998 Warsaw Cup by Heros Spain Conchita Martínez Italy Silvia Farina Elia 6–0, 6–3
↓   Tier IV Tournament   ↓
1999 Warsaw Cup by Heros Spain Cristina Torrens Valero Argentina Inés Gorrochategui 7–5, 7–6(3)
2000 Warsaw Cup by Heros Slovakia Henrieta Nagyová (2) Netherlands Amanda Hopmans 2–6, 6–4, 7–5
2001 Tournament not held
↓   Tier III tournament   ↓
2002 J&S Cup Russia Elena Bovina Slovakia Henrieta Nagyová 6–3, 6–1
↓   Tier II tournament   ↓
2003 J&S Cup France Amélie Mauresmo United States Venus Williams 6–7, 6–0, 3–0 ret.
2004 J&S Cup United States Venus Williams Russia Svetlana Kuznetsova 6–1, 6–4
2005 J&S Cup Belgium Justine Henin-Hardenne Russia Svetlana Kuznetsova 3–6, 6–2, 7–5
2006 J&S Cup Belgium Kim Clijsters Russia Svetlana Kuznetsova 7–5, 6–2
2007 J&S Cup Belgium Justine Henin (2) Ukraine Alona Bondarenko 6–1, 6–3
2008 Tournament not held
↓   WTA Premier tournament   ↓
2009 Warsaw Open Romania Alexandra Dulgheru Ukraine Alona Bondarenko 7–63, 3–6, 6–0
2010 Polsat Warsaw Open Romania Alexandra Dulgheru (2) China Zheng Jie 6–3, 6–4


Year Tournament name Champions Runners-up Score
↓   Tier III tournament   ↓
1995 Warsaw Cup by Heros Italy Sandra Cecchini
Italy Laura Garrone
Slovakia Henrieta Nagyová
Slovakia Denisa Krajčovičová
5–7, 6–2, 6–3
1996 Warsaw Cup Ukraine Olga Lugina
Germany Elena Wagner
France Alexandra Fusai
Italy Laura Garrone
1–6, 6–4, 7–5
1997 Warsaw Cup by Heros Romania Ruxandra Dragomir
Argentina Inés Gorrochategui
Germany Meike Babel
Australia Catherine Barclay-Reitz
6–4, 6–0
1998 Warsaw Cup by Heros Ukraine Olga Lugina (2)
Slovakia Karina Habšudová
South Africa Liezel Huber
Austria Karin Kschwendt
7–6, 7–5
↓   Tier IV tournament   ↓
1999 Warsaw Cup by Heros Romania Cătălina Cristea
Kazakhstan Irina Selyutina
France Amélie Cocheteux
Slovakia Janette Husárová
6–1, 6–2
2000 Warsaw Cup by Heros Italy Tathiana Garbin
Slovakia Janette Husárová
Uzbekistan Iroda Tulyaganova
Ukraine Anna Zaporozhanova
6–3, 6–1
2001 Tournament not held
↓   Tier III Tournament   ↓
2002 J&S Cup Croatia Jelena Kostanić
Slovakia Henrieta Nagyová
Russia Evgenia Kulikovskaya
Croatia Silvija Talaja
6–1, 6–1
↓   Tier II tournament   ↓
2003 J&S Cup South Africa Liezel Huber
Bulgaria Magdalena Maleeva
Greece Eleni Daniilidou
Italy Francesca Schiavone
3–6, 6–4, 6–2
2004 J&S Cup Italy Silvia Farina Elia
Italy Francesca Schiavone
Argentina Gisela Dulko
Argentina Patricia Tarabini
3–6, 6–2, 6–1
2005 J&S Cup Ukraine Tatiana Perebiynis
Czech Republic Barbora Strýcová
Poland Klaudia Jans
Poland Alicja Rosolska
6–1, 6–4
2006 J&S Cup Russia Elena Likhovtseva
Russia Anastasia Myskina
Spain Anabel Medina
Slovenia Katarina Srebotnik
6–3, 6–4
2007 J&S Cup Russia Vera Dushevina
Ukraine Tatiana Perebiynis (2)
Russia Elena Likhovtseva
Russia Elena Vesnina
7–5, 3–6, [10–2]
2008 Tournament not held
↓   WTA Premier tournament   ↓
2009 Warsaw Open United States Raquel Kops-Jones
United States Bethanie Mattek-Sands
China Yan Zi
China Zheng Jie
6–1, 6–1
2010 Polsat Warsaw Open Spain Virginia Ruano Pascual
United States Meghann Shaughnessy
Zimbabwe Cara Black
China Yan Zi
6–3, 6–4

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